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Tin T3 Plus IEM Review – Multifaceted

Tin HiFi, a brand which is widely known among audiophiles and a big name in the ChiFi industry. Their first hot success is the T2 and it gave a life and birth to the T series lineup. But after the T2 the rest of the products didn’t create any big impact in the market and after a very long time the T2 Plus created a nice impact in the market.

To continue that PLUS lineup the T3 Plus is launched with some improvements over the T2 Plus. In this review let’s check out how good the T3 Plus sounds and why it is considered as the MULTIFACETED iem for the price.

Tin T3 Plus IEM Review 1


This unit has been provided to me by HiFiGo in exchange for my honest review. This review is completely based on my observations with this product and it may vary from person to person based on the source you pair with it. 

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Driver: φ10mm Liquid crystal polymer vibrator membrane speaker

Sensitivity: 105±3dB @1kHz 0.179V

Frequency Range: 10-20kH

Interface: Gold-plated 2 Pin connector

Plug type: 3.5mm black glue gold plated plug

Conductor/Cable: Φ 2.8mm (40 / 0.05 oxygen free copper 200D Kevlar) * 4-core Black PU cable L=1.25m

Impedance: 32Ω±15%

Rated Power: 3mW

Max Power: 5mW

Max Distortion: 1% @1k Hz 0.179V


The design aspect of the T3 Plus is very usual but the execution that they do is very nice. The design follows the custom shell shaped design while having that minimal subtle look overall. The faceplate has that striking dark colour with some glittering effect when the light strikes in the faceplate. The branding is done on the faceplate which is gold lettered.

When it comes to the fit they are very good in terms of isolation. Even after longer listening sessions they never cause any fatigue. The shell is very lightweight since it is fully resin made. The connector area is nicely tucked along with the body thus the ear guides that the cable has a nice comfortable feel in the ears. The provided ear tips are of good quality too where you can achieve a good fit and isolation via the provided ear tips.

The provided cable is of good quality and it’s the same as that of the T5. The cable is black coloured and the braiding is done above average. The connector area is made of metal and the termination area is also metal covered. They also possess a nice metal splitter along with a chin slider for comfortable wear experience.

The given cloth bag is average in terms of quality but for the price there is nothing to complain about. The branding is done on the front of the bag and a drawstring is provided for the closure.

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Tin T3 Plus IEM Review 2


The sound profile of the T3 Plus is a U shaped profile. The graph of the T3 Plus seems very nice and even in the real world this sounds one of the best under 100 USD. The T3 Plus is simply the muscled up version of the T2 Plus which is already known for its clean, smoother and natural sound with exceptional tonality. The T3 Plus just delivers the improved t2 plus sound by giving that nice extra bite in the low end. In this review we will dive into the in depth sectioning of the audio.


The low end in the T3 Plus is exceptional and actually i didn’t have any big expectations with the Tin product especially in the low end but surprisingly the low end is just BAM!

T2 plus being very faster in terms of speed lacked that extra sense of rumble and the sub bass roll off was evident since it is a very balanced set with just a hint of mid bass emphasis. This T3 Plus is just awesome where the speed is precisely tuned with enough fastness thus the sub bass presence here is more evident and that mid bass presence is also done well with less or none mid bass bleed. 

SUB BASS: The sub bass has very good extension providing that nice rumble sensation which is not overly done thus that tightness and the control is impeccable in the T3 Plus. The sub bass is very much controlled, tighter and has very good speed hence the clarity and the separation in the sub bass region is nicely done. This makes the faster tracks a piece of cake to be handled by the T3 Plus.

  1. Bigfoot – Malfnktion
  2. Boom – Tiesto & Sevenn

MID BASS: The mid bass is tastefully done where the presence is evident still no bleed is observed in the mid range. The fastness is adequate, control and separation in the mid bass region is very good for the price. If not, it’s the best in this price range. The nice low end presence gave the staging a nice depth sensation. The layering effect and the technicalities aspect of the low end is very precisely done.

  1. Nagada Sang Dhol – Ram Leela

Overall the low end in the T3 Plus is impeccable and if not the best tuned low end for the price. The low end has that excellent technicality aspect while still delivering that nice extension, weight, thick sound and the slam. Being a Tin IEM I thought that this will not dominate the low end region but surprisingly this thing just made a big shout that they are now Basshead approved too!

