Top 10 Best TV Series of 2016 That You Might Have Missed

It’s been a boisterous year, which means that most of us turn to our TVs or laptops for some light entertainment.

But unlike most areas of entertainment that often reflects our own culture back at us, television works at a much quicker rate meaning that TV is more likely to depict, through comedy and drama, our current cultural climate with an exacting speed and accuracy.

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It’s always tough to narrow an entire season of a vast medium down to a Top 10 list, but for 2016 it’s damn near impossible to choose the best TV Series.

Every series has its own story which create a long lasting impression in the mind of people. Here are initial Top 10 list.

Here are the best TV shows of 2016 the series that you need to watch:


Atlanta, created and written by the multi-talented Donald Glover presents an intriguing, dynamic chemistry between an enigmatic Earn Marks (Donald Glover) and the stern, hostile, hood-driven city of Atlanta.

Storyline:  Atlanta is all around one of the best show ever. Donald Glover strongly grasps the raw emotion of mental illness, family relationships, and what it’s like living in Atlanta.

This show can relate to all people, and is presented to show others the perspective of a young black man trying to make it in Atlanta’s rap scene.

This is is an adult show about climbing the ranks into the rap scene, and surviving the neighbourhood, that shouldn’t be missed.


Just the everyday life of a lady who runs into everyday issues while black. You will Love this show, it is funny, accurate, and just awesome.

You will feel interested with the focus placed on Issa’s thoughts, this truly makes her and the show instantly lovable. The co star molly also brings a very true and accurate representation on professionally accomplished women who in-turn almost surely are considered over qualified for meaningful relationships.

This will change the dynamics of how African women are perceived both personally and professionally. You will love the character!

The humour of this show is so relatable the bond between Issa and Molly is so relatable to many female friendships, you almost seem to believe you are taking part in all their little schemes.

One major thing that is amazing and great about this show is their SOUNDTRACK. Some of the best songs and artist bring life to the show.

This show is completely recommended to anyone, hands down one of the best comedic shows of 2016 so far.


Season 3 of Transparent is as excellent as ever, still better than pretty much everything else on TV, and exceptional in ways that are intrinsically tied to it being a third season.

Season three, so far, feels like it’s returning closer to that core mission after a second season that felt slightly less focused.

Transitioning, for Maura and those who love her, is a process. Transparent season three shows us that the work is nowhere near done.

Transparent’ keeps breaking all the rules to prove that human beings don’t need to have labels to be loved.

This is not only the best trick it has up on its sleeve, but it sure is the one that makes it marvellous.


Every episode adds another layer to the mystery and we watch the characters unravel and get into ever-increasingly bizarre situations that all had me laughing out loud and often cringing too. One of my new favourites!

The characters aren’t meant to be likable, but serve to rustle up emotions like annoyance and frustration.

The brilliance of this show is its commentary on what it means to search for meaning, fulfilment, and actualization in a post-modernist society. The jokes are subtle and character based.

This show is hard to love at first because the satirical characters are hard to enjoy. This story soon becomes an exciting vehicle for character development.

As the season continues, the characters and plot become really exciting. The season ender will leave you wanting more!

The entire cast was great but Alia Shawkat is phenomenal! You could watch this season for hours!


Catastrophe Season has Outstanding comedy with engaging characters and plenty of laugh-out loud moments. Delany and Horgan have amazing comedic chemistry, making the jokes seem like they just came to them off the top of their head rather than building to a planned punchline.

The only negative is that they seem so in sync that their arguments felt completely unconvincing to me. But overall it’s the funniest new show you will seen this year, and the supporting characters are unique and hilarious rather than easy stereotypes.

Chris and Fergal, in particular, would make worthy main characters in their own right.

Basically this is a romantic comedy about a British woman and American man who are likable and optimistic, living in a sea of cynics.

It is frankly refreshing to see a comedy focus on two characters who are not narcissists or borderline sociopaths.


Thanks to Tina Fey for giving us another fresh, smart and funny comedy series. The title itself is what describes the show.

Even if it goes to darker themes, Kimmy is still unbreakable that makes her very fun to watch. It’s a unique show with a fresh approach.

And every episode is packed with super funny jokes and gags and its also packed with an amazing cast and guest stars. Everything about this show is great. So go Kimmy!


A season startling in its intensity and its endless probing intelligence–not to mention the raw suspense that hangs over every moment of every scene….

There is nothing that is the equal of The Americans on TV screens now. This is a television show at the very peak of its powers, confident and controlled.

The cast and crew have done their part–your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is simply to tune in. You won’t regret it.


Season 3 of the comedy series You’re the worst is about the group of friends dealing with their own personal issues and their relationships.

Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash), after saying “I love you” to each other, have to decide whether to move forward with their relationship or call it quits, while also dealing with the death of Jimmy’s father and Gretchen’s inability to offer support.

An original comedy from writer and executive producer Stephen Falk, You’re The Worst puts a dark twist on the romantic comedy genre.


Every part of this TV shows production was so well done. Fantastic acting, editing, photography if that’s the right word. Fleabag is a fantastic comedy, original and refreshing in this time of mediocrity.

What makes the show is the clever writing but also the performance of Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Constantly taking to the camera has a Peep Show quality, where we get to hear what she really thinks of someone before hearing what she actually says to them – two very different things.

She can do amazing things with those actor’s friends, the raised eyebrow, the tiny grin, the upturned lip, the innocent wide-eyed look.

Crucially, she has charm in spades, without it the show would become a Peep Show with women instead of men, a sort of Women Behaving Badly.


The opening of the show is a succinct depiction of the general feeling expressed in every episode. The animation and voice acting are both excellent.

The characters have depth and are likable, and they seem to grow as the season progresses. The only static character is Mr. Peanut butter, which is intentional.

On the outside, this show appears to be your typical silly cartoon based on the satire of modern Hollywood, but as you dive deeper, this seemingly hollow show is filled with deep themes based on our basic needs and wants as humans.

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