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Introducing the Tanya, the latest budget offering from Tanchjim, a renowned audio brand hailing from Shenzhen, China. Tanchjim has garnered acclaim for its exceptional high-end in-ear monitors like the Hana and Oxygen. In a bold move to carry forward its legacy of delivering premium sound, Tanchjim has now unveiled the Tanya, catering to budget-conscious music enthusiasts. Priced at an astonishingly affordable Rs. 1600 or 22 USD, this release marks an impressive departure from the brand’s previous high-end propositions.

In this review, we’ll thoroughly assess the performance of the Tanya and determine if Tanchjim has successfully carried its legacy into the budget segment. Let’s dive in and find out if the Tanya lives up to the brand’s reputation for delivering outstanding audio experiences even at a more accessible price point!


>Bullet-shaped small, lightweight design.

>Durable Titanium-Alloy rear cavities.

>Aviation-grade aluminum alloy shells.

>High-quality cable with In-Line Mic option.

>Impedance: 16 ohms.

>Frequency response range: 20Hz-42kHz.

>Sensitivity: 112dB@1kHz.

>THD+N: <0.3%.

>Litz oxygen-free copper wire with 3.5mm termination plug.


The Packaging is very professional and simplistic. The sandal coloured  slip on box with the tanya image over it. Below the slip on cover there is another box with branding over it. After removing that top cover you are welcomed with the earphones itself neatly in a foam pad and the wires are neatly tucked below the pad. On the left side there is a small box for accessories. Below the earphones the documentations are provided and the additional filters are also given which is very generous by the Tanchjim. The eartips selections are nice and 3 different pairs are given for users choice.

A nic velvet pouch carry case is also included in the box and does the job by protecting the tanya from getting scratched and keeping it pristine. The accessories the Tanchjim included for this price are mind blowing and crazy! A big thumbs up to the brand to provide this kind of packaging and accessories at this price range.


The design of the Tanya is very nice and bullet shaped. The branding is done on the side of the earpieces and the back of the earphone has a pseudo vent which gives a nice sense of design language to the earphone. The material used is aluminum and the nozzle is of average length. The nozzle has a lip to make the tip secure and the cable is non detachable which is a slight let down.

The cable is however very nice in quality and has a smooth texture to it. There is an inline mic for taking calls which just works and nothing impressive to talk about.

The fit is nice and the isolation is average since this covers only your ear canal. The tips selection makes a big impact on the fit hence choose the right tip to get the best out of it.


The overall sound signature of the Tanya is very interesting where I am not able to decide during my initial listening sessions. After some serious listening I found it to be warm with a touch of fun and nice vocal timbre with dark background. In simple words i would put it as the warm and smooth sound signature and precisely its Harman Tuned. Let’s dive into the review explaining each frequency.

SOURCE: Tanya is slightly power hungry hence some good source is required to get the best out of the earphone

iPhone – Zorloo Ztella MQA Dongle


The bass in the tanya is more focussed towards the mid bass. The sub bass gets rolled off at 50Hz and the rumble is felt very subtle. The mid bass however is nicely tuned and gives nice body and warmth to the overall track. The bass has a nice texture considering the price. The mid bass is however slightly elevated to my taste but since it gives  nice warmth to the mid section it’s growing on to me more and more now. Sometimes the elevated mid bass makes the track slightly bloated but for the price I have nothing to complain about.

The sub bass is however not great in my opinion. They rolled off at a very early point and especially me listening to OST’s ,i need that skull rattling rumble which is slightly lacking in the Tanya. Overall the depth and texture of the bass is really very nice and is above average for the price. The thump in the bass region also makes you tap the feet during your listening sessions. The resolution is above average and the detail retrieval and separation in the tanya is good. However in busier tracks the tanya struggles in the low end to get that nice separation. The bass is average in speed and decay which is very much acceptable for the price. The bass sometimes gets loose when the tracks get busier but still they are tight enough for most of the other genres.

Overall the bass has a nice texture, mid bass boost, timbre with above average separation. The sub bass could have been extended a little bit but still they provide me enough rumble in the low end.

Tracks Used:

  1. Why Do We Fall – Hans Zimmer
  2. Royals – Lorde
  3. Bigfoot – MALFNKTION


The mid section is slightly recessed but not overly done but the interesting thing is the tonal balance that they have done here. They sound very natural and the timbre are very realistic. The acoustic guitars are very pleasing to listen. They strike naturally but the instruments in the background are drowned in the mid bass. They are very difficult to perceive by your ears at medium volume and to hear that I need to crank up the volume. The mid bass however gave nice body and warmth to the mid section

The vocals sound very pleasant. No harshness or sibilance which is very good for longer listening periods. The timbre and tonality is EXCELLENT and this is my favourite set if you need these two things to be exceptional and this thing is really becoming one of my favourites. Another good thing is the elevated mid bass never bleeds into the mids which is a very nice thing to see in this price range since most of them do this. 

Tracks Used:

  1. The Blowers Daughter – Damien Rice
  2. CannonBall – Damien Rice
  3. The Lakes – Tylor Swift


The treble has the sweet roll off point in the Tanya. Due to this no more fatiguing listening, no harshness or sibilances. But the tradeoff here is the detail retrieval. This can’t be used for critical listening but for casual and fun listening this one is such a great pair to have in your collection. The high end lacks the air and the extension for bright listening.

The cymbal strikes are very natural and very smooth to listen to. The high hats are very smooth and even though they lack the sparkle and air in the high end they are still able to give you a nice listening experience with its overall smooth, warm and engaging vocals.

The treble has average separation and air in between the instruments. The details retrieval is however very much average and it’s not the strongest aspect of this earphone. The high end extension and the sparkle can’t be observed here and the micro details are the least appreciating factor of this earphone. But overall for fun and casual listening  this one is my recommended pair of earphones to anybody anyday!

Tracks Used:

  1. Move Your Body  – Sia
  2. Obsession – Animotion
  3. Forever – CHVRCHES



 The soundstage is surprisingly above average for the price. At this price point this is the only one having an above average soundstage based on my listening. The width and depth are exceptional for the price and the height is average. There is a good sense of air and a nice sense of space between the instruments. 


  The imaging is also above average for the price. The precise placements of instruments and the listener can easily pinpoint the instruments. The instruments nicely sweep from the left to the right smoothly and no stutters are observed.

Tracks Used:

  1. Sometimes – Jack Back
  2. Haari – Anhad+Tanner
  3. Global Gear Instrumental – Punya Srinivas
  4. Letter  – Yosi Horikawa

The remaining technicalities like the detail retrieval, instrument separation, layering are very much average and acceptable for the price. The layering seems very much hazy and the separation is average too. 


The Tanya, a budget offering from the Tanchjim is a vey much welcoming one for sure. Has one of the best tonal and timbre in this price segment with nice and punchy bass, engaging vocals and smooth,relaxed treble. The sound signature is very pleasing and can be instantly liked by anyone. The sound slowly grows on to you and you will start to appreciate the value this earphone is offering for the price. 

Overall this is my go to recommendation if anyone is searching for inoffensive warm and smooth sound in the budget range. Tanchjiim really did a great job with the TANYA and very glad to say that this is my new BUDGET GEM !



  1. Inoffensive Warm and Smooth Sound
  2. Sweet treble roll off
  3. Nice bass texture with mid bass boost
  4. Above average Soundstage and Imaging
  5. Packaging and Accessories
  6. Price and Insane Value for Money


  1. Non detachable Cable
  2. Detail Retrieval

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