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Venture Electronics Megatron DAC/AMP Review – Pocket Powerhouse

Venture Electronics, the brand based out of China is an underground brand but well established among the Audiophiles out there since the owner Lee is much more friendly and easy to approach, a great guy indeed! They have a wide range of products and the initial boost for their brand is the Monk earbuds. They have products like high end amplifiers, wired IEM’s etc and yet to enter the TWS market. 

Many audiophiles out there demanded a well engineered pocket sized dac amp that can run 250ohm headphones at ease that led to the birth of the powerhouse MEGATRON. In this review let’s check out how good this is and is it really engineered that well. 


ESS Sabre ES9018K2
Custom Amp module
303mW@33Ω 4.7 Vrms
4.4mm & 2.5mm BAL, 3.5mm SE
3.5mm AUX LO


The design of the Megatron is compact for a feature packed device but not so compact for a pocketable size. The full encasing is made out of aluminium with nice sturdy construction overall. The branding is done in a subtle way over the top cover. The ports are well aligned and have a very ease of access to the ports. The device is designed to work while charging by providing two type C ports for nice practicality. The device is powered ON just by connecting the device to the smartphone and there is a multifunction toggle switch used to configure between the line out and the direct out. 

Overall a pretty solid design language with ease of access across all the boards. The design could have been made even smaller to make it more pocket sized but considering all those features inside the package it’s not a big gripe to be considered.


  • The Megatron is very powerful in terms of power output where it can drive at a maximum power of 4.7Vrms
  • The Megatron is also designed to drive the high impedance and lower sensitivity earphones and headphones. They are not suitable for anything less than 64 ohm or sensitivity above 105dB hence the hissing sound appears prominently if the above cases are not met.
  • Has a PD charging support 
  • Power drawn from the host is kept at nominal range.
  • Has multiport capabilities – 2.5,3.5,4.4 mm outputs
  • Has a separate AUX support


The whole sound presentation provided by the megatron is more on the organic side with a much more mature sound and a great tone and timbre output. The technical aspects are met deliciously without any loss in that matter. The coherency aspect is met well too where the sound appears more coherent across all the frequency range. This output can be even compared with a lot of reference grade dac amps out there which are prices a lot higher than this.

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Talking about the frequency response the megatron was able to bring out each one of them beautifully. The overall tonality of the Megatron is warm and organic giving a very pleasing listen even for longer listening sessions.

First the bass, the sub bass reach here is pretty great with nice extension and reach. They do create quite a bit of rumble in the low end giving that nice satisfactory sensation. The texture, control and mature bass can be observed via the Megatron. 

The mid range is pretty neutral in the case of Megatron, they are very natural in terms of tonality and timbre. The separation and the layering effect is neatly brought out. The staging is made to appear pretty nice hence the instruments are placed at a nice expansive space with more room for the air to give a good sense of grand presentation. 

The treble section is nicely executed with good detail retrieval in the top end also showing the nice brilliance and shimmer factor of the connected earphones. The cymbal crashes and attacks seem to be precise in terms and the stringed instruments do have that natural tone. The top end extension is pretty good giving an engaging experience overall. 

Talking about the technical aspects, the detail retrieval, track separation, imaging and the layering are brought out precisely. Even the staging appears to be pretty big where a big room of space has been displayed out during the presentation. Both the macro detail and the micro details are brought out in great fashion.

PAIRINGS: The Megatron would pair nicely with the IEMs or headphones which has a neutral to bright sound signature since this provides a nice warm tone thus providing an overall pleasing listen with your favourite products. 


Megatron, the latest offering from the house of Venture Electronics is a well rounded pocket package for people who wish to drive their high impedance and lower sensitivity headphones with a portable option. The design even though is  not that pocket it’s still more a portable option considering the technical aspects they carry.

Talking about the design they are made out of aluminium hard case with nice overall sturdiness. The controls seem to be less furnished but they work charmingly. The negative aspect is the missing volume control where you need to depend on the smartphone for accessing the volume. The line out, headphone outputs and the charging port are nicely placed. It has separate ports for charging and data transfer hence you can charge and stream simultaneously. The power draw from the host appeared to be very minimal!

The sound output of the Megatron is more organic and warm with excellent timbre presentation. The technical aspects appear to be pretty superior compared to the dac amps available at this price point. The micro, macro details, separation, imaging, layering, staging every aspect are made to appear grand and thus the whole presentation appeared grandeur. Has an excellent mature bass response, neutral  mid range and a well extended detailed treble section. 

The gripes with this product would be the engineering where its not suitable for less impedance and higher sensitivity earphones which would cause a persistent and prominent hissing, missing volume control.

Overall the Megatron is a POCKET POWERHOUSE which is definitely a great addition to every audiophiles collection since this will power your favourite high end headphones to be run just via the Smartphone, an excellent pocket option.



  1. Organic and Warm Signature
  2. Pocket Powerhouse rated at 4.7Vrms
  3. Multiport outlet
  4. Line Out Option
  5. Great deliverance of Technical Aspects
  6. Price


  1. Hissing with low impedance and higher sensitivity products
  2. No individual volume control

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.

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