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10 Best Digital Kitchen Scales in India

Kitchen scales an indispensable kitchen aid. With a handy digital kitchen scale at your disposal you can skip the guesswork and weight your ingredients precisely.

Kitchen scales are used very prominently in Europe, but are slowly gaining traction within Indian households as well. They are essential kitchen accessories for the health conscious Indian youngsters.

Whether you use a kitchen scale for baking or cooking, you’ll want your kitchen scale to be very precise. There are two kinds of scales mainly – analog and digital.

The analog scales use an inner spring to measure and show weight, while the digital scales offer highly accurate readings.

Digital scales, because of their easy to use features and storage convenience, are quite popular today.

What to look for when buying a digital scale ?

  • The most important aspect of digital scale is the power needed to run them. Digital scales are sourced by batteries, typically AA or AAA.

These are often included with the purchase. Some scales also come with lithium batteries.

  • Although the lithium batteries run longer, they are more expensive than normal batteries.

Another factor to look for when you decide to buy a digital scale is the auto-off feature.

  • Though very beneficial for saving battery, if it keeps turning off the scale, then you might get frustrated.

You would also want to go for larger displays. Digital scales with angled displays show weights and measures more clearly.

  • In a few models, you can even pull out the display so that bigger bowls do not obstruct your view.

Most scales have a capacity of ten to eleven kilograms, enough for handling most baking and cooking requirements.

If you are looking to buy a kitchen weighing scale, here’ our list of 10 most popular kitchen scales in India.

Best Digital Kitchen Scales in India

 1.  Generic Electronic Kitchen

1) Generic is a household name in India. Their products are trustworthy and value for money.

2) Their digital kitchen scale is capable of weighing 10 kilograms at a go.

3) Offered in white color, this professional scale is perfect for all fitness aficionados and people on diet.

Some of its salient features include:

– High precision strain gauge sensors for precise measurements

– TARE options for weighing various ingredients in the same bowl

– Convenient to use

– Battery operated

– Offers a large, round stainless steel tray that is washable

– Offers accurate readings even in humid weathers.


1) Accurate upto 1 grams

2) Easy to carry since it weighs only 600 grams


1) There is no product warranty from the manufacturer.

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 2.  Bulfyss Electronic

1) The good folks at Bulfyss believe in the fact that what you see is what you get.

2) Their products are durable and long-lasting.

3) The Bulfyss digital scale is ideal for all those who are aiming for leading a healthy, nutrient-rich life.

4) With a capacity of 10 kilograms, the kitchen scale is built with high-quality, long-lasting material, very suitable for daily use.

5) The scale has a suave appearance and has a special surface treatment to provide a neat look.

Some of its other salient features include:

– Easy to read, wide LED display screen

– Low power consumption capability

– TARE option for measuring several ingredients in one container

– Automatic read lock when the data is stable


1) Value for money

2) Ergonomic design

3) Great finishing


1) Some customers feel that reading for lower values such as 5 grams or 10 grams is not accurate.

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 3.  Health Sense Chef-Mate 

1) By now, you must have guessed that this scale is the choice of chefs.

2) Owing to its attractive design, versatility and modern built, it will become yours too.

3) The scale is popular among professional chefs, fitness enthusiasts and health trainees.

– Suitable for all baking, cooking and household measurement needs

– Backed with high-precision weight sensors

– Charming blue LCD back-light capable of displaying weights in multiple units

– TARE option


1) Attractive and ergonomic design

2) Low battery indicator

3) 1 year off-site warranty by manufacturer


1) Several customers suggest that the product works fine in the beginning, only to stop after a few uses.

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 4.  ELV Digital weighing 

1) ELV’s digital scale is another popular product on our list; mainly because of its low price but sturdy built.

2) Suitable for both kitchen and general usage, the scale can be used for measuring fruits, foods, grains and spices, besides other eatables.

Take a look at some of its highlights:

– Capable of capturing weights ranging from 1 gram to 10 kilograms.

– Easy to clean, use and store.

– Automatic Zero reset option

– Auto switch off

– Low battery indicator


1) Easily to carry and transport

2) Highly precise reading


1) Batteries not included with the purchase.

