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10 Best Yoga Mats in India

Are you looking for the perfect yoga mat for your yoga journey?

Yoga is a peaceful yet strenuous activity and the perfect way to do it is on a yoga mat. However, with so many options to choose from, it can become confusing to choose a good yoga mat for yourself especially if you are new. 

While look and patterns are essential factors to consider for a yoga mat, it is even more important that you consider the portability and comfort offered by the yoga mat.

Well, you are not alone which is why we have prepared this guide. In this guide, we have mentioned a few essential factors that you should consider when choosing the right yoga mat for yourself. Also, we have listed down top the 10 yoga mats that you can buy in India.

Best Yoga Mats in India

1. brandvilla Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag

One of the best yoga mats in the market, Brandvilla Yoga Mat is made up of EVA material and offers comfort and support to both men and women.

This 6 mm yoga mat is sufficiently long and wide ensuring that people of all sizes and shapes can comfortably use it to practice yoga poses.

It also uses moisture resistance technology so it is sweat-resistant and can be easily washed using soap and clean water.

Another great thing about this all-purpose map is that it comes with double-sided texture surface and the anti-skid surfaces improve traction and are amazingly slip-resistant.

It also has an anti-tear net integrated into the mat which increases the durability of this mat.

Plus, it is lightweight and comes with a free yoga mat and carry strap so you can take it with you wherever you want.

2. VIFITKIT Yoga Mat with Free Yoga mat Bag

VIFITKIT Yoga mat is an eco-friendly yoga mat that is made up of high-quality EVA material and lasts 5 times more than a standard plastic mat.

Since this mat is free from silicone, PVC, and other toxic materials, it is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

With its moisture resistant technology, this yoga mat is completely sweat-resistant and easily washable with water.

One of the best things about this yoga mat is that it is thick and will provide you with proper cushioning while giving you support and stability.

This yoga mat is durable and lightweight and has a non-slip textured surface that allows you to hold position and prevents any kind of slipping. 

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3. Strauss Yoga Mat

Another great yoga mat that will offer you comfort while protecting your joints when you practice your yoga postures is the Strauss Yoga Mat.

This mat is made up of high-quality foam material that makes it durable, tear-resistant, and lightweight.

Available in multiple thickness options, this yoga mat offers an extra-thick layer for cushioning your feet and provides support to your body during different yoga routines.

The textured anti-skid surface of this yoga mat ensures that you won’t slip even if you sweat a lot or you use the yoga mat on a slippery surface like marble or tiles.

It is also super easy to fold the mat and travel with it and if you spill anything on the mat, use a mild detergent and wipe it with a soft cloth.

4. Boldfit Yoga mat for Women and Men

Boldfit Yoga Mat is a little expensive but a good investment for yoga practitioners as it is made up of durable TPE material that is PVC-free and eco-friendly.

This yoga mat is perfect for people with all shapes and sizes and provides a thickness of 6 mm that cushions and protects your body joints while maintaining a proper grip. 

This yoga mat uses anti-skid technology and features a double-surface texture to prevent slipping while offering you a good grip during yoga postures.

It also features moisture resistant technology that makes this mat water and sweat resistant so you can wash it with soap and water without worrying about ruining it.

The yoga mat is lightweight and comes with a black carry bag that makes it easily portable as well. 

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5. Dr Trust PVC Yoga Mat

Yet another amazing yoga mat, Dr Trust PVC Yoga Mat is made up of high-density PVC foam and features cellular foam technology that makes the mat soft, comfortable, and adequately cushioned.

With 6 mm thickness, this yoga mat makes exercising easier on your joints and is great for use during pregnancy and other health conditions.

This extra-tall mat fits all body frames and easily accommodates tall people as well.

With its anti-tearing giber, this PVC mat is durable and scratch-proof and is water-resistant as well so you need to just wipe the mat with a wet cloth to clean it.

Its non-slip bottom ensures stability and proper grip and since it is reversible, you can use the smooth side for lighter yoga exercises and the textured side for hot yoga.

6. TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Mat with GuideAlign

With TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Mat with GuideAlign, you can enjoy a comfortable and stable yoga workout every time.

The GuideAlign design of this yoga mat helps you with your posture during a yoga exercise and makes it easier to maintain your flow when changing the poses. This dual-layered yoga mat is reversible featuring a sticky side and an ultra-tactile honeycombed side. So, you can choose the different mat texture for different yoga styles.

This yoga mat uses closed-cell construction so it is sweat-resistant, making the mat durable and hygienic.

With 5 mm thickness, this yoga mat offers proper support to your joints and is lightweight at the same time so you can carry it with your everywhere.

