Top 5 Best Power Banks under Rs. 1500 in India

Top 5 Best Power Banks under Rs. 1500 in India , lets get started quick with the best in market. 

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Here you will get long lasting and durable power banks.

 1  Mi 10000 Power Bank


Mi 10000 power bank 1) It’s perhaps the smallest six figure mAH rating power bank out there.

2) Housed in a sleek aluminium casing weighing a mere 209g, this power bank adds no weight to your backpack.

3) The aluminium feels very premium , built is sturdy and long lasting.

4) The power bank outputs 1A through one output socket which is enough to charge most phones five times.

5) The single output slot was chosen by the company to keep the design simple and minimalistic.

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 2  PNY BE-740 (10400mAH) Power Bank


PNY BE-740 (10400mAH) Power bank1) AH! This one feels so premium. Be it their pen drives or graphics cards, pny is known for their futuristic and out-of the-box designs.

2) This one, at its first glance, leaves the impression of premium built and great durability.

3) It discharges 2.1A at 3.7V through its only output slot, takes 2 ampere charger to charge in 5.5 hours.

4) There’s only one charging slot to chose from, which is fine as power banks boasting more than one slot seldom live up to their expected life.

5) If you appreciate good aesthetics and spend most of your time in the city away from the wall, buy it! It’s a steal for what it’s worth.

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 3  Intex IT PB16K (16000mAH) Power Bank


Intex IT PB16K (16000mAH) Power Bank1) 16000mAH is awesome , but there’s more – it weighs just a little under half a kilo, 460g, so now you know they aren’t being dishonest about their capacity.

2) With the size of 20 x 10 x 8 centimetres, there was enough room for two slots discharging 1A and 2A both at 5 volts- tablets no problem !

3) It does need a 2A charger to charge it fully in a little under 8 hours, its a little more than the rest of the pack but come on, it’s the only thing you’ll be charging given its two output slots.

4) We highly recommend getting one of these.

5) It’s a six way charging station. It’ll give your power-bank enough current to charge steadily and ensure all your other devices don’t sit idle in the process, anything have you, 100% battery always .

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 4  Ambrane P-1111 10000mAH Power Bank


Ambrane P-1111 10000mAH Power Bank

1) We were a little shocked with this price tag on this device is so damn pretty !

2) What’s more? It has a 10000mAH battery at its heart to go with it. Two charging slots of 1A/2A at 5V – no problem in the tablets department.

3) if you have a trendy converse backpack or the like- this is the power bank for you. Weight of 275 gms means it’ll add nothing to your backpack.

5) Go ahead make a style statement whiles still keeping your phone running.

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 5  Lenovo PA10400 10400mAh Power Bank


Lenovo PA10400 10400mAh Power Bank1) With both the usb output slots discharging 2 amperes at 5 volts, the lenovo PA10400 can effortlessly handle heavy loads like two big smartphones or tablets.

2) 10400mAH should charge an Iphone 5s about 5 times, a nexus 6 can fully charge 2 times sitting just a little shy of the the third full charge.

3) Built is sturdy, smart minimalistic office environment design available in black and white color choices.

4) The whole deal weighs about 240 grams and feels snug in the hand with its well finished rounded edges.

5) We recommend the lenovo power for anyone who appreciates an elegant design and wants a bang for their buck.

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