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57 Best Anime You Should Watch Before You Die

People are crazy about anime.

Do you know the what is anime? Well to know that you will have to watch some. But certainly it’s not cartoon.

If you are new to anime but don’t have idea about anime. You must watch these TOP 50 anime. The basic essence of action anime is so profound that they have easily reserved their place in the hearts of anime lovers. These all popular anime have great graphics and unique stories.

Top 57 Anime Everyone Should Watch

 1.  Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

This is my favorite anime. Like number one , especially I like the dub over sub. Because the voicing in dub is really good and there are no plot changes or anything.

The over powered characters , the feels and most lovable main character. Some might feel like its for children with all the robots and fighting stuff. But this anime has a lot of mind games and plot twists. All in all you will be a lelouch fan as soon as you watch this. All hail Leouch Vi Britannia !!

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 2.  Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter

OMG ! This anime has got it all. Great fight scenes , character growth , OP punches and for once smart enemies. It has different arcs so you can actually experience a lot of things from it. Like there is a arc where they go inside a game , involving various cards with extra powers.

One of the best is Spider Arc which is lot of cool fights and action. You love this anime for the thrills , unpredictability and lovable characters. Mystery is maintained throughout on various things.

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 3  One Punch Man

Ultimate fight and humor. I just haven’t seen any anime like this. Like the main character is a little out of zone and plot is biased to keep him under shadows.

Like most people don’t know that how powerful Saitama is , various things happen on that premise. Although he is the most powerful hero and wants to fight stronger villains. Truly a binge worthy anime.

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 4  Detective Conan

This is one of my most initial anime , yes I watched this even before death note. It has a lot of episodes and is still ongoing. This involves a young handsome detective who was turned back into a child and now lives with his cute girlfriend and her detective father.

He solves the cases and gives credit to her good for nothing dad. Some arc involving major plot will certainly give you goosebumps like black organization. Each episode is fun to watch and this anime has many movies too.

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 5  Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Wow,wow,wow. The MC struggle you see in this anime is unprecedented. He keeps loosing ,loosing and loosing.

He cries and makes a comeback then looses again. This anime took the world by storm and it will take you too. Without giving any spoilers , just go watch it. It’s worth every second of your time. Specially if you enjoy MC struggle and comeback.

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 6  Sword Art Online II

Did you ever wanted to be in a virtual game ? plus being the most powerful male player too ? This anime is the continuation of SAO 1 the last one was all sword fight but in this one you will be able to enjoy some gun action.

As well as have fun with nerve wracking plot twists. Must watch for fans of mmorpgs and virtual games.

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 7  Boku no Hero Academia

In 2018 hero animes really got popular. One of the best is this. It shows the journey of a boy who had no power , but he gets a mentor and due to his willpower make the things happen.

To sum it up it’s quite inspiring , involves school setting and lots of superpowers.

 8  Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Want more OP main character ? That helps a lot of girls but is always upright and a total gentleman ? School settings ?

The characters don’t get more OP then this. If you want to have lots and lots of feels then just watch this on an afternoon. The character has low magic skills but is god level in combat and science. He knows everything , fight for military while going school with his cute sister.

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 9  Akame ga Kill!

Too emotional , you might find it a bit sad. There will be too many killings , but awesome music , you will still go back for music after anime is over. Fight scenes are great.

 10  Haikyuu!!

Again an inspiring one. The one on the right is pic has small height but still makes it up with his speed and crazy jumps. They both overcome their problems and make a super team which wins.

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 11  Shokugeki no Souma

Cooking and ripped clothes. Its all about eating out of the world food then getting your clothes ripped based on the level of tastiness. The characters are very hard working and work continuously to improve their skills. It has showdowns , cute girls and lot of good food.

I especially like the school setting where MC goes and conquer all.

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 12  Shingeki no Kyojin

Imagine humans fighting giants with super acrobatic skills and compressed air equipment. It involves a lot of blood , amazing scenes , twisting plot and much more.

You will rewatch this anime for 100% and will add this to your favorites. A masterpiece indeed.

 13  Tokyo Ghoul

This anime has more of a love/hate relation with me. I watched first season , it was great. I tried watching more but couldn’t , the plot can get confusing and few characters just got lost in new season. Many people say that Manga is a work of art while anime the things are too rushed.

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 14  The Seven Deadly Sins 

The Seven Deadly Sins

Let me tell you first ” The 7 deadly Sins” and ” The Seven Deadly Sins” are totally different anime. Yes that 7 or Seven can make a lot of difference. Here we are talking about ” The Seven Deadly Sins. This is action packed and has a bit of weird romance too. The MC is over powered which only makes this anime more lovable.

This one is quite similar to “Haikyuu” , if your a fan of sports anime then you can’t miss it. This anime is going to be a rollercoaster ride of happiness and sadness , all of this will leave you satisfied. But you will be back to rewatch it for the feels.

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 16  Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

If your looking for some steampunk and zombies then go for this. The main character is more of a weird kid experimenting with mechanical stuff , trying to develop a weapon to kill zombies.

Then there is a girl who is super fast and a hybrid. This anime has good plot , fight scenes and everything. But still feels a bit lacking. But still definitely worth watching.

 17  Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

A fun chill anime , in school setting. Where you see lots of funny moments and serious fights too. Then anime keeps you entertained and has enough episodes to last a while.

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 18  Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

One of the best anime of the last decade for me. This is as serious and deep as it can get. There is struggle , love and action. You will see main character growing and becoming a man.

 19  Boku dake ga Inai Machi

Totally unique , fast paced and leaves a mark.

This is new setting and new story. You won’t have seen anything like this before , the feeling and fast paced plot.

Everything about this anime is worth remembering. There is a reason why this anime took the world by storm and topped all the charts.

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 20  No Game No Life

No Game No Life , this is all about mind games and cuteness. This anime has the potential to easily become your favorite , no boring arcs or anything. Full of adrenaline , twists and turns.

Their is comedy , epic battles , humor and loads of cuteness. The intellect of mc is plausible.

A must watch.

 21  Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

This is all about music , coping with rough childhood. This anime is full of tragedy and music , love and cuteness.

If your a piano lover then definitely watch this , this anime has lot of scenes which will leave you in awe. Even if your not , then also it’s a must watch.

It’s just full of love , sadness and feels!

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 22  Log Horizon

Mastermind plans , OP main character.

Mystery and being in a virtual game. What more do you want? Plus cute girls and story lines. It has got a good mix of all types of characters , seriousness , funny and powerful fight scenes.

It can be compared to SAO , well that’s why I watched it back then because I was looking for more stuff like SAO.

 23  Mirai Nikki (TV)

Mirai Nikki

“Mirai Nikki” also known as “Future Diary” is an anime. It is about a Psycho girlfriend , which might be a fantasy of many guys out there.

But , it’s not just about that. It also has a serious game plot , dying and action packed fights. There is a lot of risks involved and plot twists , which keep you hooked.

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 24  Death Note

Deat note is a great anime. It is all about Light Yagami , a bright and bored student who stumbles across a mysterious black notebook that has the power to erase / kill any person whose name he writes in it.

Light decides to launch a secret war to rid the streets of miscreants , corrupts etc. Watch it to know more about this anime.

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 25  Ao no Exorcist

For all fans of demons, exorcism and action this should be on their must watch list.

This series starts off with pretty interesting with decent fighting, demons, magic and a basic plot… but towards the midway point slows down with limited fighting and lots infighting between main characters with an ending much to be desired.

 26  Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

An entertaining comedy fantasy anime. This is the kind of anime where you should not be worrying about the real storyline and focus more on the daily life from a band of misfit that working together to overcome every obstacle.

 27  Mob Psycho 100

Absolutely amazing fight scenes, very similar to One Punch Man. Awesome story as it is set in a world of psychics. The action scenes were TOP notch, it had LOTS of comedy.

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 28  Beelzebub

I used to watch this anime on Animax on TV , quite before from I was into anime. I have always loved OP characters and funny plots. This anime can be serious and funny at the same time , plus the cute characters to look forward to.

There are never ending plots , having visits to another world or some sports competition to keep you entertained for long. It maintains mystery and deliver outstanding fight scenes.

Kudos to this anime creators for making this wonder piece of art.

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 29  Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

This might kind of give you Danmachi feeling , this was the same theme of dungeon and monsters. But a bit serious and fun at times , I don’t know but the dungeon adventure animes are always fun for me.

The way how they upgrade skills and move forward is a delight.

 30  Toradora!

This is a unique story about love and friendship, how those too can conflict with one another and the results of valuing one over the other. It’s also about self discovery and acceptance of oneself, it will make you laugh and cry. Must Watch

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 31  DanMachi

This anime has a pretty funky name, despite this it is pretty damn good. This series is a little reminiscent of SAO, but it has its own unique flair. There’s a lot to like about this show. It has humour, action, a good plot, interesting characters and great animation. To know the concept, must watch it

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 32  Steins;Gate

If you are looking for an amazing anime, this is you call. You get in it from the first episode of this master piece. A perfect combination of comedy, romance, thriller and much more. Also remember to watch the special episode.

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 33  Overlord

With the main character following a less than perfect moral compass, the anime brings a rawness and practicability to the actions of the cast as they resolve the challenges set before them. The animation for this series is very good and flawless. The artwork is colorful and each of the character designs is very well done. Concept of creating a non human for the main lead is also fresh scene once in a while.

 34  Grisaia no Kajitsu

As shows go this one is pretty dark. While the overall tone is fairly light a lot of darker elements run below the surface with the story often dwelling off in those directions. A really good watch if angst, violence and some ecchi is your thing. A main part of the show comes from the colorful cast of characters.