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7. Kobo NBR Athletica Yoga Mat

If you are looking for a high-quality thick yoga mat then Kobo NBR Athletica Yoga Mat is the perfect choice for you. This yoga mat is made up of high-density NBR foam so it is comfortable and easy to use and provides proper cushioning for your joints.

It is also slip-proof and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about sweating and slipping on the mat while practicing yoga postures.

Since it is made up of tear-resistant material, this yoga mat is damage-free and can be used for a long time. And it is latex-free and toxic-free so if you are allergic to latex, this could be a good choice for you.

8. Qatalyze Extra Thick 8mm TPE Yoga mat

Another great yoga mat for cushioning, Qatalyze Extra Thick TPE Yoga Mat is 8 mm thick and offers comfortable cushioning to your body parts and joints for different yoga exercises. This extra wide yoga mat will easily fit people of all shapes and sizes and even provides room for extra movement.

With its two-sided non-slip mat texture, you get amazing grip and traction so there are no chances of slipping when you practice yoga postures.

It is also sweat-resistant and features a moisture-resistant technology that allows you to properly wash this mat with soap and water. Finally, this mat is also durable, toxic-free and eco-friendly as it is made up of TPE material and its anti-tear technology will protect it from tears and scratches.

9. arka Handloom Durry Handmade Cotton Mat for Yoga

If you are looking for a 100% recyclable yoga mat then arka Handloom Durry Handmade Cotton Mat for Yoga is the perfect choice for you. This yoga mat is handmade from cotton fibers and has been woven by expert weavers of India.

As a result, it is recyclable and eco-friendly and offers proper support to you during yoga exercises as well.

This yoga mat is durable and comfortable and lightweight as well so you can carry it around with you. One of the best things about this mat is that it can be washed with a detergent so it stays germ-free and skin-friendly after every use.

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10. Onlymat Synthetic Yoga Mat

One of the cheapest yoga mats in the market, Onlymat Synthetic Yoga Mat is perfect for anyone who is looking for a decent yoga mat with minimal features.

This 4 mm thick yoga mat is comfortable and supportive and even available in different colors. It has a smooth design that can make it slippery at times but most of the time, it works just fine.

It is also lightweight and durable and can be used for travel purposes as well. This basic mat can not only be used for yoga exercises but other workouts as well.

How to Choose a Yoga Mat for Yourself

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best yoga mat for yourself.

Consider the Thickness and the Weight of the Mat

One of the most essential things to consider is the thickness and the weight of your yoga mat. Usually, yoga mats are available in different thicknesses that range from 3 mm to 15 mm. While thicker mats provide better support and cushioning for people suffering from joint problems, it tends to be heavier as well and is not suitable for several standing yoga poses.

So, if you don’t suffer from any joint issue or don’t need extra padding, then opt for the thinner yoga mats that can provide you the needed support during different yoga poses. These mats tend to be lighter as well so it makes it easier to carry them around.

There are also travel mats available that are thin and lightweight and can be packed to be taken on your trips as well. If you don’t need extra padding, then these are the best portable yoga mats available in the market.

Look at the Material and Durability

Although thicker yoga mats are more durable than thinner mats, this depends a lot on the material being used in the construction of the yoga mat as well. There are mainly three types of materials used in yoga mats – PVC, TPE, and eco-material.

PVC mats are extremely durable, easy to maintain, and offer amazing floor grip. However, this type of yoga mat can easily become slippery if you tend to sweat a lot and are not biodegradable or eco-friendly.

TPE or thermoplastic elastomer mats are usually made up of rubber polymers and plastic. As a result, these yoga mats are more environment-friendly than PVC mats and a few of them can be completely recycled as well. They also offer a good grip although they are less durable than PVC mats.

Finally, there are natural or eco mats that are made from natural sources like cotton, jute, natural rubber, etc. Although they offer less floor grip, they do provide your body with traction. They aren’t as durable as PVC but they are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Select a Yoga Mat that Fits Your Body

While thickness and material are important factors, it is equally important that you check the width and length of the yoga mat to ensure that it properly fits your body. Generally, the width of the yoga mat remains standard that can fit the majority of people but the length of the mat differs.

So, choose a yoga mat that is long enough to cover your entire body properly. If you choose a smaller yoga mat, then the temperature difference will not allow you to relax when you are practicing yoga.

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Check the Texture and the Grip of the Yoga Mat

One of the most important things to check in a yoga mat is that it provides a good grip and traction to you when you are performing yoga. A smooth yoga mat will feel great and will be soft on your skin but it can become slippy and dangerous when you sweat a lot.

So, you need to find a smooth natural rubber or PVC mat that offers great traction and won’t become difficult to use in poses that generate a lot of sweat. 

On the other hand, if you don’t care about smoothness, then opt for a textured yoga mat as they offer a good grip and some of them even absorb your sweat so you can practice yoga poses safely.



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