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10 Best Pedestal Fans in India

The harsh Indian summer has already started to raise the mercury pretty high and we’re still not in the peak season. What you need to do is arm your house with all the gadgets and electronics that can save you from this heat and give you a cosy environment while you work or have some rest.

Pedestal fans are a crucial part of that equation as the kind of portability they offer is nearly impossible to ask for from other products like air conditioners and ceiling fans.

During the season, many even prefer to sleep on their open terrace with particularly especially a pedestal fan to run all night. Modern pedestal fans have changed quite a bit in the recent past and you can get some of the most aesthetically pleasing yet functional fans without having to spend a ton.

Here are some of the best pedestal fans that you can buy right now.

1) American Micronic AMI-PFT-55WDx 400mm Imported Pedestal Fan

(Budget Option)

American Micronic AMI-PFT-55WDx 400mm Imported Pedestal Fan


For its price, and even otherwise, this pedestal fan from American Micronic is an excellent product which offers quite a lot of features.

It doesn’t have wheels attached to its base to move it around, but there is a height adjusting mechanism & uniform oscillation function plus timer function that you can set for 120 minutes.

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Another great quality of this fan is an automatic oil reservoir that lubricates the motor to extend its life. Its 55W motor can run at 3-speed settings and the company is offering a warranty of 1 year on whole product.


Being an imported pedestal fan, the package goes through a lot of rough handling which has resulted in broken or faulty parts for some users. In any such situation, you might need to go through an exchange process.

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2) ANSIO 400mm High-Speed Pedestal Fan

ANSIO High Speed Pedestal Fan with 2 Hour Timer 400 mm


One of the fastest pedestal fans on this list, the ANSIO fan has a copper motor that can run at a speed of 2300 RPM which is much higher than conventional products.

Oscillation is supported up to 80 degrees and you can adjust fan head vertically too while also being able to adjust its height.

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For adjusting the fan speed, you have three options and you can even set a 2-hour auto turn-off timer. The company is offering a warranty of 2 years on this product.


The USP of this fan is definitely its high-speed nature but that also comes with a couple of disadvantages—increased electricity consumption and loud noise when running at full speed. This model doesn’t come with a remote controller.

Check Price : Amazon

3) Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fans

(Quality Option)

Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fan


If all you need is a plug and play pedestal fan that does the basic job and does it well then Havells V3 Yurbo is a fantastic fan for your house.

This 3-blade fan has a large 450mm head with its motor running at a maximum speed of 1400RPM giving you a comfortable sleep in the scorching heat.

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It is designed for heavy-duty loads and can sustain low voltage and thermal overload while being able to oscillate to deliver air across a big room.


Havells hasn’t included any advanced feature and the lack of adjustable fan speed is the most annoying part.

With that, there is no remote controller included either. The noise from this fan is above average and might bother a few people.

Check Price : Amazon

4) Orient 400mm Stand 32 Pedestal Fan’

Orient Pedestal Fan 400 MM Stand 32 Grey


A major name in the fan industry, Orient has a remarkable pedestal fan in its catalogue that is designed to give you some relief from this summer.

The base of the fan has wheels installed for you to move it around without having to pick it up.

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Some basic controls are included on the pedestal itself and the fan head supports height adjustment, vertical tilt mechanism, and an oscillation feature that goes up to 90 degrees.


Assembling this pedestal fan isn’t the best and easiest process for being done by yourself. Being made out of plastic, the fan is more prone to breakage when compared to an older metal pedestal fan. Also, given its budget pricing, you won’t be getting a remote controller.

5) Usha Helix Pro 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha Helix Pro High Speed 400MM Pedestal Fan


Coming from a brand like Usha, you can rest assured when it comes to product quality and after-sales support.

This is a high-speed performance model and can run at a maximum speed of 2300 RPM offering an improved airflow throughout your room.

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The company has included a superior tilting mechanism that works without having to be forceful.

Below the fan head, there are four buttons that help you turn the fan on or off and set the fan speed as per your preference.

