11 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 in India

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Searching for the best bluetooth earphone under 2000 ?

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Without the 3.5mm headphone jack nowhere to be seen on some of the modern smartphones, it is about time to get a new pair of Bluetooth earphones.

Besides the bigger names in the industry, some of the newer players also make quality Bluetooth earphones and that too for a price that is affordable by all.

You might not want to do the tedious job of finding the best one for you, so we have done that part on your behalf. This is a list of top 10 wireless Bluetooth earphones includes all the products that are not only great for the sound output but also offer a great value for your money. 

Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs 2000

My personal preference – One Plus > Sony > Oppo > Realme > JBL > Mi > Boat > Leaf > Tagg.

Here you go:

1. OnePlus Bullets Wireless

These are the ones that I would buy for myself.

These OnePlus Wireless Z has taken the wireless earphone market by storm , they are just so popular. You must be familiar with OnePlus if you have heard of OnePlus smartphones.

1) They come with warp charge technology , which 10 hours of music in a mere 10 minute charge.

2) They come with easy pairing to your smartphone and switch easily between connected devices.

3) These come with 9.2 mm dynamic driver and super bass tone , which provide you a rich and crisp sound experience.

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4) Sweat and Water resistant , so you can easily use them during work outs and exercises.

All in all , I love the design and looks. They are available in various colors , while the sound driver is also better as compared to existing ones in market. Plus the fast warp charge is simply awesome.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

2. Sony WI-C200

These are the new number one in our list , earlier they were priced above 2k range , but now their price has come down. When you get a brand like Sony for this low , you can’t resist.

Full Review : Sony WI C200 Wireless In Ear Headphones Full Review


1) They come with 15 hour battery life and quick charge technology , magnetic earbuds for easy carrying.

2) 9 mm driver units for punchy and deep bass and built in mic for hands free calling , plus 3 button controller remote.

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3) Two more great features are the comfortable behind the neck design and voice assistant feature , you can get instant access to Siri or Google assistant.

4) 1 year warranty.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon


A fierce new competitor to the line up. One unique thing is that it comes with a Bass mode , which is said to provide really good bass.

1) I have also head praises for it’s noise cancellation , which you don’t find in other ones.

2) Mind you this comes with LDAC with Hi Res Audio Certification , so you can expect some pretty good sound from these.

3) It gets paired up quickly and comfort is alright.

4) The come with IPX5 rating for water and dust resistance , plus 12 months of warranty.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

4. Realme Buds Wireless

Well for one , these are said to be tuned and optimized by Alan Walker and Realme team. To give you the best music and bass experience.

Full Review : Realme Buds Wireless Earphones 1 Year Usage Review


1) Realme boasts a 12 hour of listening time after one full charge. So it should last at least 10 hours even if played at high volume.

2) Large 11.2 mm bass boost driver , which is great as other brands only offer 9 mm or 10 mm drivers only.

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3) These are made of premium metal , skin friendly silica and nickel titanium alloy. Which is better then other plastic models out there.

4) You can just turn these off by snapping them together from backside via magnetic fast pair technology. Just separate them when in use.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon 


I tested these HIFIMAN BW200 wireless earphones a few weeks back and I can’t hide it , that I loved their sound quality. If talking purely about sound quality , they might beat every other wireless earphone in this list. Built quality was also robust , I did found them a bit heavy though.

If you are focused on enjoying those beats and want a great listening experience then these might be for you. HIFIMAN is known for making high quality audio products , since decades. It makes me happy that they are launching their quality products in Indian market at a very competitive price.


This HIFIMAN BW200 boasts a 2 remote design , which gives stability and possibly better sound reproduction , enabling a great sound for listener. These are quite long , a bit heavy but comfortable.

When using these , you will hear clear bass and treble. The battery life is decent , offering a 12 hour of playtime with quick charge inbuilt. These are water resistant , magnetic earbuds with an inbuilt mic.

I will recommend these for people looking to get a great audio experience under 2000 , which is a great price for these.

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6. Infinity (JBL) Glide 120

Another quality pick from JBL Infinity , this brand is domination a lot of budget audio segment with their quality products.

These are metal casing earphones with a 12 mm dynamic driver which is bigger than the picks above.

These are quite comfortable with soft eartips and the well designed neckband which sits well , don’t even pop out while exercising.

The bass is there but not too much , while enjoy the music quality. It’s a bit lacking in highs as compared to Realme. Although it comes with 2 modes – normal and deep bass mode.

This is a bit cheaper as compared to other picks above , it comes with BT 5.0 and IPX5 Sweatproof , which is great for this price.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

7. Boat Rockerz 255 

(IPX5 Water & Sweat Resistance)

boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

1) This company has created its reputation of having some of the best earphones and headphones but at a price that many can afford.

2) As mentioned earlier, they sound really great and bass on these earphones is alright.

3) Active noise cancelling is also present.

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4) Over the Bluetooth 4.1, you can run these earphones for about 6-8 hours straight without having to charge them midway.

5) There is an in-line microphone to let you take and end calls.

Check Latest Price : Amazon

8. Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic  

1) Recently launched by Mi , a wireless earphones in budget range. These earphones are targeted towards fitness and sports use.

2) There is a 360 degree rotatable earhook , which can be adjusted as per your comfort and shape of ear.

3) Mi claims to a 9 hr battery life , after fully charged once.

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4) Sound is great , music is enjoyable. But bass is medium , so don’t expect too much of bass.