There is one main guy (Yuuji) who is not the typical harem protagonist. He is very self-dependent and is able to maintain his cool in almost any situation.

In fact, he treats almost every situation intuitively while also possessing a good judgment and control. In short, Yuuji is the type of guy that thinks before he acts.

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 35  Berserk (2016)

Nice berserk series with awesome action. This show continues the story of Berserk and is definitely for people who’ve seen the original 1997 animated series. It’s dark, grim and surprisingly funny for such as dystopian tale.

 36  ReLIFE

Well, the title says it all. A simple but powerful premise coupled with a well-written but not overly-complicated plot line. A good watch for someone who likes a thoughtful high school-centric easy-drama show without the need for tissues.

About the anime: it falls in to the category of comedy and slice of life.

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 37  Fate/stay night

Best fight scenes , mythology and awesome sounds during fight.

It’s all about fight fight fight and heroes from another world. There is so much action and music , that it will get your blood flowing. You will crave for more fights.

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 38  Ajin

Now this is a totally different one , kind of overpowered people popping out here and there in the worlds. Again the beats and action scenes keep you hooked.

Plus there are so many slo mo action scenes which are totally amazing. You will also find main character development and growth , as story goes on. All in all , its really worth watching.

 39  Rainbow

Rainbow is one of the greatest Children’s shows of all time it always had something new every week it helped kids learn about life and have fun at the same time. In fact it was as much fun for grown-ups as for tots. Rainbow is a fantastic character driven story chronicling the lives of seven inmates who became best friends. The show is not for the weak of heart but you can give it a try, you’ll be surprised how much you love it

 40  Clannad

One of the saddest anime till day because of the music , plot and characters. If this doesn’t make you cry then very less things will. Then try ” Grave of fireflies”.

The main characters and their family are so adorable , but the feeling of loss combined with sad music will certainly move your heart. Then their is a magical touch to all of it , a parallel world and some other things.

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 41  Another

If you want a horror anime , then this is close. This is one of the most mysterious anime , I saw back then.

Guessing the finale will be a difficult task and you will be hooked while watching the whole series. There is death , music and mystery. Good animation and very unique characters.

 42  One outs

It is not a simple work of entertainment, it is an entertaining anime that commands you to think. Each and every character has their own unique personality, with of course Tokuchi being the smartest man both off and on the baseball field.

This show never really gets boring. You know Tokuchi is always going to win, but it doesnt matter, because seeing him in action is just too freakin awesome.

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 43  Bakuman

This is one of the best animes out there. This anime explains a lot about being a mangakka, a seiyuu and it also walks you through the whole process. It is an incredible anime, a must see for anyone who wants to know how the world of manga is.

The true meaning of the title was never revealed, but most speculators believe it’s short for ‘Bakuchi Manga’. (Gambling Manga). It is a simple tale of two middle school guys setting out to become professional manga artists.

 44  Barakamon

This felt a very light and chill type anime , now that I remember it with the country vibes and fun.

He was sent to Goto islands for some self reflection , but as he meets new people and discover new joys. He is inspired and learns what he was missing.

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 45  My Teen Romantic Comedy: SNAFU

This was a fun anime with good deeps of the dark side/antihero perspective, entertaining comedy with some dark deeps. HIGHLY recommend this to those of you who are constantly in self-doubt and beating themselves up, this one will be one of your favourites! It is honestly one of the more contradictory and unique anime.

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 46  91 Days

This series had a very dark back story and how the main character follows though to get revenge on the family that kill his family. Very high tension at certain points and really shows great deal of manipulation within characters to get what they need. You see the struggles and always wondering what he’s going to do next.

 47  Kokoro Connect

This anime series follows five high school students, all members of the Cultural Research Club. They don’t actually do any cultural research; they just formed the club because for one reason or another they didn’t want to join any of the other clubs. To know more about this anime, watch it J

 48  The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

All it does is bring some nicely animated action scenes and plenty of humour. Beautiful story line and heart-warming to see. This comedic-yet-emotional anime series are very pleasant to watch. The slice-of-life show paired with a twist of supernatural beings leave a pleasant and charming experience to viewers.

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 49  Highschool of the Dead

Despite ecchi being the main focus in this anime, the story itself is well done; more than you could expect to be. The show is completely over the top as you’d expect; chock-full of scantily clad young women, tons of f-bombs, an exorbitant amount of blood, dismemberment.

The characters are all very well developed and the story is very well written and keep’s you wanting to see more, the music plays on the right mood. To know more, Just watch it J

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 50  Btooom!

A deadly game on island with bombs and strategies. This is quite serious at some times. You can think of it as Hunger games type plot.

I think you will like the character and how their relationship develop over time. There will a lot of times when the MC comes close to death.

51 High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World

This anime some of the most OP characters , the businessman and the politician. The fighter , scientist etc which are all high school kids transferred into another world. A fun watch , 1-2 episodes might be boring but totally worth it. Waiting for the second season to come out.

There was some OP dialogue ” We have got nukes , so now we can print our own money” something like that. So you know , it’s a cool anime.

Its a good mix of serious , strategy , cuteness and fun.

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52 The Promised Neverland

Now , this was a game changer anime which you don’t see often. It is dark , mind bending and full of plot twists. If you haven’t seen this , I don’t know what you have been doing.

The plot is so detailed , characters are so smart. It is a whole new world. This anime has so much potential. I bet you will go to manga right after watching all episodes.

It is friendship , courage and loss.

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53 Natsume’s Book of Friends

This anime hold a very special place in my heart , it is very chill and soothing with the best ending them song.

It takes you into the world of yokai that is spirits and much more. It is mysterious , light and has a cute cat. Can be quite funny too.

Definitely worth checking out.

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54 Classroom of the Elite

Now this is what I call an anime that keeps you on your toes. Some of the most OP characters and mind games. The vibe is too strong and you are always a lot of steps behind the MC.

Nobody can match his mind games and calculation , everyone else will feel like a kid as compared to him. Now there is action , cute characters and good plot , school setting. Totally worth watching.

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55 Made in Abyss

This anime looks cute on the outside , but can be hella serious inside. It has a big big dark side , that you can explore. While they explore the mysterious lands and face dangers.

The dangers in this anime look and feel so real , which is hard to come by in any other anime. Truly a hidden gem , if you haven’t seen it the go watch now.

56 Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

This is an anime I watched a long time ago , but it still has a deep impression on me. I still go back for the music , some songs are just so mesmerizing. This is an anime about mafia , power , assassination and somewhat love. It will depend on how you interpret the anime , but the highs in this anime are great. You will just get immersed in the world of Phantom. Highly Recommended!

57 Tower Of God

This is one of the anime where I read the manga first , because the anime wasn’t made yet. The manga was rated as number 1 worldwide on that manga site. That’s why I gave it a shot and was quite delighted. If you are going for this anime , than you can consider reading mange first.

But for anime too , its mysterious and grappling. As soon as you start watching it , you will be hooked. The MC is very relatable , most people will connect and imagine as if you are the one going on a journey.

Do read more suggestions by people in comments below!

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  1. Sword art online and Re:zero seriously?and no bleach,psycho pass,monster and so many animes far more worthy than some mentioned here! Looks like indeed you are gonna die without watching a lot of amazing animes if you follow this list!

    • Wtf where is Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood??

    • Reply
      Leftenant Bell, Ludushkan Ministry of Intelligence December 8, 2020 at 10:24 pm

      u started this u gotta end it

    • It’s cool not all of us have a good taste

    • look insult re zero if you want to but dont insult SAO plz i mean i understand you this list is kinda stupid bcz it doesnt have dragon ball ,naruto,one piece and bleach

    • I don’t feel like dying Tonight, This list just isn’t your type and you aren’t my type

    • Ikr! I was shocked to.I mean sword art online and re is good but there not the Best.

    • some shows are to some liking he dident just post most popular he or she i mean posted what they liked so shut up

    • Um sword art online is the father of the isekai industry and for your information it is still regarded as one of the best anime there are so don’t talk shit

      • lmao who calls SAO father of isekai industry and its regarded as one of the best anime out there? what? everybody calls it shit and it is shit. what is good about it tell me

    • You included High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World as well, which is probably utter garbage. Haven’t seen it yet and will probably never will

    • My God thank you I was looking at this list the whole time and thinking where the fuck is my man bleach

    • Re:zero is atleast 100 times better than th shitty bleach or phyco:pass I regret watching both of them such a waste of time

      • The anime in my opinion is a bit of a waste. I hate to be one of those people that just say to go read the manga… but in this case that’s my best advice because the anime in comparison went nowhere and took too long to get things started. The amount of story that they also had left to cover was actually shocking but good

      • re:zero is original and has lots of good waifu’s but ultimately can’t compare to bleach.

        There are 2 main reasons why.

        Reason one: repetitivity Re:Zero has a good plot but is ultimately repetitive Because of the mc’s power his character and world build. While bleach was a little repetitive the multiple characters and their origin paved multiple paths for the story in general.

        Reason Two: predictability I don’t blame the creator of re:zero For this but the moment we saw it was a fantasy world with witches and the mc’s powers we knew what was going to happen almost instantly and the female leads backstory and origin only made it worse. Bleach was somewhat predictable,There were quite a few parts of it that weren’t perdictaple.

      • u say pyscho pass is shit because u have the lowest Iq that u cant understand any detail in the anime ur so dumb lol

      • The fuck you mean bleach is legendary

      • Hehe , Re Zero is too good.

