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Taxable Amber IEM Review – Sparkly

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TACable, the brand based out of china is an evolving one with some high quality aftermarket cables for your favorite IEM’s out there. The previous version is the Obsidian and it gave a nice output and consumers were happy with that product. It gave a nice V shaped output and to compensate that the Amber has been released to deliver a nice natural output with some added sparkle in the top end. The cable is now made of a triple hybrid structure which comes with gold-plated 6N OCC+Litz silver-plated 6N OCC+6N OCC copper hybrid structure. The cable also offers a premium feel in the hands meanwhile also comes with easily swappable termination plugs. In this review let’s check out how this delivers in terms of sound and its place against the competition.

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This unit was sent to me as a part of a review circle by TAXABLE organised in my country. The whole views are based on my pairings and sources hence it might differ from person to person.


This is a Gold Plated 6N occ & Litz Silver Plated 6N occ & Litz 6N occ Copper Hybrid Earphone Cable and is made well with nice braiding. The cable does provide that nice heft and premium feel in the hands. The supple texture is present in the cable and the ear guides are so soft hence no discomfort while wearing the cable. Metal parts are used in the splitter, connector and the termination area giving a nice sturdy feel. The colour of the cable goes with the name itself Amber since they represent that nice Yellow colour which looks good in the real.

The terminations can be changed via a modular connector pin thus its a very versatile cable. Need to be balanced! Just change the termination and you are good to go and can be done within seconds.

The contents of the box are:

>2.5mm balanced connector.

>4.4mm balanced connector.

>3.5mm single-ended connector.

>Cable itself.


The amber cable sounds as described in the name where the sound delivered by the cable is smooth and natural. They add quite a bit of brightness to the sound thus making a dark sounding IEM very pleasant. The added brightness gives that extra added energy resulting in a nice engaging sound overall.

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The bass delivered by the amber is quite neutral in profile. No boosting or taming of the low end frequency is observed. The sub bass and the mid bass presence is presented neutral in profile overall. The bass is just delivered rightly without any addition thus it preserves the nature of the individual iem that are paired along with the Amber cable.

The texture, separation, clarity, speed and the attack is preserved as per the natural ability of the IEM which is a pretty good thing to be considered since it will definitely pair well with bass heavy IEM while the cable also helps in providing that adequate brightness for engaging experience.


The mid range in the Amber is great overall in terms of presentation and clarity. The tonality and the timbre presentation delivered by the Amber is pretty standard to the default nature of the IEM. No brightness boosting or darker sense of tonality is seen rather they just depicted out the default nature of the IEM.

The vocals and the instruments are nicely brought forward without any sort of noticeable recession or hindrance. The fine instruments are brought out well with nice note weight and fullness. No noticeable differences are seen in the midrange; this makes the cable a versatile option to be paired up with any sort of IEM. 


The treble is the great aspect of this cable since this gives that extra added brightness to provide the listener a nice engaging experience. Now the cymbal crashes and the percussion instruments get enough life and sounds even more sparkly and lively.

The electric guitar strums and the trumpets now have that shimmer and the brilliance in the top end has been brought out really well. The detail retrieval is above average and shows a noticeable improvement from the default nature of the IEM.

The cable shows a much noticeable improvement when you pair up any dark signature IEM since this gives that necessary brightness for the uplifted sound.

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The technical aspect that this cable delivers is good enough where the detail retrieval got much better now with more technical separation and clearer imaging since the low end is not that emphasized. The micro details however are not that impressive but the macro details that this cable delivers via the IEM that you pair is outstanding.



  1. Excellent build and Feel
  2. Swappable Terminations
  3. Natural Output
  4. Adds Sparkle in the Treble


  1. Bad pairings with brighter IEM’s.

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Amber, the latest aftermarket cable from the house of TAXABLE is a well sounding one where it nicely complements the fuller sound of the Obsidian from the same house. The Amber is different in terms of sound when compared to the Obsidian where the Obsidian is much more fuller sounding, had more bass presence and the treble felt untouched while the Amber is more brighter, neutral in terms of midrange and bass response hence these cable complement well each other in terms of sound like the Yin and Yang!

The build is excellent and is the same as that of the Obsidian where the cable feels very premium in the hands and has a good amount of heft in the hand. The braiding is done excellently and the supple texture of the cable feels more premium in the hands. The use of the metals in the splitters and terminations gave the cable a more premium filled look and experience. Plus the modular option is a brilliant design feature where one can easily swap the termination for practicality.

Overall the Amber is a well rounded cable and does pair well with your darker sounding earphones and those IEM’s out there waiting for a cable to give a life to their treble presence. The NATURAL AND PREMIUM character of the Amber would definitely be a great addition to your Dark Knight out there!

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