A warranty of 2 years comes included with the product.


It comes with a basic set of functionalities and doesn’t offer any advanced features.

There is no remote controller provided by Usha with this pedestal fan, plus, there is no timer feature as well. Given the lack of advanced features, the price could be a little lower.

6) Havells 400mm Tourner Rotatable Pedestal Fan

(Premium Grade)

Havells 400 MM TOURNER WHITE PEDESTRAL FAN 3 Blade Pedestal Fan


Packed with a ton of features, this Havells pedestal fan is one of the best ones available in the market.

The most unique feature of the fan is its 360-degree swivel and you can even move it vertically in both directions and it can even face straight upwards!

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The built-in control panel offers a range of options to customise it as per your needs while a remote controller also comes included.

This is a 60W fan with its motor running at 1200RPM and its speed can be adjusted to your desired level. 

Even at its fastest, the fan is noise-free and wouldn’t bother you while you are asleep. The 5-blade fan offers 8-hour timer and comes with a 2-year warranty.


Compared to other models, the pricing of this pedestal fan seems to be on the higher side. Like most modern products, this one too is made out of polycarbonate, which may not be as sturdy as metal.

Check Price : Amazon

7) Panasonic F-40XSA-G 400mm Slide Pedestal Fan

(Budget Option)

Panasonic F-40XSA-G 400mm Slide Pedestal Fan


A premium-looking fan from Panasonic, the product can prove to be ideal if you want a fan that has a shorter height.

Despite its short height, the company has included a 5-step height adjustment system that allows you to customise it based on the room’s setting.

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It is a noise-less fan and is great for office rooms with its fan speed changeable at 3 levels.

The company is offering a warranty of 2 years on this pedestal fan.


Given the fan’s lower height, you wouldn’t find it useful if your normal seating area is anything higher than the point it maxes out at.

The motor speed isn’t too high giving a medium air throw as it is designed for quiet areas. You cannot control it with a remote controller.

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8) V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan


For its price, V-Guard has given a range of smart features that will make the pedestal fan’s usage a lot easier.

The wind speed can be selected from three options—natural, sleep, and normal—with all of them having different functions.

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The company has provided a thermal overload protector and a 1-year warranty with the product.

A remote controller comes included with the fan which also has a 7.5-hour timer feature.


The included motor of this fan runs at a maximum speed of 1350 RPM which isn’t enough for all the people and those looking for somewhat higher performance should look elsewhere. Besides this, the durability of this product in the long term has also been questioned by some users.

Check Price : Amazon

9) Flipkart SmartBuy 3-Blade Pedestal Fan

(Budget Option)

Flipkart SmartBuy 3 Blade Pedestal Fan


Coming from the house of Flipkart, this is a smart-looking pedestal fan that will add to the aesthetics of your room.

Its speed can be controlled using the onboard button panel and it consumes not more than 60 watts of power at any given time.

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The plastic body has its advantage as the fan is corrosion resistant and supports oscillation feature. Flipkart will be supporting this product for 2 years.


Some people might find the fan speed to be sub-par if you are expecting a strong air flow.

Though the base is heavy enough to support the fan it’s running at its full speed, the overall body isn’t particularly sturdy.

10) Usha Aerolux 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha Aerolux 400mm 30-Watt Pedestal Fan with Remote


With budget no bar, Usha has a great product in the premium segment that is minimally designed to be placed in a modern house or an office.

Along with its striking design, the fan comes with an LED display placed within the control panel while you can also use the included remote controller.

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Even when running at maximum speed, the fan remains noise-free.

There is an 8-hour programmable timer included with pre-set options and auto-shut feature after 12 hours.


Price is the biggest factor that can deter you from getting this pedestal fan.

Apart from the price, the fan uses a very low RPM motor to keep the noise levels down in areas like offices.

As a result, it cannot offer high air flow and can be used for air circulation in an air-conditioned room.

Check Price : Amazon

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