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Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro Review – Pocket Paramount

Oppo, the brand based out of China, was a well established Audio brand before entering into the Smartphone industry. Their initial products are the high end amplifiers and the Planar Headphones. They have a well expertise hands on the Audio segment and to give life to their lost skill they launched the Enco X, their flagship series of TWS and it gave the customers what they need.

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To continue their flagship grade sound in the budget segment they have introduced the Enco series in the Air name tag to meet the requirements of the pocket friendly buyers without compromising on the quality of the sound. In this review let’s check out how Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro performs against the competitors and its own brother.


DRIVER: 12.4mm Titanium Coated Diaphragm Driver





CASE: The case is made of plastic enclosed over a glossy finish. As to add some attractiveness to the package they have designed a refractive case lid which looks normal on one angle and when the light strikes they tend to show two surfaces enclosed thus creating a nice refractive design. The front LED light indicates the battery level of the case and the type c port is situated on the bottom of the case. The case hinge looks solid and promising to open and has a nice snap while closing. The Oppo branding is done on the hinge part in a subtle way.

EARBUDS: The earbuds are designed the same as that of the Enco X but with some improved ergonomics this time. The right and left markings are now engraved and mics are allotted for ANC functioning on the outside of the body. The eartips are kind of proprietary thus need to take care of the extra ear tips.

The provided stock eartips does provide nice isolation and fit in the ears but it might differ from person to person hence trying out before the definitive purchase is a good way.


The sound profile of the Air 2 Pro is more of a V shaped sound signature but it’s tuned to the most. They have extracted the best out of the sound signature to provide the best experience. The Enco X being their flagship product the Enco Air 2 Pro just gives excellent competition to its own product lineup!

The bass here is much improved with more impact while the staging being super big and wide. Accompanied with that same high quality AND performance the Enco Air 2 Pro just excels in terms of sonic and feature department. Let’s check out in detail in the following sections.

Note: Thankfully the sound signature doesn’t change when ANC  is activated.


The low end in the Air 2 Pro is the much improved aspect compared to the Enco X. Now both the sub and the mid bass have a nice quality and quantitative aspects. Now it’s more tighter, punchier and full bodied as compared to that of the Enco X. The 12.4mm Titanium coated diaphragm drivers does the job here in awesome way by providing some serious bass response and special thanks to that large rear chamber which makes the sound more roomier and bigger.

SUB BASS: The sub bass reach is deeper and it rumbles even when the track doesn’t call for it. The sub bass here is more pronounced and gives that theatrical experience just like that of the Bone Conduction drivers. The bass here can be felt physically by those slight vibrations and fullness. 

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MID BASS: The mid bass here is more on a clean side yet giving that nice fullness to the mid range. The clarity and separation in the mid bass region is well tuned and has that nice tightness hence they don’t sound bloated and muffled out. The speed of the bass here is very well placed where its speed enough yet provides that nice satisfying rumble in the low end.

The kick drums and the bass guitar strings have that natural strike and tone also maintaining that nice tonal weight. Overall the low end in the Enco Air 2 Pro is excellent in terms of tuning and has managed to bring out the technical aspect as close to that of the wired IEM’s. The quantity is on the right side where one will never feel that it’s overbearing.

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The mid range in the Air 2 Pro is well tuned with neutral to bright tonality.  Both the lower and the upper mid range are emphasized equally where that fullness factor is beautifully carried out by the lower mid from the bass region. The upper mid range has that adequate brightness thus giving that sparkle and liveliness to the instruments and the female vocals. The clarity and separation in the mid range is above average for a TWS.

The vocals are placed at a comfortable position where they are neither too front nor too laidback. The positioning of the instruments are placed precisely with a nice transition from the bass section to the midrange section.

Since the upper mid section is nicely elevated the amount of air in the midrange section is adequate enough providing a nice lively and engaging sound signature. Piano notes and the acoustic guitar strings have that natural tone to it thus recreating that natural timbre of the instruments. The vocals are much airier rather than being too compressed out and thanks to that bigger stage presence.

Overall the mid range is melodious with fuller lower mid section and elevated upper mid section providing a nice airy, lively and engaging mid range experience.

