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Unique Melody Mext IEM Review – Rich Fun

Unique Melody, the brand based out of China is a well established Audio brand and has expertise in Custom Shell designing. They tend to provide some top of the line products in the premium price segment. Their flagship model is the Mest MKII and it got a nice response from the consumers. The Mext  is their mid-premium segment product having a unique driver configuration of combining dynamic, BA and a Bone Conduction Coil thus going in a Unique Way to compete against the competitors. 


DRIVER TYPESCoil Bone Conduction + Dynamic +Balanced Armature
DRIVER CONFIGURATION1 Coil OBC Driver + 1 Bass Dynamic Driver + 2 Mids BA Drivers + 2 Treble BA Drivers
CROSSOVER4-Way Crossover

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Usual resin body design with custom shell shaped profile. The body being light weight provides nice ergonomics to wear without any issues in the long run. The drivers can be seen slightly from outside and thanks to that gorgeous translucent body while the bone conduction coil can be seen evidently. 

The cable is pretty good with nice premium feels and has a good supple texture. It has a good selection of ear tips thus providing a nice isolation and seal to the ears. The case looks premium too with nice colour matching. A zipper lock for a secure package and the branding on the top of the case is neatly done.

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The sound of the Mext is more of a L shaped signature mostly focussing on the Low end aspect and the lower mid section and leaving out the upper mid section and the treble section. The sound is more on a fun side rather than being analytical and detailed. This IEM also has that Bone Conduction Coil inside the body hence the sound should be unique as the brand name says. Let’s check that out in detail in the following sections.


Even though it has that Bone Conduction System still the bass is not upto the mark in my opinion. Both the sub and the mid bass section tend to be combined with each other hence the separation between them is not evident. The reach of the sub bass is good but the overpowered mid bass section makes the sub bass subdued and doesn’t give a clear separation between those two sections.

The bass here is more of a full bodied, warm enough with great thump and attack. The speed being on the moderate level hence the rumble in the low end can be felt good. The bone conduction system in my opinion does nothing in the low end department. Those subtle vibrations those usually provide are missing that even my Enco Air 2 Pro TWS can provide sometimes.

Overall the bass is more on a fuller, bodied, attacking and lacks the separation between the sub and the mid bass section and also needs improvement on the overall clarity in the low end. They are well furnished in terms of Quantity but need more concentration over the quality too.

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The mid range in the Mext is slightly recessed but nothing more evident. The vocals are placed nice and front since the staging is slightly on the intimate side. The background instruments however feel subdued to that massive mid bass presence which is carried along to the mid range section.

The notes weight seems to be nice and thick while maintaining the timbre of the instruments to be as natural as possible. The separation of tracks in the mid range is good but definitely needs more improvement. If the mid bass section bloatedness has been reduced the mid range would have sounded more cleaner and detailed.

The lower mid section are emphasized quite a bit due to that mid bass presence while the upper mid section has not been concentrated. They sound duller and lack the luster. The female vocals don’t sound that great and have been tamed out. The piano notes have some good weight and tone while the acoustic guitar strings need a bit more brightness to add sparkle to the instrument.

Overall the mid range is recessed a bit especially the background instruments sounds sub dues and has less stage width hence they sound a bit crowded, the upper mid section needs more emphasis. The positive aspects are the good tone, lower mid range fullness.

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The treble section in the Mext is definitely not that great. They are tamed out a lot with average extension. The brilliance and shimmer in the top end are not that evident making them sound more darker. The strings and trumpets lack that sparkle hence nothing seems to be exciting or engaging in the treble section. 

The cymbal crashes sound moderate in terms of brightness, the attack and decay of those crashes seem to be well established. The detail retrieval in the top end is the disappointing aspect of this IEM where they could have been better since they use some high end drivers but that’s not the case here. The extension is limited hence the clarity and details in the top end is not that great.


STAGING: The staging in the Mext is intimate where the width and the height are average and the depth seems to be slightly bigger due to that massive bass response. The intimate stage helped in the forward vocal presentation but made the overall presentation not that grand enough. The separation struggled a bit in the low end and mid range due to this enclosed space.

IMAGING: Imaging is moderately good. The instruments are placed precisely but in some complex tracks they feel slightly fuzzy. The excessive bass response made the imaging quite difficult in the complex tracks. The channel sweep feels smooth and overall an average imaging in my experience.

The track separation and the detail retrieval are moderately good. They are not that great for the price but could have been better. The air presence and the extension are the aspects which let down the technical aspects in the Mext.

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Mext, the latest offering from the house of Unique Melody is a well tech packed IEM in the market. It has a unique driver combination of a dynamic driver, 4 balanced armatures and a single bone conduction coil for providing a nice realistic audio experience.

The sound of the Mext is nice with great bass emphasis and in simple terms they are more of a L shaped signature. The bass is powerful with more than enough quantity but needs a bit more refinement in terms of quality. The mid range is slightly recessed with intimate staging while the treble section is kept limited in terms of extension. The technical aspects of the IEM are average and need improvement in the detail retrieval and separation aspects. The imaging needs quite a bit of work to be done. 

The design is pretty usual with a full resin body and a 2 pin connector cable. Comes in only one termination and are no interchangeable termination available which is expected for this price. The body seems to be big since it houses three different types of drivers but still they are ergonomic enough. 

Overall the sound of the Mext will please the Bass liking customers but if you are more into refinement and clean sound output then this might disappoint you. For the price I expected a lot and that was what one would do. I would pick the KINERA URD as a competitor which is less than half of its price but still provides a nice same fun sound but in a more refined way!  This set provides some “RICH FUN ” yet needs some improvements in many aspects and I hope in the next iteration it will be solved.



  1. Full Bodied Sound
  2. Fuller Bass
  3. Tonality
  4. Design and Fit


  1. Intimate Staging
  2. Detail Retrieval
  3. Track Separation
  4. Restricted Upper Extension

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