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Best Deep Freezers in India

If you are someone who stores food in bulk or for a longer period of time, then getting a deep freezer is the right choice for you. They not only offer you more space than a refrigerator but usually cost less or almost similar to them too.

Earlier, deep freezers were commonly used at ice cream parlours, general stores, etc. but now they are being used in residential spaces as well. So, if you are looking for a good deep freezer for yourself, you have a lot of options available.

In this article, we have listed down the best deep freezers that you can buy in India along with a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

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Best Deep Freezers in India

1. Haier – Double Door Hard Top Deep Freezer HCC 588HC

Haier - Double Door Hard Top Deep Freezer HCC 588HC

One of the best deep freezers in the market, Haier Deep Freezer HCC 588HC is a convertible model that offers you amazing cooling capabilities. This product features a 5 side freezing technology that freezes your food from the four sides as well as the base which results in double freezing power. It also comes with a trapezoid door design that helps in retaining the cold temperature and ensures there is no leakage. And the double doors make it easier to access the food in this 588 litres capacity deep freezer. 

Apart from that, this machine works with a wide voltage range of 160 volt – 260 volt so you don’t need a stabilizer. And you can easily save up to 40% of energy with this deep freezer that results in a lower electricity bill.

Since this is a convertible model, you have a temperature range of 10 degrees to -18 degrees to choose from and there is a basket to store smaller food items as well.

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2. Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer (200 Ltrs)

If you are looking for a smaller deep freezer, then Blue Star CHF200 is the perfect choice for you. With a capacity of 200 litres, this product won’t take up a lot of space at your home and comes with a single door to access the contents of the unit. The body of the freezer comes with a zinc coating to prevent rust and corrosion even if it is exposed to moisture. It also comes with recessed handles that are sturdy and take up no space while being aesthetically pleasing.

The heavy-duty caster wheels are sturdy to hold the freezer and move it around and the lockable doors ensure that no one can access it unauthorized. Another great thing about this deep freezer is that it consumes less energy when powered on. Finally, the PUF insulation retains the coolness for a longer period of time including power cuts and extreme temperatures.

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3. Voltas CF HT 320 DD P Double Door Deep Freezer 320 Liters

Voltas CF HT 320 Deep Freezer is an aesthetically pleasing product that has a capacity of 320 litres and comes with double doors. The deep freezer is white in color and has a stucco aluminum inner liner that ensures hygienic conditions inside the unit for storing your frozen food. It also uses UV grade plastic material for the body so that the freezer can be used for a long time. And the castor wheels attached to this deep freezer make it easier to move around the freezer when you need to do it.

The product also comes with spring loaded hinges that make it easier for you to use the freezer. The sunken handles make it easier and safer for you to use the freezer while the door lock ensures that not everyone can access the contents of the freezer. Most importantly, it uses environment-friendly CFC-free insulation to retain the cold temperature for a longer time so that the food can remain frozen during power cuts as well.

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4. Haier HCC225G, Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer, Convertible, 203 ltrs

Haier HCC255G is a single door and a convertible deep freezer that has a capacity of 203 litres and can be used to store bulk food for long periods of time. This product has a sleek and compact design and can be placed anywhere in your store or house. You can save almost 40% energy with this deep freezer as it is equipped with molecular foaming technology and high-density PUF insulation for better cooling retention. It also uses a hydrocarbon refrigerant for maximum cooling ability.

Apart from that, Haier HCC255G has a trapezoid door design that prevents leakages. And the anti-bacterial gasket ensures that the food stays edible and mold-free for a long time. Overall, this is a budget-friendly deep freezer that won’t take up a lot of space at your home and can efficiently store your frozen goods.

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5. Godrej 200 L Deep Freezer Htop

Godrej is one of the most reputed brands for household products and their GCHW210R6SHC Htop Deep Freezer is perfect for household use. This is a 200-litre convertible freezer that you can use as a freezer or a cooler and comes with several features such as 360-degree rotation wheels, locked doors, and so on. This deep freezer has been designed to keep the rodents away while the fast freezing feature allows you to lower the temperature quickly.

The drain design ensures easy drainage and makes it easy to clean this product too. It has a robust design and the freezer cabinet lights up with LED lights for convenience and visibility. The tropical compressors in this product ensure efficient performance in high temperatures as well while operating silently. Most importantly, the high density PUF insulation ensures better cooling retention in power cuts too.

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6. Haier Single Door Hard Top HCC 230HC Deep Freezer, 198 liters, Convertible

Haier HCC 230HC is another great option for households as it offers 198 litres capacity and has enough space to keep your food items. This is a convertible machine so you can use it both as a freezer and a cooler and has a single door for easy access. With high density PUF (molecular foaming), it offers you amazing cooling properties and can retain the temperature for up to 100 hours a time.

