How Good Are Sony MDR-1000X Wireless Headphones ?

These are the Sony’s wireless bluetooth headphones , which can work wired also even if you don’t have any charge left.

They are the direct competitor of Bose QC35 and it’s really hard to compete with Bose which has lots of features going on.

Now everything about Bose was perfect be it accessories , built quality or comfort. Only thing lacking was a little excitement in sound.

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Now talking about the Sony MDR-1000X

Sony MDR-1000X Price ReviewBuilt Quality & Comfort

Now built quality is teeny tiny bit slightly lower than that of Bose. Ear cushions are not as deep as that of Bose and head band is comfortable but there is some part made of plastic rest is metal.

They are a little heavy as bluetooth headphones need battery and stuff.

Sony MDR-1000XCool Talk Feature

With quick attention mode talk without taking your headphones off. Place your hand over the right earcup to instantly decrease the music volume to talk and remove hand to resume music.

Now the thing is it will also block all the unnecessary noise outside while picking up the clear voice of the other person. So in a way you can talk better with these headphones on in a noisy environment instead of without headphones.  

Ambient Sound Mode

Either turn off the noise cancellation or turn on this ambient sound mode so that you don’t miss important announcements and other stuff.

Sony MDR-1000X ReviewSound Better Than Bose

These sound better than Bose QC35 because they are more exciting. Every major headphones brand has a signature sound and Sony’s headphones sound warm & relaxing. These headphones sound relaxing.

Also if you don’t need bluetooth then buy Sony MDR1A , great headphones.

Should You Buy These Over Bose ? 

Yes , they just sound better and have better UI. Then again it’s just my opinion you can try for yourself.

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They have more warm & rich sound. But Bose are more comfortable.

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