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10 Best 2 Ton Split AC in India (2021)

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When the summers are at their peak, the need for a larger capacity air conditioner is felt that can instantly start flowing cool air to save you from the harsh sun outside.

A huge range of products of such variety is made available by the top companies to address your varied needs but it makes even harder for the consumer to choose from all of them.

To make the process a little easier for you, we have curated a list of best 2 ton air conditioners currently available in the market.

Top 10 Best 2 Ton Split AC in India

They are all a part of the latest 2018 series of products from each company and you can’t go wrong with any of these air conditioners.

 1.  LG JS-Q24AUXA1

(2 Ton,3 Star Inverter Split AC)

LG 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

1) The best air conditioner that you can go for in this category is this model from LG that is packed with feature.

2) For homes with large rooms, this AC will work like a charm given its 2 ton capacity and the included inverter compressor ensures energy efficiency.

3) LG has fitted some high-quality dust filters to keep indoor air pollution free.

4) It comes with a special mode to comfort you during the Indian monsoon season, plus there is a Himalaya cool feature that instantly starts flowing chilled air throughout the room.

5) This 3-star rated has an added energy saving mode to keep your bills low and offers stabilizer free operation.

6) LG has included a low refrigerant detector and offers a warranty of 10 years on the compressor.

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 2.  Voltas 243V EZL

(2 Ton,3 Star Inverter Split AC)

Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

1) Coming from a brand like Voltas, you can stay assured that you’ll be getting the best-in-class product experience along with an excellent after-sales support.

2) The air conditioner itself includes an elegant design with a dual-tone finish with a hidden display placed in the centre that is large enough to be legible.

3) Its 2 ton capacity means quick cooling during hot days covering a larger area.

4) Self diagnosis is a feature built right into the product that helps you know about any issue much before they cause serious problems.

5) With that, you are also getting sleep mode, turbo mode, and swing feature, while the remote controller comes with glowing buttons for an easier access during nights.

6) The product’s compressor is covered under a warranty of 5 years.

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 3.  Blue Star 5HW24MA

(2 Ton,3 Star Split AC)

Blue Star Split Air Conditioner

1) A part of the latest range of split air conditioners from Blue Star, you are getting one of the best products from the company.

2) For an instant chilling, the 2 ton capacity of this AC will be great for spaces like your bedrooms or offices where a larger area needs to be cooled at a faster rate.

3) Rated with 3 stars, you can expect it to bring a great level of energy efficiency.

4) You can easily use the included remote controller to set on and off timers and manage the airflow, which comes packed with a wide-angle feature for covering the entire room evenly.

5) The panels and filters are easy to clean and the thermostat has been designed to remain freeze-free.

6) Blue Star offers a 5-year warranty on the AC’s compressor.

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(2 Ton,3 Star Split AC)

IFB 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC

1) This model is probably one of the best products coming out of IFB, especially considering how powerful it is.

2) With its 2 ton capacity, along with a powerful built-in fan, the AC is able to not only provide you with cool air almost instantly but also throws it at up to 30 feet across the room.

3) Energy loss is prevented with the use of copper which ultimately helps in faster cooling.

4) IFB has coated the evaporators with titanium to repel any dust or water and has included a 6-stage bio clean air filters to keep the air inside your room pollution free.

5)  The 3-star-rated AC features a large hidden display on the front to display vital information and comes with a brand warranty of 5 years for the compressor.

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 5.  Voltas 243 CZO1

(2 Ton,3 Star Split AC)

Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC

1) Possibly the most elegant looking AC in this list, Voltas has truly created a near-perfect AC in this range.

2) The company has incorporated its own technologies to ensure faster cooling even when the temperature outside goes beyond 50 degree Celsius.

3) A large display has been included on the front which is built into the front panel itself further adding to its look.

4) During the monsoon season, you will be able to use the AC to dehumidify your room while you can also set on and off timers along with the included sleep mode feature that keeps the cooling at an optimum level.

5) Keeping your health at the forefront, the AC deploys a 4-stage filtration process to remove odours and dust.

6) It is a 3-star rated product and comes with a warranty of 5 years for the compressor.

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 6.  Whirlpool 2T MagiCool 

(2 Ton,3 Star Inverter Split AC)

Whirlpool 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

1) If you are looking for an AC with a larger capacity then this product from Whirlpool should solve your purpose.

