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10 Best Egg Beaters in India

Eggs are used to devour your instant appetite and also contain a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. From being served as a healthful diet to being readily available in the category of inexpensive food items, you can’t ignore the intricate effect eggs have made in your day-to-day life. Eggs tend to provide a myriad of health benefits like- strong muscles, improvise brain health, enhancement in energy production, lower the risk of heart diseases, a healthy pregnancy, maintain eye and skin health, and most importantly keeps your immune system in a very good position, which is the most important factor to consider in these pandemic days.

Also, in today’s busy world, eggs provide the simplest way of having access to breakfast or even lunch. Eggs have a multitude of uses when it comes to baking delicacies- cake, cupcakes, biscuits, cookies, pies, etc. You need an egg beater to whip your eggs to quickly devour your dessert cravings.

Buy an egg beater and whip up your favorite delicacies quickly.

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Best Egg Beaters in India

Now that you have done considerable research on how to use a beater, when to use a beater, and what to put in a beater, it’s the right time that you choose the most suitable beater as per your requirement-

1. Qualimate Beater for Whipping Cream Egg Beater

Incorporating 7 different speed options, this Qualimate Beater for Whipping Cream egg beater is made to fulfill your daily requirements. This product is ideal for mixing, stirring, beating, and whipping. These light weigh mixers are designed to provide amazing whipping and mixing experiences as it is equipped with traditional chrome beaters that supports optimal mixing. No matter if you are craving for an omelette, or want to bake a cake, with this amazing mixing equipment you are going to save a lot of your energy and time too.

This multi-functional hand beater is specially designed to support your different kitchen mixing tasks and blending options. The best thing about this mixer is that it is compactly designed which makes it easy to assemble and easy to clean after being used.

The product is highly reliable and sturdy enough to last for a longer time; the product is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and safe user experience. You can whip dough, cream, and eggs in this mixer as it is made up of a BPA-free plastic body that ensures and qualifies your safety measures. Customers often use this product to devour their cravings for ice cream and to decorate their cake with the best cream icings.

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2. Inalsa Hand Mixer

Inalsa Hand Mixer comes with a year warranty and an assurance of the best out-product. Believe it or not, this very product is designed to suffice both the requirements- beating and whisking. The product is equipped with a powerful and robust motor that is capable of providing amazing processing experience and also saving your energy and time. It comes with a delightful package to fulfill all your cooking requirements and the best thing to notice about this product is its quality stainless steel attachments.

This mixer is not only durable but it is also easy to use and never fails to serve your daily needs. In short, this product is handy and convenient to use as the In-Built Eject Knob Feature helps you unassemble the mixer without getting into any kind of hassle. With the 7-speed control settings you are getting, it becomes easier to control the process of your food preparation.

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3. WAY BEYOND Stainless Steel Balloon Cake Batter Whipper/Egg Whisk with Handle

As the name suggests, it is ‘way beyond’ your imagination how this product works and provides out-product in no time. This is a multi-purpose mixer which can help you whisk, and mix your eggs, sauces, batter, puree, toppings, melted chocolate, and fresh cream. The most intricate feature to note about a mixer before buying one is how heavy it is: this WAY BEYOND Stainless Steel Balloon Cake Batter Whipper is light in weight and performs amazingly when handled with your hand.

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You can manually watch the ingredients dissolving slowly giving you a sense of satisfaction every minute you stop and see the mixture. The product is equipped with stainless steel ends which provide the benefit of hanging it on a hook in your kitchen. The whisk is comparatively smaller in size but the best thing about purchasing this product is that it serves its intention.

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4. Maharsh 7 Speeds 180 Watt Hand Held Electric Egg Beater

Looking for electronic equipment to blend eggs and cappuccino? Then Maharsh 7 Speeds 180 Watt Hand Held Electric Egg Beater is going to be an ideal choice. The front and rear cooling systems provide an assurance of extra life to the product. You are going to enjoy this phase of cooking with the installed 7-dedicated speed options to help you get control over the processing of your ingredient. Prepare drool-worthy and bud-smacking ingredients to stuff over your deliciously baked cakes and pastries.

