Specially Handpicked by Examsnap: Top 10 Websites for Oracle Certifications

Preparing for the ITexams may become tedious if you don’t know the resources to use. There are thousands of websites that offer study materials (whether relevant or irrelevant) for numerous certification tests. If you are not careful, you might end up using a site that has nothing to offer in terms of relevant and up-to-date resources. To avoid this problem, Examsnap has scouted the Internet to check out some of the top platforms that you can use for your Oracle certification tests. In this guide, we explore the top 10 websites that will be of immense help to your preparation for any Oracle exam.

  1. Oracle University

Oracle University has a wealth of resources that are officially accepted. The details of the exam process and the links to resources can be found on this website. If you have no idea about what the Oracle test is all about and how to prepare for one, you can get the step-by-step details and information here. It is recommended that you go through this site before you attempt any Oracle certification exam. Thus, this is the first place to browse.

  1. Examsnap

Examsnap has everything you need to pass your test. This site offers training courses that are well articulated and are delivered by seasoned experts in the sphere. There are also numerous practice tests that you can use to evaluate your preparedness before the exam. In addition to the exam dumps, you can also explore the study guides that are available on the site. Furthermore, the website offers an Exam Simulator that enables you to answer practice questions in a real exam setting. This gives you the exact feel of the exam scenario. You can check out the Examsnap platform to see the numerous prep tools that are available here.

  1. Exam-Labs

Apart from Examsnap, Exam-Labs is also a great platform where you can access loads of practice questions for your Oracle exams. The site offers a training course to prepare you, as well as practice questions and exam dumps to help you evaluate your level of preparedness for the test. There is so much you can take advantage of on this platform. You can download practice questions in different formats that appeal to your study style.

  1. ExamCollection

This is another platform to access up-to-date and relevant exam questions and dumps. ExamCollection has a large base of past exam questions that you can use to prepare for your own tests, including the Oracle ones.

  1. Pearson VUE

If you have been in the IT industry for a little time, you have heard of Pearson VUE. This is the authorized body for the administration of many IT certification exams, including the Oracle tests. You can register for your exam and schedule the same on this platform. In addition to this, the site also offers some tips and learning tools to help you make the best of your preparation. In actual fact, there is really no way you can write your Oracle certification exams without visiting Pearson VUE. It is recommended that you spend some time on this site to learn more about the process of registering and taking tests through the platform before you write your exam.

  1. ExamSnap

ExamSnap is among top resource websites where you can train and prepare for your Oracle certification exam. The platform offers you courses and numerous tips to help you with your exam prep. Courses offered on this website are delivered by experts in the industry, and you can choose the specific package of training that is interesting for you. In addition to the course, you can also pick one or two tips that will impact on your test taking ability.

  1. Udemy

This is another website where you can access training courses for your Oracle exam preparation. Whatever test you have to take, you can find the appropriate training that will be perfect for your learning style. All courses are delivered by professionals in the field, and you can rest assured that the lectures are delivered well by the instructor. Like at many other training websites, you will have to subscribe for premium package to be able to explore all the resources on the platform.

  1. Pass4Sure

Pass4Sure also offers study materials for different Oracle exams. All information has been reviewed and approved by experts in the industry. Training courses and Oracle exam questions and answers on the website are top-notch and will be helpful for your certification pursuit. All materials are up-to-date and relevant to your exam preparation.

  1. Pluralsight

Another great platform for your Oracle exam preparation is Pluralsight. The website offers training courses to assist you to master some skills. You can choose the self-paced study option or the instructor-led training. The site allows you to study at your own pace. In addition to the training courses, you can also explore the numerous resources on the platform to give you an edge in your exam preparation.

  1. Simplilearn

You can also explore study tools on this platform to add to your learning. Training courses, tutorials, and blog articles are available on the site. There are different options of training to choose from.


There are amazing resources online to help you with your exam preparation. These ten websites highlighted above are some of the top ones that you can use for your Oracle exam preparation. It is important to mention that there are other good platforms that offer excellent materials but you can start with the mentioned ones. When choosing site for your exam preparation, it is crucial that you check the relevance and status of the contents. There are many platforms that don’t get updated regularly, and using such sites can cost you a lot in your exam.

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