        • Pls reply shubham April 2, 2021 at 4:10 pm

          I’ve seen the list and the comments section, I have to say if this is truly what u like its fine but u ignore many good suggestions and the list I mean almost 90% said it was very bad. I’ve watched all of the ones on this list their good no doubt but man are u missing a lot, many of the big anime u complain about the animation being bad, i agree however naruto shippuden is good quality and so is bleach, the beggining of one piece has very bad animation however is starts to get modern in the second quarter and the animation improved. U dodge many comments and I mean a lot that say some anime on the list is bad quality, code geass such bad quality compared to the big 3, oh wait its first detctive connan are u made even I couldn’t watch the animation on this and there are many more pls don’t dodge this comment and pls reply, if u don’t this probs mean that u are another watch mojo and actually have barely watched any anime at all and used only google searches, and pls watch black clover its made in 2018

    • Bleach? I tried watching the first episode but I didn’t find it interesting…

    • sir…its just HIS reccomendation,its not like he’s forcing you to watch it

      • Yes but it’s a highlighted review which gives it priority over other ones because it’s trash we want to point that out and just express that it a popular review cus we all wanna tell you how trash it is

    • Also of anything they should’ve added Darling in the Franxx. Had me sad about it ending for weeks

    • You must really like filler episodes

      • I have literally NO IDEA why people hate filler episodes I understand some filler arcs are kinda bad but let’s say naruto the most common filler-compared anime, there are ALOT of fillers I agree but doesn’t it add to the characters they show the characters pasts or just fun episodes so what wrong with that?? fillers are what ADD the spice to an anime

    • But you do know that this list depends on their taste, right? You can create your own if you want to..

    • Respect his list. Its just a recommendation based on his point of view. If you don’t want to follow then don’t. Also, if you don’t have anything good to say then just shut the fck up.

    • SAO and Re:Zero are my favorites.
      I struggle to watch old animation , so Bleach I haven’t seen. Tried though.
      Monster also , can’t get myself to watch it.
      Psycho pass is good but I dropped it after few eps.

      • Dude have you watched Re Zero personally one of my favourites cause it pull at all of your emotions what a good anime should do to you it provides laughs, smiles, comebacks and tears and this anime now will forever stay in my head because of the amazing experiences and emotions I experienced with it, again it is my opinion but have you watched more than 3 episodes of it cause you can’t judge an anime you dont like the “Look of.”

        • Yeah it’s one of my all time favorites , especially the fight with white whale. I have watched those episodes so many times. It’s in the list above , check it out.

      • Honestly I have the same issue with getting through great anime with old animation. I wish that wasn’t the case.

      • Your taste is Bulls**t There is no Bleach, One Piece, Demon Slayer, Darling in the Franxx, Dr. Stone, Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Naruto Series, Dragon Ball Series, Fire Force, Vinland Saga, Black Clover, Rising of the Shield Hero, Charlotte, Bungou Stray Dogs, Noragami, Hyouka, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Soul Eater, InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and more good anime than this.

        • I probably going to use your suggestion than his

        • you forgot Trigun… if u havent seen it i recomend it really good… gas lots of comedy in it. if you need a website to watch anime just tell me, I have multiple websites or apps to watch anime and their free… i like how you mention Old but Gold anime’s

        • am nice.( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ December 2, 2020 at 10:52 am

          Hey add kekkai sensen, tower of God, twin star exorcists ( mainly because of the opening), blue exorcist and cautious hero. Have more in mind but can’t remember them right now.

      • Try higurashi.

      • with all due respects are you high

      • what about one piece I use to feel the same way and wouldnt watch the first season but I finally did and I’m so happy I chose to as it’s the best anime I’ve ever watched

      • bro watch the rising of the shield hero. it’s lit

      • If Psycho-Pass was good as you claim, it wouldn’t have been dropped.

        • i dont get why or how people think like like this

        • Right ima lay some facts on you it’s soooooooo slow paced my **** . It’s like watching paint dry they get their basics in at the start of the 3 episode trial they had a clear theme an obvious objective but then the writer f*cked it up the **** with no **** .i watched the first 12 episodes in one day and fell asleep twice I wasn’t tired at all as a matter of facts I had 2 cups of coffee in the morning like damn this shit is so boring like it’s just meh there’s no other word for it like it’s an interesting idea but the writer f*cked it up and ruined it so much that I just don’t want to watch the next season like Give me back the time I wasted on this trash *** show

      • Not only did you pick some garbage anime, you’re descriptions were awful as well. “The Characters were Over Powered, that’s why i like this anime” that’s basically it.

      • While i do agree for most of them it doesn’t really matter cause if you’re here you’ve probably watched almost all of these anime.There are some anime here that are absolute garbage, what were you smoking when you picked them? Berserk the anime is here lol, not even the original which was already bad he picked the worst of the two.

      • Re:Zero is overrated but still pretty good, but SAO? No, SAO is only good if you’re new to anime, once you’ve watched a lot of anime, you’ll come to realize it’s garbage.

        • YESSSSS!!!! I just to love SAO i even watched it 2 or more times but than i started watching one piece and realize that it was GARBAGE… I did spent great time watching SAO but its just like any other Isekai anime/ not that i hate isekai anime but i’ve seen better isekai anime than SAO… but its like the saying goes One Piece its “Old but Gold” and SAO just got repetitive even tho he spent’s like 2 years trapped in a game he goes right in after he is beats SAO… I just think that SAO knew seasons are Garbage it could’ve been better if it only had 1 season

        • sao is one of the first animes i watched and i still think it really good

        • True but you can’t deny that it was good to start of with as it was retry damn good for back in the day

        • youre garbage

      • I just finished watching Monster and it’s an anime that isn’t for everyone

      • If SAO is one of your favorite anime’s then make sure you watch Log Horizon, its lowkey the original SAO-type anime. And it doesn’t look old at all.

      • sao is gay

      • mirai nikki is the worst anime i’ve seen and unlikable characters, stupid plot, bad animation, lists of cliches, they don’t explain anything etc, sorry but ur taste is shit oh yea the mcs are probably the worst made ms in anime history no development and the shit they do is retarded

        • Bro Mirai Nikki was so bad I don’t even know why I watched it until the end. For anyone who hasn’t watched it do yourself a favor and keep it that way lol.

        • I agree not only that I was disappointed I was disappointed of that end i hate yuna for killing aru.Worst anime I ever experienced.

        • That’s exactly why you’re the one with NEGATIVE 256 likes.

        • Are you a 17 year old who Don’t like mirrai nikki if yes ,then you should Learn from a 13 year old

        • Finally I got someone who agrees with me
          I didn’t find it good, ending made it more worst. Whenever I tried to discuss about it with my known weeb friends they brushed me off saying it’s one of the best ( maybe they lack maturity) but I respect their opinions and glad to know someone is here with me.
          This list has less underrated animes, but it’s their choice.

        • This man is talking straight facts wtf what about one piece my **** where did naruto go and also code geas I watched it and I have to say that there is no way you think that their are Mind games .This man controls people that’s not a mind game that’s manipulative and bad I hate this review because as a fellow millennial it hurts my very soul that someone doesn’t have respect for something that’s a masterpiece if it’s aged a few years it’s like fine wine it’s good because of the effort and time it took to make and how much effort was put in your review is crazy lackin

        • you absolute ****. if you think code geass isnt psychological, you’re an actual low iq.

        • code geass is prob the best anime, I assume you also don’t like hxh. From what I can tell, people who don’t like those two anime either don’t finish them or don’t understand them.

        • Tf Is your garbage *** taste uncultured swine July 14, 2020 at 9:37 pm


        • Shut the **** up

        • lol wahahahaha you just dont understand the story of mirai nikki bro even the animation is not good the story is good

        • Bro this anime y’all taking about idgaf about it cus it’s trash and isn’t good cus if it was I would have heard it as being goat keep in mind I’m not mad about anime but I watch hella

        • Just because you haven’t heard of it, doesn’t mean it’s not good, if have that mentality, then get off of the internet.

        • Your taste is bad May 26, 2020 at 3:52 pm

          True, Mirai Nikki is garbage don’t know why anyone would like that anime

        • the only thing bad about mirai nikki is its ending . i prefer manga enging then its anime version. if you still hate this anime you dont have any sense for dark anime zoner.

        • watch the ovas it is not extra episode but continuation of anime and it tells us how the mc gets together with the female lead at the end

        • Says shou tucker

        • That is so not true , Mirai Nikki actually has a fan following out there.

        • dude you dont watch the classics and some of the best anime in the world but you watch the trash ones you are what people see when they think of ew what a weeb

        • Your Taste Really Is Shit April 27, 2020 at 9:52 pm

          your taste is shit you need therapist (not talking about mirai)

        • Man Ho Marcus Fan October 26, 2020 at 2:43 am

          Your taste on bad mouthing is ****, I could eat a bowl of soup and **** a better statement then that…so stop…get some help or are you just that pathetic

        • Why did you censor out the word “make”?

        • His taste guts are defective!!!!!

          Bro update ur list!!!!

        • I don’t think it’s right to judge peoples preferences. Everyone is entitled to they’re own opinion and if you don’t agree with someone’s taste in anime you don’t have to attack them but move on and watch whatever you want. It is not necessary to you’re opinion all the time and, to be honest, nobody told you to read this. If you don’t want to watch a specific anime and you don’t enjoy it , you do not have to but that doesn’t mean you get the right to judge other people. I am saying this with no intention to argue but to tell you that there is no need.( I’m going to copy this and send it to a few people because it’s the same story with many people)

        • so because you didn’t like his anime suggestions you called him **** **** die you **** your **** shoulda **** you

        • Leftenant Bell, Ludushkan Ministry of Intelligence December 8, 2020 at 10:23 pm

          bruh why everyone getting so mad abt anime man its just a **** cartoon chill bro

        • What’s wrong with you?it was their opinion although it was one they should have kept to themselves I don’t know who you are and i kinda don’t care but it doesn’t give you the right to tell someone to die for there opinion.if the author didn’t like it he could probably take it down but he didn’t because he didn’t care.so like come on now!?

