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10 Best Work & Student Laptops Under Rs 30000 (2020)

A budget of below Rs. 30,000 is a sweet spot where you can get balanced laptop that has a lot of features and also doesn’t make you go bankrupt.

There are many laptops in this price bracket that have features that the ones in higher price range also don’t have, like a fingerprint scanner.

Top 10 Best Work & Student Laptops Under Rs 30,000 in India

Below are the best laptops from the top laptop manufacturers that you can buy for under Rs. 30,000.

1. ASUS VivoBook 15

Intel Celeron N3350 , 4GB RAM , 1TB HDD , Windows 10 , Integrated Graphics

With so many budget laptops out of stock , it’s getting harder to find a decent pick. So we decided to add this ASUS VivoBook 15 which comes with a Intel Celeron N3350 processor.

Talking about this processor it has 2 Cores, 2 Threads. The normal operating frequency is 1.1 GHz , 2MB Cache and can go upto 2.4 GHz with multitasking as stated by Asus.

This is great for people looking to do basic tasks like browsing , entertainment , zoom classes , video calls etc. It comes with a 1TB HDD for storage so there go all your movies. 4 GB of RAM is decent for daily tasks and it comes with preloaded windows so there you save extra bucks.

Display has 60Hz of refresh rate and Anti-Glare Panel with 45% NTSC which is decent for a budget laptop priced around 25k. If you want more speed you can look to remove bloatwares and extra programs which you don’t need. Battery backup is also good enough.

Overall if I was looking for a sub 30k laptop then probably I would go with this machine.

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2.  Dell Vostro 3468

Top 10 Best Work & Student Laptops Under Rs. 30,000

1) For the budget segment, Dell has a great option in the form of Vostro 3468 laptop.

2) It is a small sized laptop with a screen of 14-inch, making it highly portable.

3) The laptop comes with an Intel Core i3 7th Gen processor along with 4GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive.

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4) You will get Windows 10 and MS Office preloaded on this laptop along with support for both VGA and HDMI port.

5) For securing your data, the laptop also has a built-in fingerprint scanner.

6) Dell has stuffed the laptop with some of the best features that no other laptop in this range offers.

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3.  HP AR003TU

Top 10 Best Work & Student Laptops Under Rs. 30,000

1) HP also has a similar offering in the budget segment that has an ideal screen size of 14 inches.

2) The notebook comes powered by an Intel Core i3 6th gen processor and has 4GB of DDR4 RAM.

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3) 1TB of HDD is there providing you ample space to store all your data.

4) It also has a DVD writer if you have those old software and game disks.

5) You won’t be getting Windows along with this note book and you’ll have to get one separately.

6) On the plus side, the laptop comes with the industry leading after sales support from HP.

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4.  Lenovo G50059-380860

Top 10 Best Work & Student Laptops Under Rs. 30,000

1) And in case you want a notebook with a larger 15.6-inch display, then this Lenovo laptop is your best bet.

2) As said, the laptop sports a large 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768.

3) You will get an Intel Core i3 processor, 2GB RAM, and 500GB hard disk.

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4) If you were wondering, this laptop doesn’t come with Windows pre-loaded.

5) But this again gives you the freedom to choose the best OS for your needs.

6) The battery backup of this laptop is amazing because of its 6-cell battery pack.

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5.  Acer Aspire ES1-571

Top 10 Best Work & Student Laptops Under Rs. 30,000

1) This offering from Acer should be an ideal pick for your day to day activities.

2) Be it movie watching or surfing the internet, this laptop is more than capable, thanks to its Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM.

3) A spacious TB hard drive will keep all your data safe at one place.

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4) Many people would like to install Linux on their machines and this laptop gives you that freedom.

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5) The laptop doesn’t come with any OS pre-installed so you can choose any according to your wish.

6) A decent battery life is also a plus point for this laptop.

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6. HP 15-AC602TU

Top 10 Best Work & Student Laptops Under Rs. 30,000

1) For the people who have an even tighter budget of below Rs. 25,000, HP has a laptop that will perfectly fit your needs.

2) The laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and is ideal for your basic tasks and home usage.

3) Students will also find the laptop fine for making presentations and similar stuff.

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4) It comes with an Intel Celeron processor and supports 4GB of RAM.

5) You will get a hard drive of 500GB and an integrated graphics card for added support.

6) With these specs, the laptop’s battery lasts really long.

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7. Acer Aspire R3-131T

1) There are people for whom portability is the utmost priority.

2) You might need it to show presentations, where the size of the laptop doesn’t matter.

3) The only thing that matters is your stuff stay with you in the smallest possible bag.

4) Acer launched an 11.6-inch laptop this year that perfectly suits this type of usage.

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5) A Pentium N3710 processor powers this device up and it has 4GB of RAM along with 500GB of storage.

6) Windows 10 comes preloaded on the laptop and it also has integrated graphics.

7) The best feature of the laptop is that you can fold the screen back and use it as a tablet as well.

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8. Dell Inspiron 3541

1) In the price segment of below Rs. 30,000, it is hard to find a laptop with a dedicated graphics card but not on this Dell laptop.

2) The Dell Inspiron 3541 has an AMD Radeon R2 graphics card that will add to the laptop’s gaming capabilities.

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3) It comes powered by a quad-core AMD A6 processor.

4) The RAM capacity of the laptop is 4GB and it has a hard disk of 500GB.

5) Like you’d expect from Dell, the built quality is top notch and the notebook has a large number of ports all around for the best connectivity.

6) The speaker quality of the laptop is also decent.

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9.  Dell Inspiron 3543

Top 10 Best Work & Student Laptops Under Rs. 30,000

1) If you prefer Intel processors over AMD, you can go for the Dell Inspiron 3543.

2) The design and build of this laptop are same as what you had seen on the Dell laptop with AMD processor above.

3) This laptop is powered by an Intel Pentium processor along with a RAM capacity of 4GB.

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4) The 4-cell battery found on this laptop will keep it working for several hours without dying.

5) You will get a laptop with an excellent 15.6-inch display that is more than adequate for watching movies and browsing.

6) There is no shortage of connectivity options on this laptop.

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10.  HP 245 G4 P1b38PA

Top 10 Best Work & Student Laptops Under Rs. 30,000

1) The name of the laptop might sound a bit complicated.

2) But this laptop is a great option for the people who want a full-fledged laptop for a super-tight processor.

3) Before I proceed further, you must know that it is available for a price of just Rs. 21, 990.

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4) And for that kind of price, you are getting an incredible machine.

5) You’ll get a large 14-inch HD LED display along with an AMD A6-6310 quad-core processor.

6) The RAM capacity of the laptop is 4GB and the hard disk of the machine is of 500GB capacity.

7) The warranty of the laptop includes a full one-year support from HP.

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11.  Lenovo B5080

Top 10 Best Work & Student Laptops Under Rs. 30,000

1) When you’ll open this laptop, you will see a large 15.6-inch large HD anti-glare display.

2) The laptop has a full sized keyboard along with a separate numeric keypad.

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3) The best part of the laptop is that you’re getting a fingerprint scanner to keep your data safe on this laptop.

4) It comes powered by an Intel Core i3 processor and has 4GB of RAM with a hard disk of 1TB.

5) If you get Windows 10 installed on this machine, Windows Hello feature will work perfectly fine with the fingerprint scanner of this laptop.

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