The product provides such an amazing speed to make your dough smooth eventually making your rotis and bread smoother. Bring home now this amazingly built handy and portable electric egg beater to suffice your daily appetite.

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5. LIOMES Multifunctional Food Mixers High Power 5 Speeds Electric Egg Beater and Food Blender

Installed with 5 Speed Handheld Processor this automatic electric hand mixer kitchen tool is designed to help you make extremely delicious cuisines for your family. You can select the most appropriate and required speed amongst the 5-speed options leverage to you for the manoeuvre of the ingredients. The product is pre-installed with a robust and long-lasting motor worth 800 watts which helps you adjust your speed and mix the ingredients properly that you have put inside the mixer.

In-Built Eject Knob Feature validates the product so that you can easily assemble and unassemble the units without causing any fuss. The sound produced by the mixer is decent, compact designing with nice finishing of metal with different speed options add up and provide utmost comfort to the user. The compact design and slim fit grip make the product easy to handle and processing of ingredients becomes handy with this product.

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6. Bridge2shopping Stainless Steel Egg Beater

This wire spiral whisker with a wooden handle is built to serve multipurpose inside of your kitchen. This is a must-have essential utensil in your kitchen and it is ideal for mixing eggs, sauces, topping, and also icing sugar mixture and melted chocolate fresh cream. Whisking, beating, and the stirring option are made easy with Bridge2shopping stainless steel egg beater.

One of the most considerable factors that make this product even more durable is the material used to manufacture this product that is super quality stainless steel.

The handle of the whisker is manufactured using wood which makes the handle easy to grip over and last for an extra period. This egg beater product comes with a loop at the end of its handle, so that; you can easily hang them in a corner of your kitchen.

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7. G Track Hand Mixer

Frustrated from your old, ruined, and toppling mixer and want to replace it with a brand new multi-purpose one? Then bring home this amazing G Track Hand Mixer which is built to perform multi-purpose like kneading, mixing, beating, and whipping heavy cream and egg whites and other cooking ingredients.

Baking, beating, and kneading made effortless and rejoiceful with this cost-effective must-have product. Five gear speed regulator and key acceleration function together make this product reliable and long-lasting.

The machine might get heated because of the overuse but overall it is a nice product to spend your valuable money upon. Provide your kitchen with a touch of elegance and sophistication as this product is uniquely designed to provide proper and convenient operations.

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8. SHAYONA Egg Beater 300W High-Speed Hand Mixer

This sturdy 300-watt technology high-speed hand mixer is thoughtfully designed to suffice your daily requirements. The ergonomically designed handle is built to provide an excellent grip to the user and one of the most important factors that make this product even more desirable is tis skilfully designed air vents to avoid any kind of clogging from batters and other mixtures prepared inside the mixer.

You should expect a meter-long two-pin power cord with the product to help the user experience flexibility that this product has to offer. The product works unbelievably and satisfies customer’s needs by producing delicious results.

Make a thoughtful purchase of this item and fulfill your mixing, blending, and whisking needs. The package you order would include 1 x Hand Mixer, 2 x Chrome Beater, 2 x Dough Hook, and 1 x Spatula & 1 x Oil Brush.

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9. Home-EZ Chef’s Quality Whisker Hand Blender Wire Whisk for Kitchen 

Why need to be electrocuted when you can easily blend eggs and batter? The 12-inch long perfect grip provided in the end ensures a firm grip of the user. This product is proven as a long-lasting edition for your kitchen because of the robustness and sturdiness quality that it possesses.

The handles and wires are effectively and constructively finished using stainless steel that provides perfect weight balance, so that, the user can whisk egg, butter, cream, etc., effectively. The product is equipped with 12 heavy gauge wires which not only perform a faster-beating process but also eliminate the extra energy one has to put. The noticeable fact about this product is that it finds its use in home kitchen and restaurants as well making it useful for both housewives or house cooks and chefs working in a restaurant.

This product comes with a year manufacturer warranty and it is surely going to be your favorite from the very moment you start using it. A little shorter in size but performs a greater amount of tasks.