        • You are teling *** not to do the exact thing You taste really is *** is doing

        • SAO is a good anime,the thing that ruined it was ALO other then that its almost perfect,so die.

        • um… no. poor righting and awful characters prove that statment wrong. sword art online was shitty for its awful characters and lack of character development. as well as poor writing. I will say sword art online is one of the most beutiful animes ive ever watched, if it had better writers then it would be worth enjoing.

        • the thing that really ruined it was when kirito and asuna spent like half a year or so in a cabin with a child that wasn’t even real. its been a while so I cant remember everything but I remember that killing the anime for me.

        • Bro the part where they spent half a year in the cabin with Yui was one of the best parts of the show. It was a super important bonding time, both for the characters and for the people watching the anime

        • I mean I didn’t mind it but there are fundamentals when making an anime and I guess they tried to make it like Tokyo ghoul but since they where hella underage that was their best option

  2. what about one piece then?? I agree with the code geass but without one piece it’s sad

    • The three musketeers
      2.One piece
      If you haven’t watched these three wtf why bother watching anime at all these are regarded as the greatest of their time and for good reason their all fire but hey I guess all the people who watch Boku na Piku are in this form like wtf

      • dude people are saying that mha is better than naruto and im just sipping my tea like HUNTERXHUNTER is better than MHA

      • you dont have to have watched these anime to like anime. i dont like naruto or bleach but thats just my opinion. people can like different things.

    • After watching 900epis with 40epi;watched/day of One Piece i can tell one thing for sure is that that the show is on “remembering past/flash backs” and “whenever some bad things are abt to happen, they will show each character’s Face and when the problem is solved they will do same- ‘why?’. While run-time should be atleast 20min of any normal show but its actually 5min, if u do a total roundup you will get 200epi out of 900+ Thats how the makers are on Roll for almost 20yrs and they will do the same for upcoming yrs, what a fking Thinking (i love the Story, love animation but these makers don’t want it to end) just lengthening the show and they haven’t even reached Half-of-the-story yet So damn, fuk one piece and Dragon Ball

      • hmm I guess u are **** . it’s never about flashback and finishing the fight in one piece and dbz. it’s about the emotions each one of them strawhats carry and the lengths they would go for a friend and their dreams. why don’t u appreciate the world building in one piece and the main plot. u are just a mother fucker who would drool over a animated tit . yes their are good short storyline like attack on Titan death note. but really it stands short of a teenage pirate who is willing to take on the world who is gathering the best crew to become the pirate king. yes I initially hated ussop but later he had the best character development anyone could have. I believe u have never even watched one piece u are just suited to watch new episode of chotta bheem on Sunday morning
        ONE PIECE wa jitsuiza suru
        – Edward ‘ whitebeard’ Newgate

      • I love one piece but you are not wrong ,manga is actually way better.Its anime is ok but not everyone prefers manga its a good alternative plus if you binge it ,its actually quite good.

      • Damn , you make it sound like daily soaps.

        • You didnt add the big three because of animation is bad yet you didnt even finish half of these anime and you listed anime from the 90’s like how does that make sense you are **** so **** ****

    • I’ve watched most old anime but never found myself watching one piece

    • Same problem with old animation , couldn’t watch one piece.

      • Old animation, when it comes to the big three, they aren’t that bad, if you go even further, it might get bad, like dragonball’s. first animations, and stuff, but I recently watchEd the big three, and the animation’s not half bad.

      • you kind of **** my dude

      • You HAVE to give One Piece another go, the animation updates over time. It’s plot is so worth it, very well written, awesome character development.

      • Oh my fucking god, just- no one wanted you list unless your gonna put the greatest animes here ok buddy?

        • ummm, you do realize people have their own opinions right?

        • ummm, you do realize peoples opinions can be wrong in my opinion right? i bet that just confused you because you have the brain power of a second grader

        • Have you thought that maybe someone was looking for new anime, and not just the same popular ones they’ve watched already?

        • Ummmm styll the shit he recommended is steamy 12-24 episode trash like how tf are you ment to make a thrilling and compelling anime with only 12-24 episodes that come out in a month

        • Compare that to one piece or naruto like you make a bond with the actual character

      • Reply
        joy lameen ochiemhen May 1, 2020 at 8:38 pm

        Naruto is old but the animation in netfix is good tu

      • Its new and old but thing too many ep but I finish

      • Oh the irony! The guy listing down the “anime everyone should watch” is unable to watch one of the all-time best anime. That’s actually sad!

        • Bro this guy didn’t list
          1. Naruto
          2.One piece

          And he said that he doesn’t watch old anime **** you put up and anime from the 90s like stfu with this old animation shit

        • Didn’t he say this list was based on HIS taste of what’s worth and not worth watching..

  3. i wonder why i watch too much anime

    this is question of life.

  4. What about goblin slayer , Magi , dororo ,nd u left many more

  5. In my opinion they should’ve added fire force in this list because of the good animation that goes into the fight scenes and the plot

  6. What about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Pokemon, and Beyblade?!

  7. And Naruto?!

      • you are not a anime fan if you dont put naruto dumbass

        • So youre not an anime fan if you dont watch naruto? Dumbest thing i heard in a while

        • thats not how it works “bumdass”

        • its a saying but **** you cant call urself a true weeb if you havent watched the big three he hasnt watch ANY of them and they are goats so yeah hes not a true anime fan he hasnt watched OH YEAH DRAGONBALL

        • just because they are popular does’nt mean you have to watch them, there are a lot of animes to watch. the definition weeb is “A weeb is a derisive term for a non-Japanese person who is so obsessed with Japanese culture that they wish they were actually Japanese.” but weeb is usally used for people who is obsessed with anime. maybe he has watched a lot of other animes. also don’t forget that different people like different things, so when you may like the “goats” he may not and personally i don’t like them either. and if you want i can tell you plenty of reasons why i don’t like them.

      • Yeah, Naruto is legit amazing. The character development is nice, and balanced out. The animation is SO good in shippuden, there’s Really good action, the fight scenes are great, as well. Plot is rich. MC (Naruto) is really OP, which is a nice factor, and villains have good meaning, but not really. It’s really interesting, and has plot twists, it’s share of sad moments, and tragic pasts- oh yes, the tragic backstories, the backstory fillers are amazing- on that note, the only downside are the amount of fillers, but other wise, it’s great.
        It’s overall, in the Big 3 for a reason.

      • Reply
        joy lameen ochiemhen May 1, 2020 at 8:42 pm


      • Aha… Why no Naruto?
        Have you seen Naruto Shippuden? They have one of the best fighting scenes, Also the story is Great.
        And, You should watch One Piece, Although You might die of suspense Like ME (What is One Piece).
        I STRONGLY recommend you to watch these. These are OLD but are worth watching before you DIE.
        Cheers (I hope you would watch these)

  8. They also forgot noragami,that time I got reincarnated asa slime zaze no stigma,the morose mononokean , highschool prodigies have it easy in another world,the daily life of the immortal king,Nura rise of the yokai clan, sankarea , UQ holders , bloodlad,

    • You have mentioned some good ones.
      1) High School Prodigies is actually worthy and can be included in list. I am eagerly waiting for 2nd season. Hope it comes soon.
      2) the daily life of the immortal king – Xuanhuan novels are so much better than that , if you have read any then this anime might not appeal to you much but rather look very bland.
      3) Sankarea looks interesting , might add to watchlist.
      4) UQ holder and bloodlad are also bit watchable..

      • You forgot to add “that time i got reincarnated as a slime” and “Dr.stone” to the list.

        • Those are really good , but I feel they both are lacking in a few things.

        • youre kidding me right yes that time i got reincarated as a slime is lacking on the story but its the best anime! the MC is op and hes a slime

  9. The List is Good but many good things are missing. But its all about Taste so lets move on. What I recommend is “Hajime No Ippo” A world of boxing. There is no filler episode in there i.e., No trash additives. Love the Character development, with no father, lower-mid class family and everyday Being Picked by Other goon Students. The best show other there.

    • Yup all about taste , people go crazy if they don’t see some popular ones.

      • yeah but some of the animes you put on this list are mediocre at best. I would like to thank you tho for showing me Parasyte and Erased. Great animes

  10. I 100% agree with this list. It seems that me and u share the exact same taste, which is the best taste there is. Don’t listen to the haters, these are the best anime people can watch. Forget old anime with trash and boring animation. People, follow this list and u won’t regret it. Now come at me haters with trash taste !

  11. How is there no Naruto? I mean the story of both shippuden and the series is pretty good.

    Well, whatever. However, I do recommend watching The Disastrous Life of Saiki K and also The Disastrous Life of Saiki K Reawakened. Its about an 11th grader wo is also a psychic. Both of em are there on Netflix.

  12. Where Naruto Shippuden is here

  13. Where Naruto Shippuden is here and Digimon

  14. K-On should’ve been here

  15. No Narutooo????

  16. SKIP BEAT!!!

  17. I just cant seem to understand the reason behind you leaving FMA:B out. I mean its one of the best we’ve got. Why?

    • I have tried watching it , but can’t make it past starting episodes.

      • You know a lot of them call it a masterpiece and that is definitely for a reason. I myself didn’t enjoy the beginning. I even felt the first episode to be ridiculous. But after I gave it another shot, I realized why its rated above every other anime. The inter dwindling of story continues with each episode right till the end. In this quarantine you should definitely give it another shot. Again one of the reasons the starting is not great is because it assumes that you have watched the previous series but then it gets better. But at the end it might not be your cup of tea but its worth trying.

