10 Best Gaming Headphones Under Rs. 2000 (2019)

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What makes a gaming headphones best ?

Its the soundstage and comfort to get all those amazing sound affect , enjoy surround sound.

10 Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000

And keeping the basic prerequisites in mind we have sorted out just the best 10 over the ear headphones to enhance your gaming experience.

 1.  Zebronics Stingray 1

Zebronics Headphones & Mic Headphones Stingray

1) Zebronics is not a name that people these days are unaware of.

2) Gaming is great and also works perfectly with smartphones.

3) The triangular outer housing looks elegant especially in the red and black tone.

4) It also sports a 40mmdriver unit with a hefty impedance of 32Ω.

5) Flexible microphone.

6)And having mentioned all these, they are pocket friendly! What else?

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 2.  Motorola Pulse 2 

Motorola Pulse 2

1) A hello from Moto everyone! Simplicity is at its best is what reflects from the Motorola Pulse.

2) Having a compact and a lightweight structure these could easily be your travel companions so that you needn’t ‘adjust’ each time you go out anywhere for a gaming expedition!

3) Quite comfortable , you can use it for hours and your ears won’t pain at all.

4) If you are looking for something in a good price range, this product is worth a go.

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 3.  Kotion Over the Ear GS410 

Kotion Each GS410 Headphones with Mic

1) Ever had a glimpse at one of those super cool looking gaming headphones ?

2) Quite comfortable with good bass.

3) You will have to buy a 1 Female to 2 Male converter to use them fully for gaming purpose.

4) A 2.1m long cable that also has an analogue volume lever attached on it is quite suitable for adjusting the sound levels.

5) The downside here though, is that these are a bit heavy for carrying around, else there won’t be a chance left for you to complain about these headphones.

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 4.  Kotion G4000 

Kotion G4000 Gaming Headphone

1) A big brother to the GS410 is the G4000 headphones. The same sporty and stylish look incorporated with a couple of more tweaks to the design and form factor makes the G4000.

2) There are exuberant LEDs on the top and sides to make your gaming look even more ‘gamely’.

3) Also here, there is a rotary volume controller which is a very convenient way to control your volume on-the-fly without having to trouble the source volume.

4) Mic is foldable , which protects it from any damage. Sound quality too good for this price range.

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 5.  Steelseries The Sims4 

SteelSeries The SIMs 4 Gaming Headset

1) Premium ear cushions with weightless headsets. The body feels a slightly cheap due to plastic built but very durable.

2) Good sound quality and excellent mic works perfectly in sync.

3) Steelseries Sims4 is the one product which fits in here. The over-the-ear circumaural closed headset provides a crystal clear voice quality and utmost comfort.

4) The cozy earcups and the extra foam padding below the headband makes sure that you never have to adjust or ‘fine-tune’ your headset position every now and then.

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 6.  Redragon Garuda H101 

Redragon Garuda H101
  • Feels light to wear

1) To start with, this red dragon is packed with a heavy 50mm diameter neodymium dome driver to deliver high fidelity audio along with excellent clarity throughout the entire frequency range.

2) The company claims of a ‘high impact vibration’ feature which presumably should be like a VR thing for audio which gives a more realistic touch to the gaming sound effects.

3) Ambient noise isolation is also not an issue with the breathable foam memory ear cushion. All in all – worth the investment!

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 7.  SA 708 Power Basic 

SA 708 Xpower 5.1 Channle Stereo Gaming headsets

1) Okay we had a red monster previously; similarly so, here is a blue one!

2) The SA 708 are unique, well shaped headphones with foldable microphones which is capable of taking input signals from 360 degree range.

3) The 3.5mm audio jack connector here is split on both sides which thereby ensure that you don’t always have to carry the wire tangling around the headphones.

4) And lastly, the smooth PU leather cushioned earpad and headpad makes them comfortable wear continuously.

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 8.  Envent Boombud 

Envent Boombud

1) For those lazy carefree (not careless!) who don’t want all the mess of wire and cords carrying all around while gaming, this is the one product for you guys.

2) Minimally designed yet elegantly crafted, these Bluetooth headphones won’t let you down with their long stamdby time for about 200 hours.

3) Obviously we don’t recommend you that much gaming uninterruptedly (:p) but when you convert it into usage time it rounds up to about 10 hours.

4) Yes a whole COD or CounterStrike session can be easily covered and still you will have a lot of juice left in your headphones!

5) Yes the wireless thing comes at a price though; these are not as dashing as the monsters that you read and seen above.

6) But if you really want a pocket friendly headset and quench your gaming thirst at the same time, go for the Boombuds.

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 9.  Kotion B3506 

Kotion Each B3506 Wired Headphone

1) Don’t want to get into the web of tangling cords without losing the typical ‘gaming’ feel? The wireless version of Kotion is your pick here.

2) Featuring the latest Bluetooth V4.1 and having a range of 10m these high definition stereo headphones provide exact and natural sound.

3) The standby time is about 8hrs which serves quite the purpose. And also otherwise, there is an aux cable in the box which lets you use them as wired headphones too.

4) Its closed protein ear cushion blocks noise in almost any environment for better guaranteed comfort.

5) Well there is almost no need of discussing the technicalities about this one; scroll up and you shall find it ☺

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 10.  Dragon War GHS003 

Dragon War GHS-003 On the Ear Headset

1) Last but not the least, is another beast! This headset is the last born of the brand Dragon War, only working on PC and powered by a simple USB connector.

2) The Beast is a circumaural gaming headset which offers a better immersion, thanks to its vibration function (almost similar as mentioned earlier in Redragon Garuda headphones).

3) Kill zombies, destroy the boss, and finally feel the emotions of your characters through your mouse, but most of all through your ears!

4) The description seems as if it is all happening quite literally though isn’t it? Well as a matter of fact, IT IS.

5) Moreover, you can also personalize the vibration levels that you feel along with the volume of the headphones.

6) The headset suits perfectly your head thanks to its well-studied ergonomics and its adjustable headband.

7) And no worries if you want to carry them all around; just fold them inwards and you are ready to go!

8) If you have the bucks, and want to spend it on some absolute quality product, this is your dragon right here!

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So gamers, tell us what do you think of all these products? Are they really worth it or are they more than worth? Do let know; till then happy gaming!

Happy Gaming!

Which headphones have the best soundstage ?

Ans: Superlux HD668B

Superlux HD668B

Also known as Gaming Headset Killer !

This headphone can give you the most exaggerated soundstage that you will ever find for this price. Just buy them before someone else reading this article does.

However to make them more comforatble you will need to change their pads to Brainwavz memory pads.

For a cheap mic buy  Zm-Mic1

And there you have the perfect gaming headphones which can beat all high end gaming headsets.

Okay so this time we have got a special treat for the gaming geeks around.

Be it online or offline, gaming as a whole is escalated to another level when you have the company of best in class headphones, gaming headphones to be precise.

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Please do comment below to add your suggestions and feedback.


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