2) This 2 ton AC will be able to cool a large-sized room of up to 180 square feet, that too at a much faster rate than other lower-capacity ACs using the 6th Sense FastCool technology.

3) An IntelliSense Inverter compressor has also been included for this purpose.

4) To save you from loud noise, the company has kept the noise level in check and you can use the AC without the need for an external stabilizer.

5) Features like turbo mode have been included that helps you cool the room even at high temperatures outside.

6) It is a 3-star-rated AC and its compressor comes with a warranty of 10 years.

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 7.  Carrier Esko Pro

(2 Ton,2 Star Split AC)

Carrier 2 Ton 2 Star Split AC

1) Offering a better value than other air conditioners in this range, this product from Carrier also includes a pollution filter than keeps PM 2.5 particles away to keep your room’s air clean.

2) Auto restart is supported is supported by this AC which also comes with louver position memory.

3) The AC itself can operate in extreme temperature and is designed to keep rust at bay.

4) An LED display on the front is large enough to show you all the required information at a single glance.

5) The company has also included a refrigerant leakage detector that will alert you much before it reaches a severe level.

6) With this product, you can even set your favourite mode with any preferred settings that can be activated with a single button.

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 8.  Toshiba RAS-24BKVC-IN

(2 Ton,4 Star Inverter Split AC)

Toshiba 2 Ton, 4 star Inverter Split Copper

1) Better known for making It products, Toshiba also makes consumer durables including air conditioners.

2) This model is from the company’s latest 2018 series and is one of the best rated – at 4 stars – for energy efficiency, thanks to its inverter compressor.

3) The indoor unit has a simple design and includes a small display for showing vital information.

4) Its 2 ton capacity means a larger area can be cooled with this single unit and it can allow for an airflow of up to 17 meters, which is unmatched.

5) With the help of the included remote, the AC is quite easy to operate and is good for faster cooling speeds.

6) The company has also included self-cleaning feature and the coil is coated with resin for added benefits.

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 9.  Hitachi TOUSHI 3100f

(2 Ton,2 Star Split AC)

Hitachi 2.0 Ton 2 Star Split AC

1) This air conditioner comes with the trust of this Japanese brand giving you a better product experience along with after sales support.

2) An AC of 2 ton capacity is ideal for larger rooms and in areas where the sunshine is the brightest to let you cool down the room almost instantly.

3) The included remote controller comes with a backlit display for use during the night.

4) Awarded with a 2-star rating, this AC from Hitachi is energy efficient enough to not give you any bill shocks.

5) The company has included some features like soft dry, cool mode, auto fan speed, and the AC also comes with a silent mode to help you have a better sleep.

6) It is covered with a warranty of 5 years for the compressor.

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 10.  Voltas 245 DY

(2 Ton,3 Star Split AC)

Voltas 245 DY Split AC

1) The Tata company has made a complete package in the form of this 2 ton air conditioner that comes packed with a number of features that you’ll find useful.

2) Voltas has included three filters to keep the air in your room pollution free, so the AC also takes care of your health besides cooling the room.

3) The indoor unit has a central LED display and features self-diagnosis and auto restart.

4) Coming to the remote controller, it comes with a backlit display and even the buttons are backlit to let you use it in pitch dark.

5) Using it, you can control features like sleep mode, turbo mode, AC’s swing, lock, reset, and timer.

6) Thanks to its 3-star rating, you can expect a great power saving considering it is a 2 ton AC.

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  1. I’ve 300sft room size and i was thinking to go with Mitsubishi heavy duty 2.2 ton can you suggest me now should I go for this or lg which you says LG JS-Q24AUXA1

  2. I have 220 sqft room and direct sunlight on 2 walls height of walls 10 feet so for which ac should i go? And i m not gonna use it continue so inverter or non inverter ac ?plz do reply

  3. hi i have 400 SQ drawing-room, which AC you can suggest. Also considering this big size which AC(Inverter/non-inverter) do you recommend.

  4. Around 425,square feet shop in shop there will be one three door and one small fridge height 10.00 feet what you suggest

    • I will recommend Daikin – https://amzn.to/3iBXbCM
      You can choose to install one and see how it does cooling , then later see which part isn’t getting cooled or if there’s a smaller glass office then buy an extra 1 ton AC for that part.

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