        • I think its just about taste tho. i myself didnt really enjoy fmab that much. Mainly because i dont understand their powers and only know 2 character’s names. Im not denying its a good anime, I just didnt find it all awesome and stuff.

        • I see , sounds interesting.

        • You know, the thing that I am more astonished about is how no one else managed to realise the fact that Brotherhood is missing. I wonder?

        • Well , it is quite popular and there is a great fan following too. So , even I don’t know. But people really push for One Piece and Naruto.

  18. Hi, thank you for your list, I saved this link and leaving it open in my tabs so I can get inspiration to watch and shared it with my friend as well.

    I was surprised that this was a fairly new (in the sense that it includes more recent animes’) list.

    I upvotes your comments bc i too agree that Naurto/One Piece just has too many damn episodes (like commenter MrVivek mentioned).
    But other multi long seasoned anime’s such as Dragon Ball series and Bleach / Fairy Tail I am more okay with.

    I don’t like that baseball or basketball anime. The volleyball one is okay.

    Also, I like Fate: Stay Night AND Fate: Zero and actually like Fate: Zero more.

    I do like:
    The Irregular at Magic High School
    Re: Zero
    SAO (Sword Art Online) 2 but Why is the regular SAO not on this list?
    Full metal alchemist
    No Game No Life (No Laifu, No Waifu right? lol)
    Attack on Titan

    Should reconsider, “The time I got reincarnated as a slime”. I do not like Jojo’s Bizarro world because the draw style/graphics but will give it another try.

    Kill a Kill and Black Butler were not amazing so I can understand why it is not on the list. Thank anyone who actually read my unintended long essay.

    • Thanks for this amazing comment with detailed speculation. I have actually tried “The time I got reincarnated as a slime” but I dropped it after a few episodes. His visit to city for a tools maker was a bit overwhelming I guess. But I will give it a try again.

      Yeah , Dragon ball was also amazing as everyone knows.
      Fate series is always packed with action.
      For basket ball , you can try “Kuroko no Basket”. Starting seasons are entertaining. Might drop later though.

      I love all of SAO , just picked SAO 2 here. But all are definitely recommended.

      Black butler is ok I guess , good maybe.

  19. you forget “saiki kusuo”. or maybe you haven’t watched yet. saiki kusuo is the best anime comedy i’ve ever seen. sets in highschool and he can do everything(overpowered) but he hated it and he hiding it from everyone. he wants to be a normal person instead of have a lot of power. this anime is very unique and so hillarious

    • anyway, you did a great job. I love how you describe the anime and all of these anime that you recommend was great. Maybe you should add like Naruto, black cloverr, Yakusoku no neverland, Dr. stone in the next list

      • Yakusoku no neverland will be added yes , thanks for suggestion. That anime is really outstanding. I do like black clover and Dr. stone , but a bit less I guess. Also thanks for appreciation.

        I might give a shot to saiki kusuo too.

  20. I really think FLCL should be on this list. It is only 6 episodes, and the soundtrack by The Pillows is amazing. At 6 episodes it is well worth the time.

  21. i totally fucking agree with 91 days, my no1 husbando legit being the one and only angelo lagusa

  22. Good list and nice to see a fellow anime lover. Some of my favorite in case you find time to watch.
    This is just my recommendation.
    1. Darwins Game (my current favo)
    2. Tower of God
    3. One Piece
    4. OPM (you have it in the list and my favo)
    5. HxH (you have it in the list and my favo)
    6. That time I got reincarnated as a slime (voted no 1 in Isekai Genre- looks like you like this genre).
    7. Black Clover
    8. Welcome to Demon school
    9. Radiant
    10. Slam dunk
    11. Dr. Stone
    12. Bungo Stray dogs
    13. Isekai Cheat Magician
    14. The rising of shield hero
    15. Case Closed
    16. Overlord
    17. Gintama
    18. Bleach
    19.Cowboy Bebop
    20.Full metal Alchemist
    21. Dragon Ball Z (started watching anime with this)
    22.Samurai Champloo
    23. My Hero Academia
    24. Code Geass
    25. FLCL
    I will stop here let me know if you need more 🙂 and let me know if you like any of the ones.

    • U also should add: Black buttler

    • Lol. Your name is Kakashi but you did not list Naruto. Naruto got me watching anime. Bleach and Naruto Shippuden are tied for my #1 spot. You listed a lot of great ones.

      • Naruto and Bleach are my favorites, he already mentioned in few comments that he might not watch them and hence did not list them, hence ended my list as I will stop here 🙂 . My list is not in any ranking order just a random list.

        • Well , some are the most popular ones. Tower of god looks very promising , let’s see how the anime team go about it.

          I donno why but I dropped darwin’s game , it just lacked something for me after the girl boy fight in 2nd ep.

          Then you have welcome to demon school , which is also quite entertaining.

          And rise of shield hero for good dark theme.

          Overlord , My hero academy and Code Geass are also already in list.

        • FELIX LEE GIVES ME LIFE June 24, 2020 at 1:28 pm

          I dont know if yall can tell by my username. Im a stay. A stay is a fan of stray kids a kpop boy group. Being proud of my boys for singing an anime op i watched tower of god but damn its sooo fucking good. def worth it but like what are you doing go stan stray kids. listen to the op and you will understand 🙂

    • forgot to add Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (great anime with good fight, graphics and my recent favo)

  23. theres mushishi,ghost hunt, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, fairytail, kuroshitsuji….tbh theres a lot of really great anime…

  24. tbh the new Dr. Stone anime is imo pretty good, they have a 2nd season coming out in July. It’s a pretty brainy anime but it’s kinda like Haikyuu!! even though you don’t like that subject, it’s still interesting and exciting. I do recommend starting the series, although it’s your choice.

    • Dr. Stone hmm , I did watch the starting 2-3 eps when it was airing and then read some manga , dropping it later. But now that whole season is out , it might be watchable.

  25. Try This , You Will Not Be Disappointed 🙂
    2.Rakudai Kishi No Calvary
    3.Plastic Memories
    4.Twin Star Exorcists
    5.Yamada Kun & 7 Witches

    Need More ?

    • All are hidden gems , just not sure about Twin Star Exorcists. I might add few to list after watching , right now all my time is going in reading light novels.

  26. Reply
    joy lameen ochiemhen May 1, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    iv watched some of these anime
    and most of them are i n netflix
    like DANmachi
    in netflix its called is it wrong to pick up girls in dungeon
    i watch it on tv
    and they speak english
    also shigatsu
    or ur lie in april
    also the devil is a part timer

  27. what about naruto guys

  28. I see that you haven’t watched Fullmetal Alchemist yet. I highly recommend it. Best Shounen along with AOT imo.

  29. What about Highschool DxD, Castlevania or even other fate series? Maybe also yu-gi-oh and so many other classics. Plus what about DN Angel… that one is hella underrated.

    • Highschool DxD is in list and Fate Series also , all Fate Series are ok but some really stand out like Fate/stay night. Yu-Gi-Oh!
      , never heard mmm.

      DN angel , will have to check into that.

  30. You missed a lot of great ones like Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Evangelion, Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist 2003, Baccano!, Mushishi and Gintama. These are all worth watching if you haven’t watched these yet.

  31. What about Fairy Tail and Black Clover

    • I haven’t seen Fairy Tail , I did see Black Clover when it came out. Watched a few eps , moved to manga then dropped later.

  32. I love the list but I personally think that some anime on the list are to be ranked higher but it is your list and it’s great to see these anime on it! Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is a must-watch anime, I know the comments are bugging you about it but it’s worth the watch. Yu Yu Hakusho is worth the watch too. I dropped SAO 2 but I recommend watching Season 3 if you have the time!

    • Yu Yu Hakusho , isn’t that kind of old. Lots of long spanning animes , I can’t watch due to old animation in starting episodes. I have watch all of SAO , all seasons and movie. It’s pretty good.

  33. I really don’t want to disrespect your taste, and most of this I can understand, but why tf is Berserk 2016 up there. There is nothing wrong with enjoying berserk, it is one of my favorite mangas, but 2016 is a terrible adaptation of berserk. Horrible animation and sound design and huge chunks if the story have been cut. The cgi is horrible with models clipping and horrible camera angles to try and hide the bad animation. If you want to experience past the golden age arc, then I sincerely recommend reading the manga.

    • I have read Manga and seen Anime , yeah Manga is outstanding. But Anime is also not too bad , you can’t expect much from anime after you have read Manga or Light Novel of any show , it will always be disappointing.

      They never show full story in anime , it’s just a fast paced adaptation.

  34. bruhhhhhhhh wheres one piece

  35. how did you guys not add Naruto shippuden come on man.

  36. How did you not add Naruto Shippuden, its so good.

  37. I know I will sound really basic but no dragon ball, look we get it you don’t like old animation, but they never did any 3d combinations (as far as I could tell) and its one of the most popular anime’s ever, I mean if it comes down to taste that makes sense but I mean, it also has new animation in the later episodes.

  38. Woah you didi not incude DragonBall Z and dare to call yourself an otaku lol

    • Dude , I have seen DragonBall Z. It was kinda the only anime I watched at one time. But it’s not for this list.

  39. I have already watched most of these.

  40. There’s good anime on this list, but I feel like Fairytail should be on here

  41. I feel like Fate Zero should also be on here 😛

  42. fullmetal alchemist (brotherhood is another story‍♀️), black butler, kill la kill, ouran highschool host club. Im lookin and aint seeing them there so…

    (I love yuri on ice tho❤️ )

    • ouran highschool host club , mmm I tried watching it. Kinda unique and entertaining , but not mu cup of tea.

