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Searching for the best Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine ?

When it comes to consumer electronics, there are a number of companies competing against each other with their huge portfolio of products.

It is quite natural for you to get confused among all of them, or even worse, you may not be able to find a perfect product in the first place.

This list should help you out if you are out in the market searching for a great fully automatic top loading washing machine.

Top 10 Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines

 1  Bosch 6.5 Kg 


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Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

1) The best fully automatic washing machine in our list is from Bosch that offers an excellent feature set for a price that is fairly affordable.

2) Providing complete value for money. If your looking for something that will last for years then this is it.

2) Being a German brand you can expect quality from Bosch products and this one costs quite less.

3) Works at low noise and provides great cleaning.

4) It comes with all the modern features like child lock , magic filter and low water pressure is also no problem.

5) 2 years warranty on product, 10 years warranty on motor.

6) Brand approved free installation is being provided right now on Amazon , don’t miss this offer.

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 2  IFB TL-RDW 6.5Kg 


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1) The top loading machine has a capacity of 6.5 kg that is sufficient for a small to medium sized family.

3) The water level in the machine can be set for 8 levels and there are 8 wash programs as well.

3) IFB uses a number of technologies including Aqua Spa Therapy, 3D Wash System, Deep Clean, and Smart Sense to keep your clothes as clean as new without damaging them even a bit.

4) Being made out of metal, the washing machine is quite durable too.

5) You will get a warranty of 2 years.

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 3  Haier HWM58-020 5.8Kg 


1) Another major brand in the consumer electronics segment is Haier that is known for its quality products and service.

2) The 5.8 kg top loading machine from the company is the only product that you need to keep your clothes clean.

3) 6 washing programs make sure you are at the best setting that is just right for the clothes.

4) The washing machine also offers features like the double level spin tub and quick wash to make the process easier.

5) And you get additional capabilities from one single washing machine.

6) It has a rust-free body and the company is offering a comprehensive warranty of 2 years.

7) While the motor will remain under warranty for 5 years. 

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 4  Samsung WA62H4100HD 6.2Kg 


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1) Samsung makes some of the most feature packed products in India and their washing machines just stand out from the crowd.

2) First of all, this machine is quite sophisticated to look with its silver finish on the front and a brown color lid on the top.

3) Samsung has also made a lot sturdier and the controls given beside the lid make its usage easier.

4) As far as capacity is concerned, the machine can carry a load of 6.2 kg.

5) Samsung’s proprietary technologies ensure cleaner clothes even when the machine is working at its full capacity.

6) A price of Rs. 15,220 is what you will have to pay for this top loading washing machine and it comes with along with a standard warranty of 2 years.

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 5  LG T7208TDDLM 6.2Kg 


1) LG is another brand from South Korea that has made its name in the consumer electronics segment and is much loved by the Indian consumers.

2) This is mainly because of its India focused features and top notch after sales service.

3) Auto restart is the feature that is necessary because of the sheer number of power cuts here in India.


4) The controls cluster on the top of the machine offers 8 wash programs along with a digital display.

5) That shows the necessary information, like the time remaining to complete the wash cycle.

6) In case you’re in a hurry, the machine also offers quick wash along with extra rinse feature. This machine from LG is available for around Rs. 16,000.

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 6  Godrej WT 620 CFS 6.2Kg 


1) And in case you want to get a more conventional looking washing machine then Godrej has a solution for you.

2) The company is one of the oldest manufacturers of consumer electronics in India and is trusted by a lot of Indians.

3) Coming to the machine, it uses an advanced system of computers to precisely determine the settings required for perfectly clean clothes.

4) In the case of power failure, the machine will resume working from the same point.

5) In case something goes wrong, like water isn’t supplied for more than 15 minutes, the machine will beep to alarm you.

6) It is available online and offers a warranty of 2 years.

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 7  IFB TL-RCG 6.5Kg 


1) This washing machine from IFB comes with a great combination of digital and conventional controls in the form of buttons along with a knob.

2) The display on the top provides all the required information at a glance and the buttons are right beside for easy access.

3) The circular lid of the machine also adds to its overall look.

4) IFB has given a storage capacity that is a bit larger than other machines at 6.5 kg and it is a medium sized washing machine with 8 water levels.

5) Many of the IFB technologies used in the machine listed on the top, making it an effective cleaner.

6) It is available online for Rs. 17,290 and comes along with 2 years of warranty.

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 8  Panasonic F62B5HRB 6.2Kg 


1) Panasonic has made one of the best washing machines in this range that is packed with features and sports a very competitive price tag.

2) This fully automatic machine doesn’t require any type of human intervention and comes with a number of added benefits making it better than many others.

3) A 6.2 kg capacity is quite enough for a modern nuclear family.

4) The instrument cluster of the machine is well laid-out and is very easy to understand even if you aren’t that tech-savvy.

5) It offers different modes for different types of fabrics ensuring everything gets an optimum cleaning without being damaged. For a price of Rs. 15,436, it is a great deal.

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 9  Haier HWM72-718N 7.2Kg 


1) The capacity of around 6 kg wouldn’t be enough for many people who have a larger family and need a bigger sized washing machine.

2) If you are one of them then Haier has a product that will perfectly suit your needs.

3) This machine has a capacity of 7.2 kg and its larger tub can hold much more water than other machines.

4) It is a smart machine that has features like self-diagnostics, memory backup, and delay start among others.

5) Its 10-minute quick wash will also come handy at times.

6) The LED display shows all the relevant information, while there is a buzzer to tell you about the situation even when you aren’t around.

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 10  BPL BFATL72NQ 7.2Kg 


1) BPL, as a brand, has been around in the country for many decades now and it still makes quality products for the mass market.

2) Like any of the fully automatic washing machine, you won’t need to manually handle the clothes.

3) In terms of design, the machine looks like any other similar product but it still manages to have its own identity and will comprehend the look of your house.

4) As far as its capacity is concerned, this BPL machine can take 7.2 kg of load, which should be enough for a fairly large modern family.

5) There are 10 washing programs for your diverse needs when it comes to cleaning different types of fabrics. 

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 11  Whirlpool 8Kg 


1) If you are in a search for the highest capacity washing machine then your search might end here with this Whirlpool machine that has a capacity of 8 kg.

2) Moreover, the design of the machine is also different from other washing machines that look just the same.

3) The instrument cluster of the machine sits towards the hinge of the lid and not towards the opening.

4) The machine has a built-in heater if you need extra cleaning for your clothes and the 6th sense technology of the company will take care of the rest.

5) Auto tub clean is also a feature in the machine.

6) There are many such features in this washing machine that aren’t found in any of the machines listed on this list.

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