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RAEGR AirBeats 250 Wireless Earphones Review

RAEGR sent me these AirBeats 250 Wireless Earphones few days ago. I am trying to listen as much as I can to analyze the audio and built quality of these budget wireless headset. So far , I am able to enjoy casual music. The vocals sound clear without any distortion , there are beats and treble which are not muffed. One unique thing about these is that they come with a well built carrying case , which is quite good. I wish more brands send their earphones with case like these.

Rest let’s talk about their features and all other aspects in detail.

Sound Quality

If I was going on travel and needed a budget pair of headset , that don’t cost much and provide decent sound quality then I would definitely consider these RAEGR AirBeats 250. I tested them with a variety of songs from David Archuleta for some romantic genre and Arizona Zervas for beats , bass.

These are not for audiophiles , those who like to dive deep in the audio. But more for casual listening , especially for people who want to enjoy some casual music and use while workout or running.

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I removed the earfins from my unit as they were not fitting in , earfins can provide decent support and more snug fit if they fit your ears. You can also just remove them , they fit fine even without them.

The music is enjoyable , yes. It might miss the desired soundstage , but we can’t expect much from a wireless headset priced around 1.1k. Vocals are clear , there is bass and treble is also fine. You can hear the details , no muffing or distortion. That I tested with a lot of songs.

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Built Quality

The earphone casing feels like made of some some metal which is decent and eartips are soft. The design on earphone case is quite good , the wire is thick enough. They are IPX4 rated , which makes them ideal for gym purpose and any other outdoor activity.

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The remote has 3 functional buttons , inbuilt mic and a rubber latch enclosing the charging port. They have 110mAh battery and RAEGAR claims 6 hours of music play time.

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Final Word

A good pick for those who are considering to buy a pair of budget wireless headsets , which actually sound decent and come with well built carrying case. I will also recommend them for online classes as the eartips are soft and headset is not too heavy.

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