  43. bruh where is Naruto is not compulsory to watch
    if you haven’t watch Naruto then you cannot say yourself anime fan or otaku

  44. Thank you! This list will definitely help during this lockdown situation. Though I personally like Black Butler as one of my favourites since it has mysteries and plot twists. I also suggest Danganronpa because it truly is amazing though it is pretty confusing to watch… thank you for these suggestions! <3

  45. You forgot fullmetal

  46. Kimetsu no yaiba is a must watch too✨

  47. Reply
    I'm addicted to anime May 18, 2020 at 6:08 am

    you should watch hunter x hunter it’s actually rly good

  48. Well, if you weren’t a Bleach fan then your taste surely differs from mine. Bleach is what got me into anime… Anyway, just a suggestion but, you should make a list of good anime that is completed. I dislike getting into something (like Log Horizon) just 2 find out it never completed. Thanks for the list though.

  49. You don’t watch quality anime. Stop recommending people. No Fullmetal, Naruto, Onepiece? Are you a girl or baby?

    • i have many problems with this comment,1) dont say he doesnt watch good animes people can like what they want i dont understand what goes through peoples minds when they try to bring people down just because they don’t like the same thing as you. 2) why should he stop recommending animes to people while i do think FMA is a good anime i don’t think he has watched it yet so of course it wouldnt be on the list, also the list is HIS opinion and i like most of the animes on the list i have watched most the animes on the list. 3) the sexism. are you trying to say girls cant like anime or are you trying to say the girls don’t like good animes. and 4) i just dont like people like you. maybe you should think a litte before you say anything about other people

  50. **** where the **** is shield hero, and boku no pico

  51. Pretty shit tier list tbh. The magic highschool anime is terrible

  52. So naruto is not the top 50+ in the anime? OK.. First of all it’s an fighting scene and it’s an exciting to watch. It’s a kid who wants to be a greatest ninja and wanna be a hokage so is that interesting? And.. THE show inazuma11go is an anime too.. Its a soccer anime that wants to have a friend and enjoy the soccer sport..

  53. No jojo? No dignity

  54. You can’t call yourself a weeb without watching DragonBall and Naruto. Where the hell are they? No one cares about “your list”. You claimed these to be 53 anime you need to see, if you haven’t watched it, at least put it here. It’s a top fan choice. Also, add one piece, and get yourself some good taste in anime. These were the iconic ones that made all the others. They deserve to be here.

  55. Alright!

    I will give a shot to Naruto , when I get time…
    Meanwhile , go create your own list.

  56. why no boku no pico

  57. hey, darling in the franxx is a great anime too!

  58. MUST WATCH JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE! Please don’t skip parts. And if you do watch it after.

  59. Here is my anime list

    – Deathnote
    – Attack on titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
    – Code Geass
    – Gintama
    – Bleach
    – Vinland Saga
    – Mob Psycho 100
    – One Punch Man
    – Parasite The Maxium
    – Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
    – The Promised Neverland
    – My Hero Academia
    – Tokyo Ghoul
    – Haikyuu!!
    – One Piece
    – Sword Art Online

    And in some animes the 1st 3 episodes are superrrr bad I mean total shit
    Be patient
    And watch Don’t stop!!!!!!!!

  60. – Naruto
    – Tower of God
    – Plunderer
    – Black Clover
    – Dr. Stone
    – Sven Deadly Sins
    – Food Wars
    – The Rising of the Shield Hero
    – Fire Force
    – Pokemon
    – Avatar The Last Airbender
    – Great Teacher Onizuka

  61. if you dont like the other anime because it is not your type then dont watch it you just dont understand the story of the anime

  62. wtf u just missed bleach

  63. how about Duel Monsters

  64. Man the list started pretty good then i saw Re:zero thought it was a mistake but then i saw Btoom and Re:life ….
    And also how can you even have berserk 2016 which is like the shittiest adaptation ever and also SAO season 2 which was even more trash than the first one
    god this list is shit

    • Re:zero and Re:life both are great.
      Btoom can be mediocre type , but entertaining.
      berserk 2016 can be bad compared to manga , but berserk is berserk.

  65. thanks for the list although ive already seen most of them, you gave a few more to watch

  66. No Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop and Gintama? They are really good! Absolutely must watch.

  67. where is naruto ????

  68. You dont have Re:zero, attack on tital, Demon slayer, SAO, In another world with my smartphone, Yugioh, Black cover. These are pretty amazing animes. I wonder why these are not in the list.

  69. Reply
    Holiday Fartcruise June 5, 2020 at 5:57 am

    Scrolled down some and found spoilers, thanks.

  70. Srsly? No Fairy Tail And One Piece?

  71. I find this list one of the good ones, until I realized the author has not included either of the big 4 – DB, One piece, Naruto, Bleach.

    Sorry Sir, old animation or not if you are making a 50+ long list of “must watch anime before you die” and do not include even single anime of the big four, this list is pure WRONG and it’s not even subjective.

    P.s. good job on creating and maintaining this site, impressive work.

  72. where is demon slayer???????????????

  73. You should change the title from “53 Best Anime You Should Watch Before You Die” to ” my top 53 anime”, because your list is ****. I thought this list was good because it didn’t have the overrated ones like DBZ and Naruto, but SAO in top 6? And not a lot of top tier anime are in this list.

  74. Full metal Brotherhood ,baccano, gintama,one piece,naruto, pucho pass,etc etc are missing. And seriously SAO 2 is in best 53 r u kidding me.

  75. cowboy bebop, full metal, trigun, samuri champloo, fooly cooly, wolf’s reign

  76. In the Death Note description Light’s name is written as Light turner when this name is Light yagami

  77. where is fairy tail hm? .. thats the ONLY anime i LOVE ..so.. where… is..it…..?

  78. This is an actual *** website THESE ARE NOT THE BEST ANIMES why the **** is mha there ITS NOT AN GOOD ANIME

  79. you should add fruits basket, given, banana fish, and princess tutu to the list. They are all really good and i suggest you give them a watch. 🙂

  80. Ever tried black clover

  81. re:zero is the worst isekai anime i have watched..mirai nikki is bad but love the yandere heroine so its passable… u should watch bakemonogatari

  82. this list is so good and i was able to learn new anime which were amazing

  83. In my opinion I can mostly agree with his list. I haven’t watched all anime of it like some of the high school animes, but with 90% I can agree. Also it’s ok that the big Anime like Naruto/Dragonball/One Piece are missing, because these ones are clearly time-intensive and One Piece is already at 800 and not even finished yet. (24.06.2020)
    However it’s disappointing, that my favorite anime didn’t make it in the list.

    If you are seeking some beautiful soundtracks, a fascinating remarkable world and decent plot-twists which will make your heart crumble, you can follow these 2 heros with their journey into the abyss.
    Anime’s called “Made in Abyss”. Here’s a trailer (2 min):

    Youtube – https://youtu.be/y4gyYjpL4ME

  84. This list is incomplete without Fairy Tail!
    You should watch it if you haven’t. It is a great anime!

  85. You forgot a lot of animes like fairy tail, naruto,bleach,one piece, maid sama and love is hard for otaku

  86. soo i read through the comment section just to see how everyone views this list. and i found so many rude comments i’m really sorry for this tbh.. i think you have made a great list and hey everyone has a different taste and likes different things which is totally fine!!
    anyways i’m glad you included 91 days :,) it really is a great anime!!
    thank you for the list and have a great day/night!! also stay safe!! <3

    • Hi , glad you liked the list. I don’t mind the criticism as long as it adds some value here or suggest some other anime.

  87. I would add some romance anime , naruto , railgun and demon slayer and yep reallyyyyy gd list , great even

  88. I rlly like all of the animes on the list. If oyu may, I’d like to add some more! You can watch Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, Demon Slayer and Boku No Hero Academia!

    I was really happy to see Made In Abyss here, it’s mostly missed out in some other lists T^T

  89. where the heck
    is One Piece

  90. wtf,no naruto ?,thought was gonna follow this list but nvm

  91. where is BLACK CLOVER ????????????????????????????

  92. No older anime? Only super popular anime, is this literally all the anime you’ve seen?

  93. If you’re looking for an anime that’s kind of silly sometimes but overall has a great story line and action sequences, I recommend “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!” the first few episodes are a bit slow but give it a chance, once you hit the first story arc you’ll never look back, it’s amazing. The animation may look a bit outdated but it’s still really good quality in my opinion. I always struggle when looking for new anime to watch so I hope this was helpful

  94. Sorry but when u were born u were destinened to have shity taste in anime to whoever made the list

  95. Is anyone not going to talk about one piece and naruto bleach dragon ball super those were some sik anime how about BLEACH IS NOT BAD QUALITY it has better quality then code geass and atleast put naruto shippuden and one piece mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  96. One punch man
    Seven deadly sins
    Attack on titans
    Then that pianist are the best thanks bro

  97. Reply
    Tf Is your garbage *** taste uncultured swine July 14, 2020 at 9:35 pm

    K so Im saying it right out SAO IS GARBAGE RE, ZERO IS OVERATED, and VINLAND SAGA ISNT IN HERE SO REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Mirai Nikki is a masterpeace if u say other than ur gay. Sao was decent till ep 3 it just fell and started making weak screams and made a bunch of filler. The only problem with this list is fricking anime that should be higher on the list is thinking that promised Neverland should be at what 52 thats cursed that anime is mmmmmmmmm spicy meatball I could go on a rant how good that thing is but no Im playing minecraft while reading the jojos bizzare adventure manga. Now the fact you put sao 2 at 6 is disgusting **. trade that with Neverland and this would be decent list. Thats it People saying Mirai Nikki is bad should ****

  98. NARUTO???!!!????

    Okay its fine…your opinion…but I recommend Naruto..you should see it 🙂

  99. Hey dude you should watch fairy tail

  100. It’s has upto 360 episodes but an amazing plot and comedy

  101. Thank you your list was useful to me

  102. All Hail Leloch Vi Britannia

  103. Where the **** are Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Pokemon and Bayblade?

  104. Why it dosent have naruto trust it’s best ever

  105. Dude your taste in anime sucks you didn’t even added fma:b to your list and even forgot Vinland saga most underrated anime of 2019 nor even mentioned Kimetsu no yaiba Bruuuh.