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Tin T3 Plus IEM Review 3


The midrange of the T3 Plus is another welcoming aspect where the presentation is done well which is nice and forward. I like earphones with that nice forward presentation since that gives that nice engaging experience. The T3Plus vocal rendering is done beautifully. This is an example for the thick and fuller sounding vocals. Neatly done with no harshness in the upper mid section.

Both the male and the female vocals have that nice full bodied sound and nothing sounds shrill or lean. The instruments however slightly take the back seat but not a complete laidback setup instead the positioning is done appropriately.

The strings and kick drums take the nice stage presence while the piano notes are pushed back but overall they sound very good too. 

The tonality and the timbre is another excellent aspect here; they sound very natural and organic and don’t appear dry or metallic. The pleasant and slightly warmer tonality gives this earphone a nice non fatiguing listening experience. 

The clarity and the separation in the T3 plus is above average since the staging is nice and wide with enough presence of air in the midrange. The vocals and the instruments got a lot of room to breathe hence no congestion was observed. The resolution is the disappointing aspect but other than that all the technicality aspects are just a bliss in the T3 Plus. Overall the midrange is the combination of all the T series models where it posses that clarity of the t2 while retaining that thick nature of the T4 and T5

  1. In The Heights – Lin-Manuel Miranda
  2. Get Lucky – Daft Punk
  3. No Time To Die – Billie Eilish

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The treble in the T3 Plus is very good in terms of clarity and separation. The extension is good and the roll off point is very desirable. The treble never fatigues you in a longer listening period while also maintaining that energy and the engaging factor.

The treble has that nice shimmer and the brilliance hence they sound nice and open. The clarity and the separation is impeccable considering the low end emphasis this has. The treble overall sounds open and smoother and no noticeable sibilance or hotness is seen in the upper treble region.

The timbre of the instruments felt very nice where they are pretty much realistic and have that natural tone. The bite, crisp and attack are present in the instruments and don’t have that darker background which is quite nice. They are neither too bright or too dark, instead they are at a very pleasing staging. 

  1. Jack Of Speed – Steely Dan
  2. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
  3. Out For Blood – SUM 41


STAGING: The soundstage of the T3 Plus is very good in terms of depth and above average in terms of width and height. The depth is nicely done here due to that nice bass presence. The width is above average too hence the separation and the clarity felt very good and it also led to that open sounding nature. Overall they don’t have that claustrophobic sound thus they sound well wide and open.

IMAGING: The imaging is pretty precise too since there is no fuzzy nature of the sound. Since the low end in the T3 Plus is nicely tuned with precise emphasis the imaging felt very clear and easy pinpoint of the instruments is possible even in the faster and busy tracks.

The detail retrieval may not be upto the mark of an ALL BA iem but considering that this has only a single dynamic driver the T3 Plus is very much nice for the price. 

The Resolution is the weak aspect here but i won’t mind that much since for the price they just do more than good enough if not they are the best for the price.

  1. Global Gear (INSTRUMENTAL) – Punya Srinivas
  2. Hideaway – Jacob Collier
  3. The Blowers Daughter – Damien Rice
Tin T3 Plus IEM Review 4



  1. Balanced Sound Profile
  2. Tonality and Timbre
  3. Low End Authority 
  4. Layering and Staging
  5. Price, Design and Fit


  1. Resolution ( Very Nitpicky )
Tin T3 Plus IEM Review


T3 Plus, the latest offering from the Tin HiFi Audio is an excellent multifaceted IEM for sure. The T series is the famous lineup in the Tin family where they are budget oriented at the same time they deliver excellent sound too. The T2 was their legendary model which had that excellent neutral sound profile while the T4 and T5 had that nice thick and full bodied sound. The T3 Plus is tuned in such a way that it combines the qualities of all the Tin Series IEM’s thus creating a versatile sound that just apts any genre you play.

From the aspect of the build to the sound I can just praise this earphone all day long but in short they are just phenomenal. They have the best low end in the Tin lineup and if not best in this price range where the low end is thick, mature at the same time has that technical range too. The midrange is presented well nice and forward, while the treble has that airy and open sound with excellent technicalities. The layering especially is very impressive and staging is above average.

Overall the T3 Plus is my primary recommendation in this price range and if not under 100USD! I can take this IEM any day under 100usd and especially over Aria! In my opinion the T3 Plus is just a well rounded MULTIFACETED iem in this market.

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.



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