Is It Worth To Buy The New Acer Spin 7 Notebook ?

For many of us, the charm of convertible laptops has died down thanks to the low performance specifications and the skimpy plastic bundles that most manufacturers could afford. The Acer Spin 7 is an omission of everything wrong with convertibles, but is it worth shedding ₹ 124900 ?

First impressions

Acer Spin 7 Notebook LaptopWe all must admit, it’s a gorgeous convertible. The lid comes off smoothly to reveal the full HD display. The chassis is solid aluminium, there’s no creaking or bending. The 14’’ display is almost borderless but we did expect more than a 1920×1080 resolution for this price, even the iPad air has a 1530 x 2048 display !

The screen goes 360 degrees all the way to make this a, sort of, tablet, a 14’’ tablet ! The weight of a mere 1.2 Kg makes it a fairly comfortable Tab.

The keyboard is great, it seems magical to have such a great travel in such a slim device, it’s a proper full size keyboard with a reasonable spacing between the keys.

We really loved the minimalistic design of this convertible, it truly means business there’s absolutely nothing that you don’t need. As a laptop, there’s a great keyboard and a fairly large trackpad, as a tab, there’s just the touch screen. All that feels very good in that full metallic casing.

Best Buy at Flipkart

Performance & Specifications

Acer Spin 7 Notebook LaptopNow, this is where you’ll probably think this laptop is a bit overpriced. The convertible is powered by the intel core i7, 7th gen clocked at 1.3GHz which can go upto 3.6GHz with turbo boost. Considering the small heat-sink in this device, we don’t expect the processor to be at its full bandwidth most of the time.

Graphics are a standard integrated intel HD 615 graphics, now before we tell you that the laptop could render only 7 frames per second for battlefield, bear in mind that this is a fanless laptop, it will be silent running but it just ain’t for gaming !

250GB is not much, even though it’s an SSD, 256GB of storage is laughable for this price point. We must admit though, the boot up time is very quick, rapid actually and the overall performance is also very snappy thanks to the solid state drive coupled with 8GB RAM.

The convertible comes pre-installed with windows 10, 64bit which has a great touch screen UI. Its 4 cell battery can deliver UPTO 8 hours of power backup.

Acer Spin 7 Notebook LaptopConnectivity Options

There’ll be only 2 ports on the entire machine INCLUDING the charging port. Designers today have to get very creative in order to save space. The USB type C slot can give USB 3.1 speeds for data transfer and one of the slots double up as the charging port for the laptop. Acer has included an HDMI adaptor to connect to external display. Acer has also included a USB type C to type A adaptor to enable you to connect to your existing devices.

Wireless connectivity is pretty robust, 2×2 MU-MIMO (Multiple User-Multi Input Multi Output) wireless with bluetooth 4.1. Should give you very fast wireless speeds with the optical fibre networks which are the inevitable future.

Acer Spin 7 Notebook LaptopShould you buy it ?

It may be a little bit of disappointment when it comes to specifications but if you leave that aside for a moment, you have a great entertainment rig with its full HD display and dolby sound, a quick and snappy machine thanks to its SSD and a great touch screen. All of that runs absolutely silent in the 0.43’’ thick full metal casing.

Best Buy at Flipkart.

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