Buy Now From : Amazon 

 5.  Inspire Cloud 

1) A worthy addition to your kitchen, the Inspire Cloud digital scale is worth investing into; if fitness is your goal.

2) The scale has an array of useful features which come in very handy when you’re trying out new recipes, measuring ingredients for diet dishes and various measuring requirements around the house.

Some of its notable features include:

– Splash proof design

– Wide display LCD

– Easy set TARE option

– Automatic power off

– Long battery life


1) Highly recommended for microware based powder weighing

2) High battery life


1) Fragile built; not recommended for bulky goods

Buy Now From : Amazon 

 6.  Bulfyss Digital with Measuring Spoons and Cups

1) How much we’re in love with Bulfyss products, is evident with two of their products showcased here.

2) Well, with offerings as theirs, who can turn a blind eye?

3) While a lot of features remain same on the scale as its counterpart, a novel thing that has been added is an 8 piece set of measuring spoons and cups.

4) For 600 bucks, we think it is a steal. Grab it while it lasts!

Take a look at some more features:

– Add on clock for showing time when the device is not being used as a scale

– Tempered glass platform which is easy to clean

– Easy to use TARE option

– Energy friendly built

– Sleek design for easy storage


1) Ideal for measuring fluids

2) Value for money


1) The cups might come with faulty measurements, as noted by several users.

Buy Now From : Amazon 

 7.  China World Bazaar 

1) A versatile product, this digital scale is winning the hearts of fitness lovers all over India.

2) Offered in ivory color, the scale is capable of measuring weights upto 10 kilograms is quite handy for storage and cleaning.

Take a look at some of its features:

– Wide digital display

– Round circular tray for easy food placement

– Can be used to measure spices, fruits, grains and whole foods

– Decent design


1) Ergonomic design

2) Value for money


1) Some users report that readings may differ by +/-5 grams.

2) However, it can be manually adjusted.

Buy Now From : Amazon 

 8.  Inditradition Digital 

1) Inditradition is known for its tech-savvy products, which impact your daily life.

2) Their products are built with attractive designs and lots of features, as in the case of this weighing scale.

3) Offered in white, the scale has a capability of handling 10 kilograms, thanks to its high precision strain gauge.

4) The scale is easy to use, clean and store.

Here are some more features of the product:

– High precision TARE option for various food ingredients

– Classic, ergonomic design

– Built with durable, high-quality material

– Wide display LCD for easy reading

– Lower power consumption


1) 30 day return policy from the manufacturer

2) Accurate readings from 1 gram to 10 kilograms

Buy Now From : Amazon 

 9.  billionBAG Compact Electronic

1) This multi-purpose digital scale is offered by billionBAG.

2) Capable of weighing measurements upto kilograms, the scale is run on electricity; a nice change from our battery featured digital scales.

Some of its salient features are:

– Portable design for easy to use and store away.

– Splash proof design

– High-quality build

– Auto-power off

– Can run on direct AC power as well


1) Ergonomic design

2) Classic build


1) Constrained to measuring items upto 7 kilograms

Buy Now From : Amazon 

 10.  Hesley Digital 

1) Hesley Inc is famous for its slim wireless kitchen products.

2) The choice of many professional chefs and master home cooks, the Hasley Digital Scale is suitable for all your cooking and baking needs.

3) The scale is ideal for both residential and commercial usage.

Here are just some of the many features which distinguish this premium offering from Hesley:

– 3mm tempered black glass surface for easy cleaning

– Compact, sleek design for easy storage

– LCD with touch screen control

– Options to switch between metric and imperial measurements

– Low battery indicator


1) Interactive measuring surface ideal for postage, parcels, besides food items

2) Ideal for aspiring cooks and students


1) Only able to measure upto 5 kilograms

Buy Now From : Amazon 

We hope that our selection of electronic kitchen scales would surely boost your fitness goals.

Weighing machine for kitchen are handy equipments; to weigh variety of items including food products.

Now you can make an informed decision with this detailed list of food weight scales in India.

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