Best Powerful and Efficient Air Coolers in India 2024

Last updated on March 31st, 2024 at 02:50 pm

After years of personal testing and numerous visits to showrooms, I’ve come to realize that not all air coolers are created equal. My journey has involved scrutinizing a plethora of options, ranging from locally crafted metal models to modern plastic variants.

I have fond memories of my childhood summers spent with a trusty metal air cooler. Before the era of air conditioners, it was our go-to solution for staying cool and comfortable. Positioned outside the window, it would efficiently channel refreshing air into our home. What made it even better was its affordability in terms of repairs. Any local electrician could easily handle any issues that arose.

Repair Costs and Issues

However, in today’s world dominated by brands like Symphony, the repair process has become more complicated. While Symphony air coolers can still be repaired locally, the task of removing the motor presents a significant hassle. Consequently, few electricians are willing to undertake the job. Moreover, the costs associated with brand service visits, Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs), and replacement parts often skyrocket, sometimes reaching half or more of the cooler’s original price.

Metal Vs Plastic

Indeed, plastic air coolers boast impressive power and are well-suited for contemporary homes with restricted space. In contrast, metal desert air coolers demand more open areas to effectively circulate cool air, highlighting a key consideration for optimal cooling efficiency.

AspectMetal Air CoolerPlastic Air Cooler
Customization OptionsCan be paintedLimited
Motor/Pump CapacityHigher capacity possibleLimited capacity
Aesthetics / LooksPoorLooks Premium
RepairingEasy / CheapCostly
StabilityStableMay shake or vibrate when in use

Don’t buy Cheap Plastic Air Coolers

When you buy an air cooler, the idea is to keep cool without spending too much on electricity like you would with an AC. But if you get a cheap air cooler that doesn’t cool much, you might end up using the AC a lot, and that means big bills anyway. So, it’s smarter to spend a bit more on a good air cooler from the start. It’ll save you money in the long run and keep you comfy during hot weather.

Buying Metal Desert Air Cooler

This metal duct air cooler was my recent purchase, at the time I was living on 3rd top floor so I needed a powerful cooling solution in cheaper price. Duct coolers are trend now as they perform better than the traditional 3 sided metal coolers and provide better cooling.

You can easily get this type of air cooler for 6000 to 8000 depending upon the capacity.

Things to insure from seller:

  • Get 1 year warranty on motor and pump
  • Make sure it’s copper winded motor
  • Test it at the shop
  • Buy from a trusted seller near your house

Plastic or Fiber Air Cooler

Shubham Garg testing air coolers

This pic was when I was living on 1st floor back in my hometown.

Small Vs Big Plastic Air Coolers

I’ve tried out both large and small plastic air coolers.

The small ones work well if you’re sitting in a chair and can position the cooler to blow air directly at you from a short distance. They don’t reach far and aren’t ideal for sleeping. They’re really just suitable for one person at most.

But if you want better cooling and something that can replace an AC, go for the bigger models. Just make sure your room has good ventilation to prevent humidity buildup. If there’s not enough space, consider installing a strong exhaust fan for optimal cooling.

Ventialltion alternative

Remember it won’t cool your room without proper ventilation. So, if you feel the need then get an exhaust fan installed in your room’s upper side or at a window.

Which Big Plastic Air Cooler To Buy?

Symphony MOVICOOL L 125

If you’re looking for the ultimate plastic air cooler, this one takes the crown. It’s big and powerful, yet it fits perfectly in a decent-sized room—measuring 2.85 feet deep, 1.44 feet wide, and 4.59 feet tall.

I had the chance to try it out in the showroom, and it left a strong impression on me. Its power was impressive, and I could easily picture it keeping me cool enough for a good night’s sleep, even on the third floor.

If you’re serious about finding an alternative to an air conditioner that can effectively cool your room, this is the one to go for. Plus, it’s quieter than metal air coolers and ensures even distribution of water for consistent comfort.

Biggest Cons

Only 1 year warranty and repairs aren’t cheap. So possibly buy extended warranty.

Price is 20k but in my opinion worth it.

Symphony Sumo Review India

Symphony Sumo 75 XL

If you’re looking for a decent solution without breaking the bank, consider this option priced at around ₹13,000, a significant saving compared to ₹20,000 alternatives.

I’ve personally tested this model both at home and in showrooms, and its performance stands out. In comparison to other brands with similar capacity, I find this one to be more powerful. Its large circular outlet at the front delivers a stronger and more effective airflow, surpassing competitors with smaller circular or rectangular outlets.

Better and thicker honeycomb pads.

Biggest Cons

Again, only 1 year warranty and repairs aren’t cheap. So possibly buy extended warranty.

Check Price : Amazon

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