Moreover, the trapezoid door design of the deep freezer ensures that the cold air doesn’t leak outside, reducing the energy consumption by 40% too. So, if you are looking for a small and affordable deep freezer, then Haier HCC 230HC is a great choice for you.

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7. Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer (95 Ltrs)

Blue Star CHF100 Deep Freezer is perfect for small families as it offers a capacity of 95 litres and doesn’t take up a lot of space at home. This deep freezer has a robust build with a corrosion-resistant finish that makes this freezer long-lasting. It comes with heavy-duty caster wheels that make it easy to move around while the recessed handles make it easy to access the freezer without worrying about breakage.

This product has an energy-efficient compressor so your electricity bill will be low too and the PUF insulation helps in the retention of the cool temperature for a long time. It also includes a door lock to prevent unauthorized access to the freezer.

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8. AmazonBasics Single Door Deep Freezer (142 L)

AmazonBasics Single Door Deep Freezer is a great choice for household and commercial use. This deep chest freezer has a sturdy build with an external handle and can easily manage outside temperatures up to -15 degrees Celsius. It is quite affordable and since it is a convertible machine, you can use it both as a refrigerator and a freezer.

This deep freezer comes with 360 degrees inverse cooling that ensures proper cooling of the freezer and can retain the temperature for up to 135 hours. The product also has a Super Freeze function that will quickly lower the temperature to -30 degrees Celsius to store the food products for optimum usage.

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9. Blue Star CHF300 Double Door Deep Freezer (284 L)

Another great option by Blue Star, CHF300 Deep Freezer is perfect for medium-sized families with its 284 litres capacity. The deep freezer has a robust build with heavy-duty caster wheels that makes it sturdy and long-lasting and easily portable too. There is also a protective layer on the freezer body to prevent corrosion.

The deep freezer comes with door locks and recessed handles for convenience. And the PUF insulation with twin doors ensures minimum cooling loss when you open the freezer to take out the food items. This is an energy-efficient deep freezer that will help you save on your electricity bill even if you use it regularly.

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10. Rockwell Green Deep Freezer (550 Liters, Double Door)

Another great option to consider, Rockwell Green Deep Freezer has a capacity of 550 litres and can store a large quantity of food at a time. Since it features double doors, it is easier to access your frozen food without letting too much cool air pass outside. Moreover, the 90mm PUF insulation ensures that the freezer will retain the cold temperature for a long time even during the power cuts.

This deep freezer requires only 8 hours of power supply to maintain the cold temperature for the entire day which leads to 53% less energy consumption. And since it produces 50% less heat, you don’t have to worry about the freezer maintaining the cold temperature for a longer time. You can use this deep freezer in extreme tropical temperatures also without worrying about excessive power consumption. Overall, this is a good option for destinations that experience a hot climate.

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Things To Consider While Buying Deep Freezer?

Deep Freezer Type

There are two types of deep freezers available in the market – Chest Freezers and Upright Freezers. Both types of freezers are good for storing food but which one will be better suited for you mainly depends on your lifestyle and requirements. 

A chest freezer is wide in size and comes with dividers and baskets. As a result, you have more space to use in it. It also keeps the temperature low and lacks the ability to self-defrost. So, if you experience a lot of power cuts, then a chest freezer is perfect for you. It also tends to be less noisy than an upright freezer.

On the other hand, an upright freezer takes up less space than a chest freezer and is easier to organize as well. There are dedicated shelves to use and there is a feature for self-defrosting as well. It is also available in different finishes but can be a little expensive.

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Another important thing to consider is the capacity of the deep freezer. Generally, deep freezers come in a range of 100 – 600 litres. If you are a small family, then a 100-litre deep freezer will be perfect for you. However, if you have 4-5 members, then a 150 – 300 litres deep freezer will be better for you.

And if you have a larger family or are buying for a store, then purchase the maximum capacity deep freezer for yourself.


Deep freezers are usually maintained at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. But if your freezer gets affected by ambient temperature, then you will need to adjust the temperature to match the temperature fluctuations outside.

Door Type

The type of door that you should choose in your freezer depends a lot on your use. There are two types of doors – glass doors and hard doors. 

Generally, glass doors aren’t good at maintaining cold temperatures so it might not be good for home use. A glass door is usually ideal for commercial purposes as it can be used to entice your customers to buy the products. So, if you have a commercial shop such as an ice cream parlour or a general store, then a glass door freezer will be perfect for you.

