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10 Best Ceiling Fans in India

Just a few more days and summers would be here with the harsh and bright sun shining right above your head.

It would be perfect if you can stay ready for the summers beforehand by making all the cooling things ready. A ceiling fan should be your starting point when you start buying new stuff for the summers.

For any reason you might not have changed your old ceiling fan yet, there wouldn’t be a better time than this.

There are a number of ceiling fans from some of the best brands available in the market for you to choose from. Below is the list of the best ceiling fans that you can buy right away for all kinds of budgets.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans

 1  Havells Leganza

(4 Blade)
Havells Leganza 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

1) Unlike most ceiling fans, this one has four blades that not only look much more appealing, they also improve the air flow in the room.

2) The base colour of this Havells fan is white and it has bronze and gold detailing.

3) It also supports four fan speeds and its motor can run at 350 RPM with a power consumption of 72 watts.

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4) The blades have a metallic finish and they have a sweep of 1200 mm. The fan motor operates at a frequency of 50 Hz and the company is offering two years of warranty on the entire fan, not just the motor.

5) With all its features, Havells Leganza is the most cost-effective fan on this list.

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 2  Havells Festiva

Havells Festiva 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

1) With a more conventional look, Havells has this Festiva ceiling fan.

2) It has three fan blades that are more suited for the Indian weather and it can also spin at a much faster speed.

3) The rated motor speed is 400 RPM, which is more than its four-blade counterpart. This one too has four-speed settings for your absolute comfort.

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4) Havells has gone with ocean blue colour for this ceiling fan and it should go with most of the rooms depending on the room design. It has a minimal design for those who like that way.

5) The fan consumes 74W of power and has a blade sweep of 1200 mm. the company has thrown a warranty of 2 years with this product.

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 3  Havells Pacer 

Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan

1) For the people looking for a budget offering, Havells Pacer should be an ideal choice for you.

2) This is an entry-level ceiling fan with a blade sweep of 1200 mm making it ideal for a normal sized room of up to 100 sq. feet.

3) The fan is made out of high-quality aluminium and is available in two colour options – brown and ivory, which you can choose depending on your room.

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4) Its motor runs at a maximum of 400 RPM and consumes 72 watts of power.

5) Havells has designed this fan specifically for the Indian markets and the fan operates just fine even with low voltage.

6) You will get a warranty for 2 years when you buy this fan.

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 4  Orient Wendy 

Orient Wendy 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

1) Having a modish design, Orient wants to have a product that suited for people who don’t like anything that looks usual.

2) The fan has white accents on the base blue colour that should compliment houses with modern interiors.

3) Weighing around 5kg, its blades are made out of aluminium for maintaining the optimum air flow without being too heavy.

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4) Like most of the other ceiling fans available in the market, this one from Orient has support for four-speed settings and consumes about 70 watts of power.

5) It is capable of running at up to 320 RPM. They all ensure that its wide blades offer a higher air thrust and air delivery.

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 5  Usha Striker Galaxy

Usha Striker Galaxy 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

1) One of the oldest companies in the electronics segment in India makes some of the best ceiling fans, too. ]

2) This Striker Galaxy is one of the most sophisticated looking ceiling fans out there, especially because of its colour and not-so-obvious accents.

3) In comparison, this fan is quite lighter than its competition at 3.8 kg.

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4) The weight is low mainly because of its aluminium blades that have been designed specifically for keeping the weight down and increasing the air flow in the room.

5) This three-blade fan can spin at 385 RPM and consumes 80 watts of power. This fan is suited for both indoor and outdoor use and has four-speed settings.

6) You will get two years of warranty with this product.

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 6  Havells Nicola 

Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

1) With this fan, Havells claims to have an innovative design that extends from the motor cover to the fan blades which have copper elements over an ivory coloured body.

2) It has a canopy design and is made out of sturdy material like aluminium that truly extend its overall life.

3) With its blade sweep of 1200 mm, the fan should be good for most rooms.

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4) Its motor can attain a maximum spinning speed of 280 RPM and it consumes 68 watts of power. This powerful motor ensures an even distribution of the air across the room that helps keep the temperature down even during the hottest days of summers.

5) Havells has ensured that the fan is easy to clean, too.

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 7  Orient Gratia 

Orient Gratia Decorative Ceiling Fan

1) This ceiling fan has been made available in the silver colour that goes with most of the colour schemes of the rooms.

2) It has a simple yet modern looking design and the blades have an embossed design for a better look and feel.

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3) The blades have been made much wider to push as much air downwards as possible, 230 cubic metres per minute to be exact.

4) A medium sized room can be filled easily with its superior air delivery and a blade sweep of 1200 mm. Its motor can run at 320 RPM while consuming 70 watts of power.

5) While these metal blades along with a high-quality overall build, the fan is going to last long for sure, but for certain cases, Orient has also got you covered with 2 years of warranty and an excellent after-sales service.

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 8  Bajaj Tezz 

Bajaj Tezz Ceiling Fan

1) Coming from Bajaj, this fan has been designed for an absolutely basic usage and it also doesn’t have any fancy design additions to keep the costs down.

2) But it gets the job done, possibly better than most of the others out there.

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3) It has a robust build with its body made out of steel and blades being made using lightweight aluminium, which helps keep the fan’s weight down to 3.6 kg.

4) Its motor runs at 380 RPM and using the wide 1200 mm blades, the fan can keep a fairly large room cool in summers.

5) The fan uses a double ball bearing design that helps keep the noise low and ensures a longer life for the fan.

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 9  Usha Aerostyle 

Usha Aerostyle 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

1) Similar to the budget offering from Bajaj, this ceiling fan from Usha ensures a great performance while being light on your pocket.

2) The 3-blade fan has a blade sweep of 1200 mm, and despite this fact, the fan weighs just 2.8 kg, which is much below what others weigh. It also supports four-speed settings.

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3) Available in dark brown colour, this fan can blend in with most of the types of room setups without standing out much.

4) Its motor spins at 350 RPM and the fan consumes just 50 watts of power. Usha is offering a full two years of warranty with this fan.

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 10  Luminous Morpheus 


Luminous Morpheus Ceiling Fan

1) Luminous is a relatively newer brand in this space but has some interesting products to offer.

2) The company has designed this Morpheus ceiling fan based on the harsh Indian summers.

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3) Even on the hottest days, this fan will keep the room cool with its higher air flow. It would also work great with lower voltage like it normally is during summers.

4) The company has included a strong motor that can run at 380 RPM while consuming just 75 watts of power.

5) The air flow is maintained by its three wider 1200 mm blades that can cover a larger space with ease. This fan offers one of the best value for your money on this list.

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