  106. Bruh Naruto??!!

  107. This Is the worst Anime list I ever Saw.You put Death note at 24 and Steins Gate at 32 And no monster in the list Seriously? SAO is at 6th place but it actually deserves 6000th place.Better put the title name “My Worst taste of anime ranking”

  108. bruh were is jojo

  109. What kind of shit **** is this?

  110. How come no one mentions NARUTO anymore…………………………..

    It had some best plot twists, emotional moments, epic fights and AWESOME characters(You can make a list of top 10 Naruto characters and still have at least 30% plus comments arguing that their favourite did not make it to the list). Sure it had some fillers but main story is JUST superb especially if you like action.

  111. What about jojo’s bizarre adventure

  112. I feel like this list is missing alot. Some of my favorites that were missed are Gintama, Bleach and Cowboy Beebop.

  113. when i saw hunter hunter as number 2, this list had my full support, not to many other lists put hunter hunter in top 10. I watched code geass.. prob the best anime made. Then I scrolled down and saw sword art online. heeeeeee idk, this list is weird. good anime + bad anime.

  114. Guys,should i check out overlord?

  115. 51 High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World
    what is this doing here?
    I agree with the rest of the list.They are worth watching.A lot of show need to be added in it though

  116. I just wanted to suggest an anime that is really really really really really really good it is called monster it has 74 episodes and is a suspense and mysterious show. It is about a doctor who thinks that all lives are equal and then soon saves a boy who is a killer and then the doctor had to chase him down to save people. You will love putting in your thought to think about what happens next and what the boy’s background story is and they give clues. Also this boy that gets saved by the doctor is very very smart. There is all lot of other stuff I left out but you won’t regret watching it. I definitely recommend it to many anime lovers

  117. I think it’s just his taste is anime , I personally think there’s nothing to fight about . If you have some issues about his point of view , you can make your own ! Which contains anime that you enjoy <3

  118. Im kinda new to anime and these seem pretty good, but can you add how many episodes it has if you do another one like this? that would be great.

  119. This comment section really needs to chill out

  120. This list is pretty good tbh, in my opinion. It doesn’t just consists of overly popular anime, in which i’ve watched a lot. There’s a lot of underrated animes here in my country, which always shoutout to isekai and harem animes somehow. Really glad i found out bout ‘erased’. Interesting story that doesn’t make u bored. Thx

  121. Where the **** is Naruto Shippuden

  122. What about one piece? Or fairy tail? Naruto? you left out alot of animes that diserve to be on here

  123. Yo where’s the Black Cloveeeeer????

  124. Is anyone not going to talk about one piece and naruto bleach dragon ball super those were some sik anime how about BLEACH IS NOT BAD QUALITY it has better quality then code geass and atleast put naruto shippuden and one piece mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Black Clover is sik as well

  125. damn he does not even know one piece this fool

  126. Reply
    fruit of grisaia fan August 8, 2020 at 9:51 am

    yo tysm for recommending Fruit Of Grisaia it is my favorite anime of all time now… I recommend everyone to definitely go watch it

  127. Tokyo ghoul season 1 was great the rest were shit

  128. Hi
    As an experienced anime watcher i must say that this top is completly horrible, Its like you have only seen 55 anime series during your life until the point that you made the post and decided “hmm let me just list them and write a clickbait title”.
    Every single anime here is mainstream you can not make a “best anime ever” type of list without including at least an underrated title. Every single anime here is also relatively new, there are a ton of literal masterpieces wrote and animated before the 80′ in this industry and if you will say “ohh i don’t watch old anime they make my eyes hurt” or something, you clearly should not be allowed to make a list like this. if i were to write right now all the bad series on this list I would copy at least 70% of the titles, let alone the fact that you said “must watch” and if that is the case then i think maximum 5 titles raise up to those expectacions and if i were to say for each of these series why they do not belong here i would probably double your article.
    Sorry for being to harsh, but that is the truth and next time maybe you will choose a less hype, click-bait title to your article.

  129. the disastrous life of saiki k. is also highly recommended. hope they added more romance with the relationship of the main character

  130. Really one piece naruto bleach and others and not in this list?

  131. where is one piece?

  132. Reply
    Xadiel the Protagonist August 12, 2020 at 10:17 am

    Re zero is awesome love mha and akame ga kill was a little upsetting bc like you said they all kept duying until almost none left but other wise your choice are cool my dude keep posting

  133. people be getting pressseedddd in the comments ooff. this list is based on his likes and it has animes that people probably haven’t seen before. not everyone wants to hear about the same main stream animes like Naruto, bleach, one piece cuz its animes people who are new to anime know as well. some of us are looking for animes that aren’t that known. also if you don’t like the list then don’t read it then…

  134. where the **** is naruto??

  135. There are some odd choices on this list but Where the hell is Full Metal Alchemist /Brotherhood and One Peace or Naruto I guess it is forgivable for OneP and Naruto bcz they are way too long if you want to start watching now but still

  136. Wait a sec where the **** is deathnote?????

  137. The list is good! I already watched most of them so I can tell that you have a lot of good anime in your list. It is all about the taste and there are too many anime out there still, people can be obnoxious about it so do not listen to them lol. anyway, thank you for the list. they are good anime.

  138. so uh everyone is just gonna ignore one piece? I mean Oda basically spent nearly his entire life on that great anime and even better manga…..

  139. one piece deserves a spot

  140. quite a disappointing list as this is the first thing that pops up when you type animes to watch before you die.

  141. when you have watched all of them

  142. where the hell is assassination classroom, lol

  143. SAO season 1 was awesome but after that it seemed that the story is being extended forcefully

  144. Thanks for this list, Shubham. Loved it and have watched it all 🙂 🙂

  145. yo wheres jojo its the most iconic anime and manga

  146. i like your title it’s funny though but where is fullmetal alchemist and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood and psycho pass, prison school, dragon ball super etc.?? and bro if you haven’t seen fullmetal alchemist brotherhood yet you should watch bro and for your information FMAB has 9.1/10 rating in IMDb givin by 100,000+ users

  147. honestly i have only watched aot and naruto and i loved both of them and now i cant find an anime i like does anyone have any recommendations?

    • This whole list is recommendation , just pick any and start watching.

      • Watch Black clover you will love it and you can start one piece if you like aot you might like demon slayer also watch death note and hunterxhunter these are very good anime dont listen to this there are more but watch these first

  148. Reply to this you are giving everyone the wrong anime

    Is anyone not going to talk about one piece and naruto bleach dragon ball super those were some sik anime how about BLEACH IS NOT BAD QUALITY it has better quality then code geass and atleast put naruto shippuden and one piece mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Black Clover is sik as well

  149. Watch naruto or back clover


  151. Dude where is naruto.

  152. yall need to chill..

  153. Where is DBZ???!!!!

  154. this anime list is pretty shit tbh, most of them are dumpster fire. sao 2 rlly, only the first 15 episodes were the best. no girls last tour, bakemonogatari, the guy who made this page has a okay taste of anime.
    1. code geass starts pretty hectic but after that its rlly gud
    2. hunter x hunter way too slow and long to watch
    3.one punch is a classic tbh
    4.detective conan meh old
    5.rezero already know what kind of taste this author has
    6.sao 2 is gud but like i said sao s1 does it better in first 15 episodes
    7.my hero academia u will see this anime as a childs play when u watch code geass
    8.irregular at magic high school represents alabama, its gud but slow
    9.akame ga kill(red eye kill) a must watch
    10. haikyuu its gud, probably one of the well recieved sports anime
    11.food wars its gud but not my taste
    12.attack on titan watch s1 and leave the rest
    13.tokyo ghoul just as i said watch s1 and leave the rest
    14.seven deadly sins definetly a great anime to start with
    15.Kuroko no Basket never watched it but sounds like shit
    16.kabaneri of the iron fortress it would have been gud if it had a gud plot but not worth it
    17.assassination classroom a must watch
    18.parasite u dont have to watch this, its an okay anime
    19.Boku dake ga Inai Machi never watched it so i dont have a comment
    20.no game no life, definetly a top tier isekai anime probably the best
    21.your lie in april is a rlly gud anime but not a must watch
    22.log horizon is classic isekai
    23.mirai nikki a must watch classic but u might get confused with the ending
    24.death note a legendary anime probably the best
    25.blue exorcist first season is gud second season meh
    26.konosuba top tier isekai a must watch
    27.mob psycho 100 its a gud anime with a awesome art style and animation
    28.beelzebub instead of watching this watch something else
    29.grimgar is gud just watch it
    30.toradora a must watch romance anime
    31.danmachi is the short name its gud but not a must watch
    32.steins gate is one of the best time travel storyline, rlly satifying
    33.overlord is a must watch, dont watch the movies ur basically rewatching the anime
    34.fruit of grisaia the visual novel is the best but the anime route the studio chose is rlly normal
    35.berserk 2016 just watch it its gud
    36.relife its an okay anime not the best
    37.fate/stay more like stay away from this series, its gud but the itself is rlly complicated
    38.ajin not the best meh
    39.rainbow , never heard about it probably a normal anime
    40.clannad itself is boring but clannad after story is rlly gud. watch the whole thing its worth it
    41.another, its an okay horror anime not scary
    42.one outs never heard it before
    43.bakuman never heard it
    44.barakamon never heard it
    45.snafu is a must watch its rlly gud
    46.91 days never seen it so i dont know : )
    47.kokoro connect never heard it before
    48.devil is a part timer is a gud anime to watch if ur bored of isekai
    49.highschool of the dead is a must watch rlly gud story
    50.btooom never heard it
    51.High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World is an anime that is just there nothing gud
    52promised neverland is gud
    53. Natsume’s Book of Friends
    54.classroom of elite sound like shit
    55. made in abyss its rlly gud
    tbh most of them are not a must watch
    so here is my must watch animes i will add
    your name,silent voice,grave of the fireflies, most studio ghibli animes,evangelion,violet evergarden,monogatari series,mushishi,death parade,great teacher onizuka, kore wa zombie desu ka,rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai,gurren lagann, gundam unicorn,girls last tour,jojo bizzare adventure,saiki-k,samurai champloo,nichijou,anohana,hellsing ultimate,drifters,love is war,madoka magica,mononoke,shiki,grand blue,psycho pass,cowboy bebop,spice and wolf,tanya the evil,fruit basket,kino no tabi,k-on,girls und panzer,sket dance,full metal alchemist brotherhood,initial d,trigun,angel beats,Kobayashi’s Dragon maid, shield hero.
    thats it for my review. pretty trash taste of anime this page author has
    remember this is my choice of what i recommend to watch just watch them they are all gud. please dont criticize of what i wrote pls dont do it if ur not a idiot. if u say any of the series i wrote is trash, u probably have a very trash taste of anime, or a beginner. people will hate u if u go public about it so stay safe