A hard door is secure and won’t let the cool air pass outside so you can use it for home. It is especially useful at places where power cuts are frequent as the hard door will help in keeping your items cold until the power is restored. You will also have the option to choose from single doors and double doors in hard doors. 

You can store a variety of food items in the double door freezers and will usually find them in general stores. On the other hand, a single door freezer is perfect for homes as it won’t take up a lot of space and is easy to access.

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Additional Factors to Consider While Buying Deep Freezer in India?

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are a few other things to look out for:

  • Corrosion-free build – Check the inner build quality of the deep freezer and make sure the metal used in construction is anti-corrosive. 
  • Convertible freezer – Look for a convertible freezer that can be used as a regular cooler as well.
  • Compartment Dividers and Baskets – Select a deep freezer with dividers and baskets as you will be able to store a variety of products quite easily. 
  • Door Locks – Get a deep freezer with a door lock to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Soft Freeze and Fast Freeze – A soft freeze feature will allow you to store your ice creams and staying soft. On the other hand, a fast freeze feature is perfect for storing food for long periods of time.
  • Energy Efficiency – Opt for deep freezers that are eco-friendly and energy-efficient so that you can enjoy their performance without paying higher bills.
  • Protection from Power Failure – Look for this feature as it will ensure that the freezer retains the cool temperature for 1-3 days in case of power failure
  • Noise – Choose freezers that won’t make more than 40db sound.

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Who Should Use Deep Freezer?

A lot of people mistake that a deep freezer is only for commercial restaurants and hotels but this is untrue. So, if you have a big family or if you tend to eat a lot of meat, then getting a deep freezer is a good choice too.

In your deep freezer, you can store local animal meat, fruits and vegetables for summer, cocktail ice, booze, and a lot more. And if you tend to host a lot of parties at home, then a deep freezer will come in handy to store frozen snacks and drinks that you can then make instantly for the parties.

So, from restaurant owners to home owners, a deep freezer is a perfect investment for all.

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Precautions To Take While Using Deep Freezer?

When you are using a deep freezer, you need to be careful else your freezer can get damaged or your food can get spoilt. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the proper use of the freezer:

  • Set the Temperature Low

Ideally, zero degrees is perfect for storing frozen foods for a long time so you can set the freezer as low as possible. If your ice cream becomes too hard, then keep it near the door where the temperature will be slightly higher.

  • Keeping the Freezer Full

If your freezer is empty, it will take longer for it to retain the cold and will need more energy to sustain the temperature. So, keep your freezer sufficiently full so that the frozen food can help your unit stay cold while there is enough air to circulate around the unit.

  • Tightly Wrap your Food

Make sure that you keep your food tightly wrapped so that it doesn’t experience freezer burn. However, keep enough space in the wrapping that the food can expand when frozen.

  • Don’t Freeze Food for Too Long

Another major mistake made while using deep freezers is that many items are stored indefinitely in the freezer. If the food is kept for too long in the freezer, it will deteriorate slowly. So, make sure that you finish the oldest food first and keep it close to the door.

  • Don’t Open a Freezer during Power Outage

Finally, make sure that you don’t open the freezer when there is a power outage. Frozen foods can be kept as it is but if there are any food packets that got defrosted, then you need to prepare them quickly and finish them off.

How Much Power Does Deep Freezer Consume?

A deep freezer is usually a freezer box that is powered by electricity and freezes food similar to a refrigerator freezer. However, a deep freezer offers you more space than a refrigerator freezer to store your food. Generally, a modern freezer will consume 30 – 100 watts of power which depends on their size and efficiency.

On the other hand, if you use an older model freezer, then it would take 100% more power than the latest energy star rated freezer model. Moreover, if you keep your freezer in the colder part of the house, it will consume less power to sustain the cold temperature and will be able to efficiently preserve the food that you store in it.

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Where to Keep your Freezer? 

Generally, you can keep your freezer both indoors and outdoors although it is advised to keep it indoors. Keep the freezer in a well-ventilated room with sufficient space around it for proper air circulation. Also, make sure that the freezer is stored in a cool place as this will help in the freezer sustaining the cold temperature and reduces the energy used for lowering the temperature.

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How long will your Freezer work? 

A good quality freezer can easily work for 10 – 15 years so make sure you buy it from a trusted brand. Make sure that it comes with a warranty and be mindful of its maintenance. If you properly clean it twice a year and monitor the temperature, you can further increase its life.

Apart from that, keep the freezer in a well-ventilated place and always check for leakages and cleanliness. These few small checks can help you last your freezer longer than usual.

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