10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs 1000 in India (2021)

Without having to spend a huge sum, you can get a decent sounding Bluetooth speaker for well under Rs. 1000 even from mode popular brands like JBL. There ...

11 Best Soundbars in India (April 2021)

If you are a home cinema fanatic, you should get a soundbar for your TV if you haven't already. Typically, most TV sets come with very low-quality built-in ...

boAt Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The latest speaker offering by boAt is this boAt Stone 1200 model , which is quite big 14W speaker. It comes in a big package with celebrity branding (Karthik ...

JBL Cinema SB 231 2.1 Channel Soundbar Review

Well , we know that JBL sound products are great and mostly worth buying. But let's take a deep dive in this model JBL Cinema SB 231 soundbar and see how ...

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers in India (April 2021)

Portable Bluetooth speakers have become a very popular gadget in recent days. When this type of device first came out, the price was a bit higher. And it was ...

10 Best Home Theater System in India (April 2021)

Searching for the best home theater under 30,000 ? Search No More !! Read Below ! When it comes to choosing the right home theater for your setup we are ...

10 Best Ceiling Speakers in India 2021

If you are an audio enthusiast you would want to improve your surround sound experience as much as you can. And, to get the best immersive audio experience, ...

10 Best Studio Monitor Speakers in India 2021

Are You Searching For Best Powered Studio Monitor Speakers in India? Search No More!!! If you are a music producer or someone who is involved with ...

10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs 2000 in India (2021)

In a world where we are moving towards wireless connectivity, there should be no to little space for those cluttered and clumsy wires hanging all around. ...

Top 10 Best 2.1 Channel Speakers in India 2021

When it comes to multimedia speakers, 2.1 channel speaker system is the most prevalent one. This type of speaker is affordable, easy to use, and can reproduce ...

10 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Home in India 2021

Bluetooth speakers have become very popular in recent days. With Bluetooth speakers, you don't have to deal with wire. And, most of the Bluetooth speakers ...

10 Best Party Speakers With Good Bass & Sound in India 2021

A lively party needs an equally lively music system that can blow your guests away with its thumping bass and an audio level that drowns all other sounds. For ...

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