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10. NR Seller Multifunctional Hand Mixer for Egg Beater and Food Blender

Easy to handle and maintain, this NR Seller Multifunctional Hand Mixer an egg beater and a food blender is designed to serve several kitchen purposes. Two professional wire style egg beaters and two hooks for mixing dough are all you need to ease your baking and cooking process. The best thing about this product is that all the units that you receive are dishwasher safe.

Already installed extra powerful motor has 7-speed options which give you the power of controlling while processing any kind of food ingredients. You should be getting a package of 1 x hand mixer, 2 x chrome beaters, 2 x dough hooks, and 1 x instructions manual included helping you understand the processing and assembly of units easily.

This product is designed to perform all of your kitchen tasks- blending, whisking & kneading. The product is highly recommended if you want to cook a variety of recipes while saving your energy and time.

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Things to Consider While Buying Egg Beater

If you are planning on buying an egg beater, then you must take care of certain factors before making a purchase. You don’t want to buy a mixer that topples every time you put it on the slab, because would it not be that frustrating? You can consider buying one that doesn’t have a curvy structure in the bottom so that you can make it stand after use. Think of buying a mixer that provides greater stability, guarantees a long-lasting impression, and is robust to use because you are going to buy a mixer every month, right? 

Ahead is a list of potential points to consider before buying an egg beater-

The beaters shape: If you are thinking of purchasing a good quality hand mixer, then you should keep the shape and size of the mixer. It’s not necessarily true that the mixer you are laying your hand upon which is unique to look at but also performs well. Choose one that has the potential of whipping nicely and quickly and operate even more seamlessly when the user speeds up the process of whipping or whisking.

Weight of the mixer: You should check on the weight of the mixer you are thinking of buying because of using it on a daily purpose, you might get frustrated with its weight. Light weight mixers make it even easier for the user to whip and mix ingredients. If you don’t find the weightage on the product box, make sure to weigh it with the weighing scale. An ideal weight mixer is helpful enough to beat the batter in a lesser amount of time. 

Spinning direction of the mixer: Well, before talking about spinning direction we must talk about the cord length of the mixer. Make sure that the cord length is long enough to reach the switchboard and short enough to be folded and stored safely. And you should buy a mixer whose spinning direction is inside out for the air and to be transferred properly. 

Power of the hand mixer: The power of the hand mixer is the most crucial point to consider. Choose ideal watt technology mixers if you want to save your money, time and energy as well. It is highly recommended to purchase a 350-watt hand mixer if you want to whip ingredients instantly and effectively.

The speed performance of the mixer: If you want to enjoy the desired results in a lesser period, then ask the store about the performing speed of your chosen mixer. To be 100% sure, test the speed in the store itself to get assured about the speed setting. There are so many options to choose from, so don’t just pick out a random one.

Easy to clean: The most basic and advanced point that is worth mentioning is the feasibility of cleaning. After every possible use, you are required to clean the mixer so if the mixer is complex to assemble then it is surely going to be even more complex to clean. You don’t want that, right?

Now that you know every detailed point on where to concentrate while purchasing a mixer, pick out the most suitable one.

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What other things can I make with this egg beater?

It is great kitchen equipment used to whip cream or eggs. From mixing cake batter and cookie dough to crushing ice and salad dressings, egg beaters have a large area of expertise. You can prepare the cream, mixture, and dough for Choco-chip cookies, fudgy chocolate brownies, cherry almond scones, cinnamon butter, mashed potatoes, garlic herb butter, buttermilk confetti cake, banana pudding, chocolate chip banana bread, etc.

How much time to beat eggs?

If you own a hand mixer, then it takes about five to ten minutes for eggs to be beaten properly. Also, if you have put in the other ingredients in the mixture too, then keep beating the mixture until you see ingredients like sugar to dissolve properly and meringue to reach stiff peaks. 

If you own an electric egg beater then whisk the eggs for about one minute until you see it has become foamy. Don’t whisk them altogether at a high speed otherwise; they will not reach their highest volume resulting in disappointment.

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How to use an egg beater?

