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Top 7 Latest Luxury Titan Raga Watches for Women (2020)

Watches are a great way to enhance your beauty and elegance. They are not just to show you a time passing by but holds a huge stake in your accessories and jewellery.

They accessories are at times the signs of luxuries. So, to enhance your prettiness, there are different types of watches under different prices with unique styles to get a perfect match for your dress in the next function.

Let us look at the best watches for women under 5000:

Top 7 Titan Watches for Women to buy Online

 1.  Titan Analog Blue Dial Women’s Watch


1) The blue in colour oval shape is a flawless accessory to match it with a blue dress.

2) The band made up of the stainless steel is a classic silver that giving a luxury look on your hands.

3) This is a spotless budget watch to buy and get it teamed up with different attires giving an elegant look.

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 2.  Titan Raga Analog White Dial Women’s Watch


1) The oval, white dial watch has a golden band that again gives an extraordinary look to your attire.

2) It seems to be more of like a bracelet that shows up time.

3) Just like a diamond necklace is a woman’s fancy, a beautiful gold bracelet makes the wear look complete.

4) Buying this watch shall give you an incredible value for all the upcoming functions and parties.

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 3.  Titan Raga Brown Dial Watch


1) The uniquely designed brown colour watch is a immaculate match with any of the light colours of your dress.

2) The watch shall definitely add up to the dress and accessories.

3) It is an excellent find from a range of classy Titan watches known for its durability and elegance.

4) It has its own comfort and does not feel like a burden on the hands making is a prime choice of our accessories.

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 4.  Titan Raga Analog White Dial Women’s Watch – ND2331YM02


1) Gold is a colour that suits any colour you wear.

2) A golden watch can absolutely add up to your golden jewellery making you an attraction to the next function you go for.

3) Mounted into a majestic shape, the watch is unique and a fantastic choice to make.

4) The band material used here is stainless steel ensuring the durability of the product.

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 5.  Titan Analog Mop White Dial Women’s Watch – 2527WM01


1) The white dial watch is a huge recommendation of the shoppers who have had purchased the same.

2) The uniqueness and the beauty of the watches makes it really attractive.

3) It has a thin band with a perfect oval shape dial. The design put up on the watch is a major center of attraction.

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 6.  Titan Raga Analog White Dial Women’s Watch – NB2104YM01T


1) Another gold colour watch with a white dial here is a top suggestion for it can add a lot to your jewellery at rates lesser than what a silver set would have costed.

2) The watch is popular for both its durability and design.

3) It is one of the slimmest watch collections that you will ever find.

4) Its look is such that it transcends poise and gives a unique look to your attire.

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 7.  Titan Raga Analog Women’s Watch – 2457YM01


1) The strap is made up of solid metallic links which seems to be really awesome when you wear.

2) The dial is whitish silver in colour with an unusual and unique shape.

3) It is one of the most affordable and the most amazing watch for women to buy.

4) It feels like more of a bracelet that has a time piece added which is a must have as a part of your accessories.

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Final word

– These are the top seven suggestions that will make your purchases unique and worth.

– Within the range of 5000, these watches have utility and elegance of more than what it costs.

– They are seamless to be added to the closet.

– These collections are such that one can use them for any type of dress they wear.

– Be it ethnic or western; these watches perfectly match with all.

Choose your favourite design and get one today!

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