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Sony, the brand based out of Japan is a well known brand among all the consumers out there mainly known for their impressive high quality electronic products and the infamous PlayStation which still holds a separate place in everyone’s heart.

The audio department of Sony is a well matured and a well grown department, well expertise in delivering excellent audio products. From earphones to home theatres, they have a wide range of high quality equipment and the EX300AP is one of their oldest budget earphones. In this review let’s check out how good this is.


Magnet TypeNeodymium
Driver TypeDynamic
Headphone Driver Units13.5 mm
Sensitivity105 dB/mW
Impedance16 ohm
Minimum Frequency Response5 Hz
Maximum Frequency Response24000 Hz


The design language followed here is a unique thing from Sony. The outer disc shaped thing protruded out of the ear canal rather than seated in the canal. The nozzle is angels in such a way to provide a nice seal and fit. The isolation provided by the stock tips are pretty great.

They do have the mic and a multifunction button to play/pause the music and it just does the job well.


The sound profile of the EX300 is more on the mid range focussed side while still delivering some impressive low end and upper end performance. The tonality is one of the strongest aspects which is more realistic with added brightness. The staging and layering are other star aspects of this IEM. Let’s check out the sound section in detail.


The bass in the EX300 is more on the fuller side with a nice bodied sound. The control and the speed are on the precise side. Both the sub bass and the mid bass section have equal emphasis thus making a nice correlation between them. The mid bass is slightly more on the excessive side hence the separation feels missed out making the complex tracks sound more muffled.

The sub bass reach is good but since the mid bass presence is the dominative factor here it’s very difficult to feel the sub bass rumble in the complex tracks out there. The mid bass warmth is more than enough thus making the track fun. The speed is on the precise side where it neither feels too slow nor too fast. The control is good but could have been better since the excess mid bass presence shows the bleeding into the mid range and the muffled sound in the complex tracks.

Overall, an interesting bass approach from the house of Sony since they deliver some impressive bass response just by easily showing the separation between the sub and mid bass section but here that’s been slightly missed out in some tracks. The attack of the bass seems to be not tight enough which makes the bass sound looser and impact less. Apart from that the other qualities are pretty much expected from Sony which is fantastic.


The mid range is the star aspect here where the presentation is done more in an engaging way. The tonality is surprisingly natural with a hint of brightness for the added splash. The timbre of the instruments felt more realistic. The vocals are presented nice and forward giving an engaging experience. Both the male and the female vocals have that richness and fullness carried along from that good bodied bass response.

The lower mid section has that fullness thus the piano notes and the kick drums have that superb attack. The decay appears to be precise with a nice timbre overall. The upper mid section is cleaner thus the female vocals are expressed nice and vivid. The instruments in the background are presented well and forward thus everything appears lively. The staging being superior the whole presentation felt wide and big enough. It also helped in delivering a nice well separated sound.


The treble section is tuned as good as the mid range section where the cymbal crashes and the percussion instruments sound really nice with a great splash in the top end. The brightness is more than adequate for delivering a nice engaging and lively sound. The detail retrieval in the top end is quite impressive for a single dynamic driver where most of the instruments from the background and the minute details are brought out with great execution. 

The shimmer and brilliance in the top end is quite impressive in the EX300. Their presence in the top end is quite astounding for the price. The trumpets do sound natural with nice brightness and sparkle giving a nice engaging experience overall. The track separation in the treble section is pretty good with a good amount of space in between each layer of instruments. Since the staging is being bigger the presence of air also felt much nicer. The sibilance is kept under control and the overall sound appeared smooth enough for delivering fatigue -free longer listening sessions.


STAGING: The staging is pretty impressive in this earphone considering the price. The width is pretty great with height being moderate. The depth sensation is brought out really well with the help of that nice massive bass response. Overall the presentation felt grand enough.

IMAGING AND LAYERING: The layering aspect is pretty impressive in this product. Each layer of instruments and the voices with varying depth are separated out precisely to deliver an impressive sound output. The imaging aspect also felt pretty nice since the staging is wide enough. Even in the complex tracks one will not find difficulty in spotting out the placements of the instruments.

The transient response and the channel sweep felt smoother with no stutters in the transition.


EX300AP, one of the older and budget offerings from the house of Sony is an impressive package for the price delivering some above grade sound. The product is difficult to source now and if you can get one this is such a piece of gem to withhold. 

The earphone is driven by a single dynamic neodymium driver delivering some mid range focussed sound with exceptional tonality, well separated mid section with forwardly placed vocals giving an engaging sound overall. The treble section is smooth yet detailed enough and keeps the sibilance under control. A massive bass response with more than adequate warmth led to a full bodied and richer sound. Staging and the Layering are other strong technical aspects of this earphone giving this an uplift in the sound department. Detail retrieval is above average and the separation is great enough. The sub bass reach could have been better and the attack too. 

The design is quite interesting compared to a lot of in-ear earphones. A disc shaped driver unit protruding outside the canal is definitely a different approach which is a unique thing with sony. 

Overall, the EX300AP is a rare thing to get now but possess an unbelievable sound especially for the mid range lovers and smoother sound lovers out there. This tiny thing is champ in both of those areas and its definitely a MID”DELICIOUS” meal for the consumers.



  1. Melodious Midrange
  2. Smoother yet detailed Treble
  3. Authoritative Mid Bass
  4. Staging and Layering


  1. Sub Bass
  2. Mid bass Bleed

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