  155. this list is shit bruh there is no jojo, and all anime here is fillers. trash

  156. I’m saying this right now. If MAPPA do the final season brilliantly, Attack on Titan will become perhaps the GOAT. IMO. It’s just amazing. We watch for anime for entertainment, and this show gives us its all. This will move up into top 3 of all animes for sure (hopefully agreed by many people).

    Oh and btw, You’re list is fine, it is your opinion. Just some salty fans out there wondering why their fave anime isn’t in it. Everyone has their own taste.

  157. The only one here I approve with my heart is Haikyuu!!…. it’s literally the best. Even if you don’t understand volleyball. You can’t hate any of the characters.

  158. Lmao never seen a worse collection of recommended anime. You didn’t even mentioned the all time classic “full metal Alchemist, samurai champloo, cowboy bebop etc etc. You must have a kid like iq if you seriously consider these Animes to be “must to be watch” because 40% of your recommended anime are a total waste of time.

  159. Definitely missing some good ones but this is by far one of the best lists I have seen so many of my faves on here and some I haven’t heard of thanks for the recommendations

  160. Cant get behind some of the anime here such as btoom and fruit of grisaia.

    If were looking for best anime we have to think about quality (plot and characters), animation, likeability, and the list goes on.

    In the end, I applaud you for putting Code Geass first as I agree it is one of the best anime of all time.

  161. Where is Naruto and One Piece? And Bleach also. They are probably the best anime.

  162. watch ‘Monster’ its a great anime

  163. I would say your caption is a little bit bold but you’d collected enough of good animes, i give you credit for that.

  164. Why are yall getting mad?? People have different opinions then you so dont be getting mad because you think the anime they like are trash

  165. Bruh you didn’t even mention one piece ,tf? Bleach too. Also so many trash anime were on the list. Also high school dxd has amazing plot , a ton lit better than half of the stuff up there

  166. no JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?! are you kidding me?

  167. you should add free!

  168. Holy shit, someone seriously recommended Berserk 2016
    Read the manga, watch 1997 series and maybe the 2014 movies, but forget about that ****, unless you really want eye cancer

  169. Ya’ll should really watch Natsume’s Book of Friends, cause this anime be giving you the feels like one time you’ll find yourself smiling next you’ll be crying. So don’t turn a blind eye on this anime. I promise its worth it.

  170. seriously how is dragon ball,one piece,trigun not in here AND sao wow the only good thing in sao where kirito was not in there and i disagree of being sao in number 6 it should be death note but its just my opinion

  171. every other chat was about Naruto until he put it in.

  172. this is so cringe

  173. Reply
    These comments didn't pass the vibe check October 5, 2020 at 2:12 am

    This comment section DID NOT pass the vibe check

  174. Why Death Note is not in Top 10 atleast? This is a crime

  175. Where is dragon ball I have seen many animes and dragon ball was the best I saw

  176. I hope you guys aren’t hating on Haikyuu, Food wars, My hero Academia, The promised neverland, Assassination classroom, But im kinda sad that there’s no Fairy Tail…my opinion

  177. Aye yi yi I cant see One peice or the other top animes like Dragon Ball or Naruto. I guess this person likes animes he/she already watched

  178. who wrote the description to … ? This is not a comedy, much less an anime for children. In this anime we get every moment new dramas and miraculous doses of torture and violence against the main characters. Only sadists could smile on this anime. I know this because I am one of them. When I saw this description I laughed so much 😀 because I imagined a child who read it and went to see this anime because he thought it was a comedy and after 3 minutes he got traumatized after what he saw there :,D . Good joke on this description

  179. Can we get FMA:BROTHERHOOD ???

  180. hey see believe it or not people don’t like old anime with crappy graphics like bleach and mob psycho cuz its too over d hook like as example bleach has over 350 episodes
    come on man its too long
    and way too crappy to watch from d beginning, d guys those who were watching it from when it had just started they like it but nownadays its DEAD
    and in terms of SAO and Re:zero u have no right to say dat those were one of d most popular and profitable animes of 2019
    I m saying dis cuz I have watched them as well as a few episodes of bleach and psycho pass
    so don’t say dat if u don’t know
    have u even watched SAO or Re:zero from d beginning huh
    however ther are are a few more which should me added to dis
    like)The Rising of the shield hero
    God Eater
    psycho pass movie


  182. how is boku no hero academia 7th when its supoust to be 1st like r u kidding me

  183. Why isn’t DEMON SLAYER in your list??!!!???!!!????!!

  184. So the title says ” 53 anime you should watch before you die” and no full metal, no Naruto, no bleach hell not even DBZ was in the list and many more. I wonder what was going inside your mind while you were compiling this list

  185. your lie in april, haikyuu and MHA are great but the rest are just a big no for me

  186. Was anyone else pissed when he called the Hxh phantom troupe arc the “spider arc” or is it just me

  187. what would u all tell about High School DXD

  188. Seriously no vinland saga????

    • vinland sagais fine , I watched a few eps

      • Some great suggestions here (like who hasn’t seen Parasyte…so good!). Violet Evergarden is anime masterpiece and is the only anime I strongly suggest to add.

        Yu Yu Hakusho while being old is spectacular. Same creator of HxH. Loses bit of ground last arc.

        Naruto can be skipped in favour of going straight to Shippuden which is very strong- but fillers.

        FMAB is very worth the watch, esp considering your tastes above.

        Try Claymore (the manga is amazing and story continues).

        I would suggest giving slime a bit more time, esp considering your love of SAO (also love!)

        Loved to see so many great suggestions in thr comments, noted many to check out. Thx community.

  189. lol, I only picked 4 out of all the animes here lol (✿◡‿◡)

  190. Must watch anime list without Naruto?

    • From what I’ve heard Naruto is aimed towards a younger audience and from what I’ve seen on this list the person writing it has more serious taste. I’m not saying Naruto is a bad show, it’s just not this person’s preference or mine. Have a wonderful day!

  191. Nichijou 🙁

  192. I mean what about Free or diamond no ace.

  193. The only won on that like i picked are Tokyo ghoul and Haikyuu.I mean come on where is naurto.

  194. woww i totally agree with you code geass as number 1 really its good the best strategy anime ever but why its your favority any reasons , and yeah its my favorite anime too but why

  195. why is everybody so toxic here, like shut up and let people have opinions.

  196. Kimetsu no Yaiba should be in the list too!

  197. the promised neverland really is a game changer if you think death note is fun you will fall in love with the promised neverland

  198. Kakegurui 1,2 its one of the most interesting anime

  199. A lot of the people in this comment section just need to chill

  200. how about fairy tail black clover babysitter they ar all fun aimes but i hate rezero that ainme is disgusting for me only for ME its the matter of opinions

  201. Reply
    frick u creator of this webpage November 3, 2020 at 7:44 pm

    jojo does not exist…

  202. why didnt i read attack on titan on this list 🙁


  204. where are other animes. especially JoJo’s. There are good animes in this list but not so accurate

  205. Akame ga kill made me mad at the end so i didn’t like it much

  206. No one piece Nani??????

  207. Trusty list I would say

  208. where is naruto dbz bleach one piece full metal all you do is put new animes your forgetting about the goats

  209. Wooow no jojo’s, One piece, naruto,???? Pretty shit list if you ask me.

  210. I like almost all anime except for the more older ones and it gets me very depressed when in one of the romance anime one of the lovers die.


  212. You’re missing a few great ones but i have added a few to my list, too. 🙂

    Fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood is my #1 for the writing.
    Orange is fantastic if you want something to make you cry
    Psycho-pass, my roommate is a cat, bleach, fairytail, noragami, Demon Slayer, fire force (Holy crap fell in love with fire force from ep. 1), Sakura quest, Kono Oto Tomare, Fruits basket (I actually love the 2019 run), Attack on Titan. Kimi No Todoke is cute too.

  213. yall need to watch darker than black, it has some heart breakin moments, but that what makes
    it wonderful

  214. I just watched code geass, and i must agree it was amazing. One of the best anime i have ever seen.