Top 5 Best 32 inch LED TV in India, based on durability and price

Hi-definition has changed the way we watch TV. The rapid boom of high definition media and media delivery devices has proven to be advantageous to the consumers, manufacturers and distributors alike.

The flat screen panels are cheaper to manufacture assemble and transport. When compared to the former bulky CRT, LEDs offer superb picture quality and take up very little space of the room. Here are our picks for the top five LED televisions and as always, you need not look anywhere else.

 1  Micromax 81 cm (32 inches) 32T7260HDI

Micromax 81 cm (32 inches) 32T7260HDI

The micromax priced at a mere ₹ 13489 (amazon) is the best online buy for someone who is looking for ‘just an HD television’.

Picture Quality

Resolution is 1366×768 – not very impressive, we know ! But unless you are sitting very close to the screen, you will not notice any pixelation. Also, most of the content that DTH services have to offer is in 1080i ( not 1080p ! ),

which is just another way of saying 720p, so unless you are a big time movie watcher on netflix with a 20 MBPS unlimited broadband internet plan, 720p will be enough for you.

Contrast ratio is 3000:1now this is one of the more important specifications that most of us ignore, 3000:1 contrast should give you decent picture quality. Sure this will not give you very rich, deep black levels while maintaining the bright whites on the screen, but it’ll suffice for not straining your eyes on binge watching.


You can stream 720p content from 2 HDMI slots and two USB slots. VGA is not supported.


Now this is the section that most people skip because ALL flat panel televisions have poor quality audio. For the purpose of aesthetics and space saving, most flat televisions have down facing loudspeakers powered by a class-D amplifier – they do great injustice to the sound and the micromax is no exception – it delivers 20W into a pair of down firing speakers.

Dimensions and weight

The physical dimensions of the TV are – (73.3 x 48 x 17.9)cm and it weighs 5 Kg.


1+2 Years Extended Warranty for all purchases till 30th November’16. Extended Warranty registration is mandatory to avail this.

Best Buy Link – ₹ 13489


 2  Sony Bravia KLV-32R302D

Sony Bravia KLV-32R302D

Sony has been at the top of its game of great picture tubes ever since its inception in japan post WWII. The bravia is priced at ₹ 22,990 (amazon) and is one of the top online selling TVs. the exclusivity of this television lies not only in its stunning picture, but also in its sleek aesthetics.

Best Buy – Sony 80 cm (32 inches) BRAVIA KLV-32R302D HD Ready LED TV 

Picture Quality

Resolution is 1366×768, not full HD! At this resolution, most TVs would render a very pixelated image, the bravia is an exception- the image is crisp, pixelation is only noticeable from very close viewing distances and delivers the most vibrant colors.

Contrast ratio – TV features dynamic contrast ratio, the backlight adjusts its brightness in response to the colour tone on the screen.

Refresh rate of 100 Hz can be great for viewing 60FPS content commonly found on NETFLIX.


The TV can stream 720p content from 2 HDMI inputs and one USB slot.


10W of sound is rendered by a pair of down firing speakers.

Dimensions and weight

Physical dimensions – 73.5 3 x 44.3 cm and it weighs 4.8Kg

Warranty information

Item ships with one year warranty.

Best Buy Link – ₹ 22,990

Sony 80 cm (32 inches) BRAVIA KLV-32R302D HD Ready LED TV 

 3  Sanyo XT-32S7000H

Sanyo XT-32S7000H

Sanyo is best known for its semiconductor and microprocessor technologies commonly found in home theaters and other media delivery devices. It is no surprise that they have put their year of extensive research in televisions. The 32 inch LED panel ships at ₹ 13990.

Best Buy – Sanyo 81 cm (32 inches) XT-32S7000H HD Ready LED TV (Black)

Picture Quality

Resolution is 1366 x 768– will stream most of the content available today, however, pixelation is likely to be noticeable at close viewing distances.

