How Good is Sony SRS-XB2 Wireless Speaker

With their latest series of portable Bluetooth speakers, Sony was mainly focused on adding extra bass to the table. Although the SRS-XB3 produces better bass response than the more cheap one, SRS-XB2, the latter still manages to hit a solid punch for the price and size. Not many speakers offer more power than the SRS-XB2, even though there is more than enough competition in the lower price range.

So, if you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, Sony’s mini unit, with extra bass, may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Sony SRS-XB2 Wireless Speaker NFCDesign & Features – Sony SRS-XB2

Despite the fact that the SRS-XB2 is quite small and comfy, it still isn’t small enough for your pocket, but will surely fit in a small bag. It’s a water-resistant speaker, but bear in mind that it isn’t waterproof, so don’t try submerging it under the water, or you’re gonna have a bad time. The water resistance might be surprising because it can only be protected by the rubber cover on the back panel, which is made mainly to protect the micro USB charging port, the aux input, and the reset button.

The rest of the build is predominantly plastic.
The SRS-XB2 was designed for most efficiency. The speaker units are facing outward, for better projection of sound waves, and are positioned at the front and back end of the actual speaker to provide a surround feeling.

You can find four rubber grips that improve the stability of the speaker. On the top of the speaker, there is a control panel, identical to the one of SRS-XB3. The power button, speakerphone controls, Bluetooth pairing, volume buttons, master levels and Extra Bass mode button, can be found on the panel. Unfortunately, no controls for music playback or track navigation are available. This speaker also allows for additional pairing with another SRS-XB2 speaker to double the sound.

Sony SRS-XB2 Wireless Speaker

Sound – Sony SRS-XB2

The overall tone is somewhat neutral, though the lows can definitely be heard on this speaker. The bass is smooth and solid, even feels deep without the Extra Bass feature turned on, which keeps the speaker from sounding too harsh.

This speaker is, also, distinguished by the clear mids, plus the volume can get quite loud. It can fill a room, don’t get me wrong, but after the 75% mark, the bass might get a little boomy.

There is a vast difference between the SRS-XB3 and its more cheaper sibling: The SRS-XB3 contains larger drivers, with a second passive radiator, and together they produce significantly more powerful bass sound. That’s why the SRS-XB3 costs twice as much, but the SRS-XB2 offers a comparatively humble bass performance, being the point.


• Powerful bass
• Water-resistant build
• Speakerphone functionality


• No playback or navigation controls

Sony SRS-XB2 Wireless Speaker


The Sony SRS-XB2 comes in an ideal size to fit on your office desk, without being obtrusive. The portable Bluetooth speaker delivers solid audio with rich bass for its size and price. That being said, there is almost nothing in this price-range, that offers more bass power, and you will most likely be pleased by the sound of it.

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