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The treble in the Enco is nicely tuned when compared to most of the TWS in the market. The sibilance is kept under control which is the negative aspect in  most of the TWS. The treble sounds more open and airy with nice instrument separation.

The sparkle in the top end is beautifully brought. The brilliance factor is present and the sibilant is kept under control even with more sibilant prone tracks. The cymbal crashes attack and decay are very precise thus nothing feels more fatiguing and over done.

The electric guitar strings and the trumpets have that nice natural tone and strike giving a realistic experience overall. The detail retrieval is above average and it’s more comparable to that of the wired IEMs. The treble section sounds more airier and open and it’s unrestricted in terms of bringing out the details.

Overall the treble is well tuned with above average detail retrieval, more open and well balanced natural tonality and timbre. Moreover the sibilance is kept under control making the treble section more pleasing and engaging rather than fatiguing. The brightness to darkness ratio is well established making the sounds more airy and open yet also providing that nice fullness and darker nature too.

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STAGING: The staging in the Air 2 Pro is above average and its grand in terms of presentation. The stage is big both in terms of width and height. The bigger bass also gives a sense of bigger depth creating a nice speaker experience. The spatial positioning appears to be more or less precise making a well rounded sonic experience.

IMAGING: The instruments can be pinpointed precisely even when the complex tracks are played out without any issues. The transient response feels pretty smooth and the channel sweep also appears non-stuttering.

The track separation and the detail retrieval in the Air 2 Pro is above average and can be compared to that of the wired IEM’s. The accentuated upper mid range section and the airy treble helped in bringing out the best technicality aspects out of this gem.


ANC: The ANC is pretty great for the price where it blocks out most of the external noises without any struggles. The low frequency noises are eliminated more or less completely and the high pitched noises are allowed very minimally and the ANC performance can be easily compared with the high end TWS. The wind noises are less captured by the earbuds hence the distraction is not that high.

TRANSPARENCY: The transparency mode is natural rather than too artificial. The human voices  sounded realistic. The volume is more than adequate and the external sounds are nicely emphasized.

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The mics on the Enco Air 2 Pro are good and there is nothing wrong with it. In the indoor conditions the mics does perform well with nice voice pickup while the receiver end can also be heard very well. In the outdoors they perform above average thus overall the mic quality is very good for the price.


Charging PortUSB Type-C
Charging Time (Hrs)2
Charging Time (Hrs) Earpieces Only1.5
Battery Life (Hrs)28
Battery Life (Hrs) Earpieces Only7
Battery Life (Hrs) With Case Total28
Battery Capacity (mAh) Earpieces43
Battery Capacity (mAh) Case440


The Hey Melody app is the companion app for most of the Oppo and Oneplus audio accessories. The app is pretty simple and clean in terms of usage and it’s very basic. The app allows the users to see the battery stats, change the controls and update the firmware of the earbuds itself.

The Oneplus and Oppo smartphones don’t need the app since the customisation options are inbuilt within the embedded operating system which can be accessed via the Bluetooth settings.


Enco Air 2 Pro, the latest offering from the house of Oppo is just a blind buy considering its impressive solid sound and feature package for the price. The pricing of the Air 2 Pro seems underpriced and in some ways this just excels the flagship Enco X which is a big surprise that this product brings to the table.

The design is just complete and ergonomically apt. The earbuds provide a nice seal and isolation while the case is very strong and sturdy. Type C charging for the added convenience and a good app supported by the Hey Melody.

The sound is more of a neutral V shaped signature where the bass has been elevated but definitely it’s more controlled and punchier rather than muffled and looser. The mid range is neutral with nice tonality and separation of the instruments. The upper mids are nicely elevated thus giving that nice engaging and lively experience. The highs are the beautiful tuned aspect here where it’s more open, airy and well separated without touching the peakness of sibilance. The technical aspect of the sound is neatly brought out as compared to that of the wired IEM’s.

Overall the sound is just clean, transparent and open while also providing excellent fun and engaging sound. Definitely this is the one to beat and this is the true PARAMOUNT in the pocket friendly TWS segment!



  1. Powerful and Controlled Bass
  2. Clean Sonic Output
  3. Technical Aspect
  4. Above average ANC 
  5. App Support
  6. Price
  7. Design and Fit


  1. Fit is not Universal

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