Contrast ratio of 3000:1 will maintain an eye friendly levels of rich black and bright whites but you can’t expect a truly cinematic cinematic experience from that.

The image refreshes at a rate of 60Hz great for viewing sports and 60FPS content.


Features 2 HDMI slots allowing you to stream 720p content and

HDMI sound OUT is available for connecting 5.1 channel home theater system.

 Audio Quality

10 W of audio is reproduced through a pair of down firing loudspeakers.

Physical dimensions and weight

The dimensions of the product are – 73.3 x 9.1 x 43.6 cm and it weighs 4.2Kg.

Warranty information

1 year warranty is offered .

Best Buy – ₹ 13990

Sanyo 81 cm (32 inches) XT-32S7000H HD Ready LED TV (Black)


 4  Panasonic 32D400D

Panasonic 32D400D

A list of bestsellers without Panasonic is a wrong list. Panasonic is second only to sony in the television department. The 32D400D, at ₹ 16099, is an epitome of a true home entertainment system, just read on….

Best Buy – Panasonic 80 cm (32 inches) 32D400D HD Ready LED TV (Black)

Picture Quality

The IPS LED panel is a 720p (1366 x 768) display, so the only drawback (not really !) is its resolution, other than that ;

Features a local dimming backlight which senses the dark parts of the frame currently and appropriately lowers the brightness of that particular area of the display. This makes the blacks or the darker parts of the display appear richer thus making the panasonic capable of very good contrast ratios.

Y noise reduction, those black & grey, flickery patterns patterns that can be commonly found on some cheap sets – not an issue here.

100Hz refresh rate – sports, games or 4K-60fps hair raising content handled effortlessly.

No more juddery images thanks to backlit motion rate.


20W audio into two channels

Features virtual surround sound, if you have surround sound content recorded onto a USB, be ready for sound that leaps out of the screen.


  • One HDMI, one USB – supports USB recording of videos.
  • SD card slot for audio, video and images(JPEG) .
  • Audio outputs – analog outputs, digital through an optical cable.
  • Smart viera apps like YouTube and chrome.
  • Internet connection through ethernet / LAN.

Physical dimensions and weight

6 kg in a 19.8 x 73.3 x 48.1 cm housing

Warranty information

1 year.

Best Buy Link – ₹ 16099

Panasonic 80 cm (32 inches) 32D400D HD Ready LED TV (Black)

 5  TCL L32D2900

TCL L32D2900

Haven’t heard TCL before, well this is what their webpage says – “We’re TCL, the third largest TV manufacturer in the world and America’s fastest growing TV brand. We’ve been making high quality CRT, plasma and LCD televisions for over three decades.

In fact, we probably made many of the components in your old TV, so even though we’ve never officially met, chances are, we’ve been in your home for years. So, it’s nice to meet you. Again.”

Best Buy – TCL 81.28 cm (32 inches) L32D2900 HD Ready LED TV (Black)

So if you haven’t heard of TCL before, it’s because they haven’t put their logo on your TV, your TV is likely to carry a ‘samsung’ or ‘LG’ logo, but what’s inside, and most importantly, what’s literally most of the TV -the panel itself- is manufactured by TCL itself.

They have only entered the consumer market in india recently and don’t be fooled by their price tag of ₹ 12990, they have a tonne to offer !

Picture Quality

  • 1366 x 768 scanning at 60Hz, games and 60fps content will look stunning.
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio (dynamic) is unlikely to cause any kind of eye fatigue.
  • Very thin frame enhances the image.


2 HDMI slots and 2 USB slots for AV playback, USB can be used for mp3 audio and JPEG image viewing also.


10 W from two speakers.

Dimensions and weight

6 Kg in 8 x 73.3 x 48.1 cm housing


18 months

Best Buy Link – ₹ 12990

TCL 81.28 cm (32 inches) L32D2900 HD Ready LED TV (Black)

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