Where To Buy Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (6Gb RAM) in India Online, Its Price & Specifications

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (6 Gb RAM)


Available at – Amazon Exclusively

Another huge phone from samsung. Hasn’t samsung already sold out their line of ‘almost similar’ smart phones with a the only difference being, maybe a few millimetres of extra screen or a different GPU?

Where To Buy Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (6Gb RAM) in India Online, Its Price & SpecificationsWhere To Buy Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (6Gb RAM) in India Online, Its Price & Specifications

Well all that maybe true because samsung has something for everybody and not just one thing that tries to be everything, you’ll get what we mean later.

Well first of all it’s a big screen with a big battery. The amoled screens are generally more power efficient than LEDs which adds to the battery.

The display was really pleasing to use, especially with the latest grace touchwiz UI which is notably the best user interface on the market at the moment.

The moment you slide down the app drawer, you’ll realize what a big advantage a roomy display can be, you literally have everything on that drawer and the screen accommodates it all effortlessly, or should we say, with ‘grace’.

Where To Buy Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (6Gb RAM) in India Online, Its Price & Specifications


The form factor of this phone stunning ! it’s a real pleasure unboxing this neat little handset. The moment you open the package, you’ll be greeted by this huge, gorgeous screen housed in a solid metallic 6.9mm thin package that weighs only 190 gm. It’s a real slim beauty.

Available at – Amazon Exclusively


Fingerprint sensor sits under the screen unlike most of the phones these days that like to place it below the camera.

Most of the system specifications have been laid out in the table below. Some things still need a bit of explanation.

Perfect for calling

The noise cancelling is by no means for the headphones, it works great with the earpiece and allows you to attend phone calls comfortably even in a noisy environment.


Stereo internal speakers doesn’t mean that there’ll be a dedicated internal speaker for stereo, the earpiece doubles up as a stereo speaker.

The specifications of this handset are pretty robust, there’ll be no  issues running demanding apps and games. especially with 6GB of RAM !

Bottom line

with a price tag of ₹ 36,900, the C9 pro definitely fits in the premium category, it does full justice to its price tag.

There isn’t anything pretentious and new that has been introduced here, but it certainly makes best use of current, tried and tested technology.

Available at – Amazon Exclusively



Display size


Pixel density



Full HD – 1920 x 1080

367 ppi







Internal storage


Octa-core CPU ,Qualcomm MSM8976 Snapdragon 653


6 GB of RAM


128GB (dedicated)


 Adreno 510 GPU





4000 mAH

Estd usage hours

Heavy – 6 hours

Moderate with wi-fi/data – 20hours

Power saver  – 48 hours





Video Resolution

Video frame rate

Flash type

Front/Selfie Shooter

Single lens

16 MP





16 MP


Sim support



Network type

nano SIM + nano SIM, or micro SIM + microSD card




Fingerprint scanner




USB type


Stereo speakers

Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic

Type C connector


Available at – Amazon Exclusively

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