All You Need To Know About NOKIA 3310 and It’s One major flaw !!

You all remember the legend, don’t you? Of course we are referring to the Nokia 3310. This year, in Barcelona a the MWC, HMD Global reintroduced to the world, the new and improved, Nokia 3310.

It’s a phone that’s been memed countless amounts of times and it is a classic that refuses to die; this is our review of the revamped Nokia 3310 2017 model!

What is the world’s most used messaging app ? Whatsapp

One major flaw right now is that it’s not compatible with Whatsapp which will hopefully be fixed though by it’s UK release.

Screen2.4 inch QVGA
Battery1200 mAh
ConnectivityMicro USB 2.0


MemoryInternal- 16 MB

Expandable- 32 GB


Camera2 MP, LED Flash


What’s New?

The new 3310 picks up where its predecessor left. Of course it isn’t that bulky and big, but it keeps the same overall design. It is thinner, has a bigger screen, a colour display, and also now comes in many bright colours.

All You Need To Know About NOKIA 3310 (2017)Still, the phone is quite small. It will easily fit in your hand, and it small size does make the modern smartphone look gigantic.

As for features? You get “superfast” 2G data, texting through T9, basic web browsing, and phone calls. That’s about it. Because it doesn’t do much this thing can last up to a month on standby, pretty incredible considering in the smartphone era we are happy if our phone lasts us an entire day.

Camera & Screen

The screen is a 2.4 inch QVGA display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

It has a 2 MP rear camera with LED Flash.


Internal storage is 16 MB and it can be expanded upto 32 GB via micro SD card.

Battery Specs

We all knew that the old one had an amazing battery life. The battery specs on this one are as follows-

Capacity- 1200 mAh; removable

(Single/Dual sim)

Standby Time- Upto 744/600 Hrs.

Talk time- Upto 22/22 Hrs.

Music Playback- 51/51 Hrs.


Unlike many smartphones nowadays, it comes with a headphone jack. It comes in the following colour options-

  • Warm Red (Glossy)
  • Dark Blue (Matte)
  • Yellow (Glossy)
  • Grey (Matte)

Feeling nostalgic? There is one more thing that will make you feel more so; it has the Snake Game in it too.

All You Need To Know About NOKIA 3310 (2017)

Source – Nokia.com

It is not the original one of course, but it is there.

Why buy Nokia 3310 phone?

You can use it as an emergency phone, at your home, or office or in your bag, or while travelling, etc.

You can take this phone with you while going to the gym or exercising and listen to songs over the SD card. Some people might buy this phone because they were a fan of it back in the day.

The cost of the phone in the US is 52$, or 49€ in Europe, which is roughly 3470 Rs.

If you have any doubts please feel free to use the comments section below , I will reply ASAP or you can email me at contact@shubz.in

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