One Plus 5 to launch with Snapdragon 835 & 8GB RAM

One Plus 5 launch with Snapdragon 835 processor featuring 8GB RAM

One Plus series have always delighted the customers with its smartphone launches for they have always had something impressive to offer in the market.

This time, the company again has a new phone for users’ fans with new upgrades and features favouring huge demand in the market before the launch.

Released recently in December, One Plus 3T had minor upgrades in its model that made its fans wait for the next release with further updates. Finally, the wait is over as the upcoming new One Plus 5 will bring latest hardware specification and would be counted as one of the high-end devices.

One Plus 5 Upgrades

The Chinese publication PCPop report says that the smartphone will feature 8 GB RAM.

The previous model, One Plus 3T has 6 GB RAM which shows a considerable upgrade in the speed and performance.

Further, the new launch will have Qualcomm’s recent flagship processor, i.e., Oct core Snapdragon 835 with Adreno 540 GPU. It is also known to possess a dual camera in the rear.

With the impressive performance of One Plus 3T launch in December, the company has managed to gain a huge number of fans in the market.

This has made them eagerly wait for the next launch expecting better performance.

One Plus 5 Final word

The new launch will definitely surprize its users with its high-end performance. It is said to release in May or early June which is just a month away.

One Plus has kept the entire One Plus 5T launch as a secret making its fans wait and gain information that has still not been spread.

However, all each one knows is One Plus 5 would be an impressive launch in the market giving a tough time to other manufacturing brands.


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