5) What makes these earphones stand out more , is their futuristic design and looks.

9. Leaf Ear 

Leaf Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Best Form Factor, great for sports

1) For the people who don’t like a large hook around their ears, then Leaf Bluetooth earphones can be a perfect solution.

2) To bring a snug fit to the earphones, the company has included in-ear hooks that fit inside your ears without bothering you much.

3) It has a metallic unibody and soft ear tips for the most comfortable music listening session.

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4) These earphones have noise cancelling and are compatible with all kinds of devices, be it Android, iOS, or your laptop.

5) They offer a top-notch audio output with a deep bass and a better stereo effect with the noise cancellation.

6) You can play music on this earphone for over 8 hours on a single charge.

Check Latest Price : Amazon

10. TAGG Inferno 

TAGG Inferno Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

1) The Bluetooth earphones that offer the best value for your money are the TAGG Inferno.

2) Perfect for all types of scenarios, these earphones have ear hooks to keep them in place while you are doing some kind of activity, like running.

3) Plus, the single wire goes behind your neck, so it wouldn’t come in your way.

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4) With one full charge, these Bluetooth earphones shall last you for over 8 hours of continuous music playback.

5) The best part is that the earphones are sweatproof, so you need not worry about them getting damaged while you exercise.

6) The company has included a carry case inside the box along with the additional ear tips.

Check Latest Price : Amazon

 11.  Samsung Level U 

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headset

1) Samsung’s take in the Bluetooth earphones market is a bit different from what others do.

2) The Level U earphones from Samsung come with a neckband that sits on your neck and shoulders to hold the earphones in place.

3) The other benefit of this neckband is that the company add extra battery capacity.

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4) With all the tech placed inside that band, the earphones are lightweight with all the comfort you need. And for the neckband, you won’t even feel if it’s there.

5) While these are premium earphones from Samsung, they have received a price cut and are now available at a really good price.

6) Samsung is offering a warranty of 6 months on this product.

Check Latest Price : Amazon

Other Competition

CrossBeats Raga 

CrossBeatsTM Raga Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

1) Built for all kinds of ear sizes, the CrossBeats Bluetooth earphones have ear hooks that can adjust according to your ears giving a perfect fit.

2) The all-around rubber finish further helps in keeping the earphones right where they belong. They also have a pretty amazing battery that helps them last for over 8 hours of continuous playback.

3) While that fit is necessary for your gym sessions, the earphones also have a great noise cancellation that ensures only your music reaches you.

4) All the controls are built right into the earphones and you don’t need to open your phone to change the volume, take and end calls, etc.

5) The company is giving a warranty for 1 year along with a lifetime support.

Check Latest Price : Amazon

 TaoTronics BH07 

TaoTronics BH07 Sweatproof Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones

1) These are one of the best-looking Bluetooth earphones in this list with their minimal design.

2) The earbuds and the control unit house all the necessary things needed to run the earphones and they are not at all bulky.

3) For an added convenience, the company has included magnets on the earbuds, so that they can tuck together when they are hanging loose on your neck.

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4) TaoTronics has ensured that you don’t face any issue in pairing these earphones and they support instant pairing for all your devices.

5) Inside the box, you will be getting a few extra pairs of ear tips and hooks alongside the earphone unit itself. You can get them in many colours of your choice.

Check Latest Price : Amazon

 Future X 

Future X 4.1 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

1) Similar to the Samsung one mentioned above, these earphones from Future have a neckband that adds to the overall experience of the Bluetooth earphones.

2) While the neckband sits on your shoulders and neck, you can comfortably put the earphones on without fearing of them falling off.

3) Plus, all the controls are built into the neckband and they are easily accessible too.

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4) Yet again, their design includes ear hooks that ensure a snug fit. The company has made use of metal design for the body that is also sweatproof for the best experience.

5) With its amazing sound performance, you can play music on it for as long as 8 hours straight. And it has a long Bluetooth range of 30 feet!

Check Latest Price : Amazon

 Soundpeats Qy7 Mini 

Soundpeats Qy7 Earphones

1) People looking for sports earphones can stop right here and have a look at these earphones from Soundpeats.

2) Designed for exercise, these earphones are not only lightweight but also fit quite well inside your ear.

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3) The ear hooks inside the ears provide a comfortable fit and they are great for wearing for longer durations.

4) These earphones support multiple connections at once and come with all the things that you would ever need inside the box, including a clip for cable, extra ear tips and hooks, along with a carry case.

5) The company includes a custom sound engine that makes it one of the better earphones in its range.

Check Latest Price : Amazon

 Skullcandy Jib 

Skullcandy Jib Wireless In-Ear Earphones

1) A rather popular name has a great product in the budget range of Bluetooth earphones.

2) Their product is low in weight as its earbuds are of normal size while all the heavy things stay in the in-line cylindrical unit that would sit on your neck.

3) It is a small and compact earphone that is as light as any of the other wired earphones.

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4) Like you’d expect from Skullcandy, these earphones sound really good and you can play music on them for hours without being uncomfortable.

5) The battery of this earphone lasts for about 6 hours on a single charge. The company makes them available in a bunch of bright colours that you can choose from.

Check Latest Price : Amazon

Top Budget Bluetooth Earphone Brands in India?

  • Sony
  • One Plus
  • Oppo
  • Realme
  • Boat
  • Mi
  • Soundpeats
  • Skullcandy
  • Boult
  • Leaf

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