10 Best Led TV in India (2019)

While buying a new age TV, the biggest dilemma faced by a customer is to select the perfect brand that fulfills the need of customer.

There has been a lot of hype and confusion surrounding the marketing of “LED” TVs.

Even many public relations representatives and sales professionals that should know better are falsely explaining what a LED Television is to their prospective customers.

LED televisions are generally brighter than plasma TVs, and many can double as a computer monitor or media-center display.

LCD televisions are now coming out bigger and at prices that are really starting to compete with those of similar-size plasma TVs.

Top 10 Best Budget Led TV in India

 1  TCL 81.28 cm (32 inches)


1) TCL is the America’s fastest-growing TV brand and the third largest TV manufacturer in the world.

2) TCL has been making the best LED TV from the last past decades.

3) TCL TV applies the latest panel technology that supports wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees in both horizontal and vertical directions.

4) Now enjoy the theater like experience by sitting at your home with TCL 81.28 cm LED TV

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 2  Noble Skiodo 81cm (32 inches)


1) Noble Skiodo is the best TV brand in India which provides the superior quality electronics at most affordable pricing.

2) The inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity system allows you to play music on your Noble Skiodo LED TV straight from your phone or any other device you choose to stream from.

3) It is a complete package of entertainment which comes with inbuilt interactive games.

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 3  Sanyo 80 cm (32 inches)


1) Sanyo has provided high Quality TVs to over 40 Million Americans for over 50 years. Get you LED TV and enjoy the immersive experience by sitting at your home.

2) Experience life-like aural experience like never before with the Surround Sound feature and enjoy the perfect theatre experience at home.

3) The Grade Panel of Sanyo LED TV is made of A+ grade quality material

4) It offers you the best value for your money and experience the best in TV technology.

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 4  Samsung 59 cm (24 inches)


1) Don’t have time to go stadium? Enjoy stadium like experience by Switching on the Cricket Mode and redefine your cricket viewing experience by sitting at your home.

2) Samsung Electronics today makes everything from televisions to semiconductors and it is providing one of the best LED TV. 

3) Now, you can easily record audio while watching TV Record high quality audio from any channel and an external storage device connected to your TV.

4) This Samsung LED TV will transform your living room into a multimedia entertainment centre.

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 5  LG 80 cm (32 inches)


1) LG is one of the world’s leading producers of flat panel TVs, mobile devices, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators.

2) The best of purchasing LED TV is that it provides 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

3) LG 80 cm (32 inches) 32LH564A HD Ready LED IPS TV (Black) is one of the finest model. 

4) The secret behind LG TV’s life-like color and wide viewing angle is the IPS panel that is why it has more clearer and sturdy screens.

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 6  Panasonic 55 cm (22 inches)


1) This uniquely designed Panasonic LED TV comes with an HDMI port.

2) Now, you can quickly connect a device, such as a BD player and the newest game machines, with an HDMI cable.

3) It has decent sound and picture quality.

4) For requesting installation/wall mounting/demo of this superior product once delivered, you can directly call Panasonic support.

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 7  Sanyo 80 cm Full HD


1) SANYO has provided high quality TVs to over 40 million American consumers and for over 50 years.

2) This SANYO LED TV Comes with built-in enhanced bass system, you can enjoy thunderous bass for a unique cinematic experience. 

3) The best feature of this LED TV is that it provide Sorts mode.

4) Now, experience the thrill of watching your favorite sporting events in an arena with the predefined Sports Mode.

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 8  Philips 80 cm (32 inches)


1) Philips offers the perfect combination of clear picture and sound that makes this TV a best choice for your home entertainment.

2) Philips offers the best sound quality feature.

3) Now, you can enjoy the power of the music beat and the atmosphere of the movies.

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 9  Micromax 80 cm (32 inches)


1) This Micromax LED TV has a sleek and sturdy design that will complement the decor of any modern living room.

2) The Micromax LED TV has ultra-low power consumption, with just 70 watts used on standby, and consumption being less than 1 Watt!

3) Now, you can watch low-light movie scene or zooming into photos. 

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 10  Sanyo 108.2 cm (43 inches)


1) Sanyo is one of the best Japanese TV Brand in USA and 108.2 cm (43 inches) XT-43S7100F Full HD LED IPS TV (Black) is the best model. 

2) The box speakers featured in Sanyo TVs provide a crystal clear audio experience and enhanced bass for an unmatched experience.

3) Sanyo LED TV is rated to last for 10 years so that you don’t have to worry about replacing your television set for a long time.

4) This SANYO LED TV provides you the great picture clarity.

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Yashwant S
Yashwant S

Hi, I am a user of RIDAEX TV from past many days and surprised to see that RIDAEX is not listed in the top 10 LED TV,s.
Its more than worthy because of its cost and features which has in it.



I think Ridaex Nuke Series should be added to the list because I have been using it for the past 2 months and its performing very well. Its features are also amazing and its the best budget smart tv available presently.


I have been seeing good reviews about a new brand called Ridaex. I wish to buy a 4K TV with minimum budget. All of the TVs mentioned here are costly. Can you give review of Ridaex TV as I have been seeing positive reports and the cost is also less..

Mahira Jas
Mahira Jas

Very Nice and Informative article… Thanks for this post
We have also a list of top 10 LED.