What if we told you buying an egg beater is far easier than knowing how to efficiently operate it? Yes, you heard it right. But no need to be worried because we are providing a descriptive guide on how to use an egg beater effectively to process a delicious and yummy product-

1. Read the instruction pamphlet carefully: The easiest way of learning how to operate a beater is to carefully read the manual provided by the company itself. We suggest, understanding a product and its functionality is very important because then only you will be able to comprehend the whole mixing, whipping, and beating process. If you are carefully following every step then congratulations you are escaping every possible unfortunate mistake. Read the manual carefully and prevent damage to the product. 

2. Start with zero or one speed: Don’t be in so rush that you forget the primary speed options otherwise your device won’t last for a long time. Before using the mixer, make sure that the speed is set to zero and then gradually increase the speed to your preference level. When you are done mixing the ingredients, it is advised to reduce the speed of the hand mixer to one before putting it off again. 

3. Assemble the beater before plugging it in: If you know when to insert the beater, you are 80% ready to use it. It is highly advisable to insert the beater on top of the stand before plugging in the cord to the switch. Similarly, when you are done whipping the mixture, plug out the chord, and then remove the beater from the top. Simply, when the mixer is unplugged chances of any unsolicited events become zero.

4. Store and use the egg beater with caution: It is suggested that you keep the beater unplugged when not in use to avoid any electrocution. Dry all the parts of the beater after using it and store it in a dry place, the cabinet of the box. Also, not to mention, keep the cord, plug, and wire in a dry place and away from water. Place it at a distance from the reach of your children. 

5. Check for the ingredients: When using an electric egg beater make sure not to dump all the ingredients at once. It is suggested that you add one ingredient at a time and increase the speed of the mixer as per the requirement.

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Electric Egg Beater V/S Manual Egg Beater

Both electric egg beaters and manual egg beater are mixers and are used to serve distinctive purposes- egg beaters are more often used to whip eggs, and other liquid ingredients. Whereas electric egg beaters are the modern version of manual egg beaters, and they combine the useful functions of a food processor with those of a mixer.

A manual egg beater is hand-held, which requires manual force to operate and mix the ingredients. The blades in these beaters are not very sharpened as they are specially designed only to whip, fold, or/and beat the ingredients provided by the chef. You are required to operate the beater by moving the handle along sides, this makes the beaters spin at a uniform pace. When we talk of the advantage that a manual egg beater gives, we have to mention that you become the boss of speed and intensity of mixing. When you are handling it yourself, you can see the number of ingredients required to be blended. 

Electric egg beaters involve a comparatively lesser amount of manpower and it consumes a lesser amount of time too. These can be used to perform different functions with a whole lot of different ingredients. All you need to do is mount the mixer on a stand, press a button and your ingredient is perfectly mixed and blended. Electric egg beaters allow the ingredients to consume much-needed air, so that, when you bake, the batter rises to a certain level before the egg starts hardening to retain the height achieved.

Unlike a beater, blenders are designed to perform several functions- crush your hardcore ice, grind cocoa, chop nuts for nutter butter and these are also highly useful in obtaining thick puree and mix liquids to liquify your ingredients.

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Other Miscellaneous Questions?

1. Is the mixer with copper cord good? 

Ans. Yes, copper cords can handle a wider load of electrical power.

2. Are egg beaters dangerous to use?

Ans. No, as long as you are following all the safety measures.

3. What are the ideal dimensions and measurements of a whisker?

Ans. It varies between 3.1 x 4.8 x 7.5 Weight: 2.4 pounds and 9.7 x 8.9 x 7.3 Weight: 2.5 pounds. 

4. Why is my cake not fluffy?

Ans. There is a slight chance that you have not dissolved the sugar well by beating if your cake is not fluffy.

5. Can you beat egg whites in a blender?

Ans. No, never use a blender to beat egg whites.

6. How long should I beat egg white?

Ans. Beat them until they form a mass of tiny, clear bubbles.

7. How long does it take to whisk egg by hand?

Ans. It takes about 12-18 minutes to whisk egg by hand.

8. How do you beat an egg in a mixer?

Ans. Beat eggs with an electric mixer on high speed for about 5 minutes, for further details read the manual.

9. Can I use a whisk instead of an electric mixer?

Ans. A good hand mixer substitute will do all the work of an electric mixer.

10. Can a blender crush ice?

Ans. Yes, a blender can be used to crush ice nicely.

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