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10 Best Monitors Under Rs 10,000 In India

This guide consists of the best monitor you can get in India for about 10000 budget.

People are very concerned about their computer’s specifications and pay less attention to the monitor which is truly dumb because ultimately the monitor is what is going to show you what your pc is capable of and what’s the point of a powerful pc if monitor bottlenecks it.

So, one should also pay equal attention to monitor as CPU, GPU and other components. People underestimate this thing and end up picking the wrong choice for them and in reality it can be a tough thing to decide the perfect monitor for you.

But do not be afraid because we got you covered in this article to help you select what’s best for you if your budget for your monitor is approximately ten thousand rupees.

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Things To Consider Before Buying a Monitor

One can see this section as what terms to understand before making a choice.And this will be very useful for a beginner and a pro may learn a thing or two from this section.

Type OF The Panel

Straight to the point, there are three types of panels ips or in plane switching technology panels, va or vertical alignment technology based panel and a tn or twisted nematic field effect technology.Don’t hesitate this is not as complicated as it looks.Instead it is very simple and easy once you get it.

The ips or in plane switching technology is considered to have the best picture quality out of the three and the best viewing angles of the three.But the downside is that it doesn’t meet the fastest response times at least that’s what you should know for this budget.These can not get as fast as a tn panel.

The va or vertical alignment based panels are characterized to have the best contrast and image depth among the three of them the va,ips and tn.But also these are considered to have long response times which we will get to know about further in this article.These are said to have the deep blacks which even the ips lacks.

The tn or twisted nematic field effect type panels are characterized to have the poorest viewing angles out of the three and colours look faded or simply low quality color reproduction.The poorest viewing angles mean you are dependent strongly on viewing angle meaning you have to be at that perfect centre for the monitor to look any good for colours any other angle will result in bad colour reproduction from your perspective.Hope this helps to understand this section.

VGA , HDMI And Display Port 

Now the point is the monitor has to take information to display from your cpu and some people connect their respective cable to motherboard and some with their GPU.But if you have a graphic card then you are replacing the integrated graphics of your motherboard so you should connect your monitor to you graphics card with your respective cable.

You should make sure that the port of your monitor and graphic card are the same to make sure it is all compatible together.

The display port cable only out of these will let you play at 144hz with your monitor as at this price point you are not including the latest hdmi cable so yes the display port cable is the way to go if you need 144hz gaming experience.

Having multiple ports with a monitor is always a plus as this lets you use your monitor with different systems or more than one pc.

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Refresh Rate

This is simply the count of how many times your monitor can refresh itself in one second and can improve your experience enormously once you experience a monitor higher than the normal most widely used 60hz like having 144hz,240hz or above.

The higher the refresh rate the better the experience gets and the higher the price so these go all together. 

This highly contributes to your experience being smooth while using the monitor.

Response Time 

It is the time your monitor takes to change from one color to another.And what should be advertised is the btw or black to white response time as that explains more accurately how fast your monitor is rather gtg or gray to gray which is advertised widely just to advertise lower figures which is an advertisement strategy to bluff customers.But gtg also can tell which monitor is comparatively faster than other but not how much one is fast as for that btw should be considered.

Anyways the response times are better to be as low as possible and the low the response time the higher the price.

This is measured in milliseconds or ms and usual advertised response time can range from 1ms to approximately 15ms but remember the higher response time means the slower the monitor is.

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The resolution of a panel tells about the pixel count horizontally × vertically and the higher the pixel count the higher is the ppi or pixel per inch that goes together with having the higher details and sharpness in the image.

So a 1080p display means it has 1920×1080 resolution meaning 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically.This can help you understand what resolution means.

Now, generally it goes like this for the best experience 1080p or FHD resolution for upto 24 inch monitor and 1440p or 2K resolution for about 27 inch monitors and 4K resolution for 32 inch monitor and higher it goes till 8K based on recent technology.But in the discussed price point only 1080p options are available.

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This may be very important for some while may be 

So, now that you understand the above discussed terms let’s get to the main list as now you will have a better understanding of what we will be discussing further.

Best Monitors Under Rs 10,000 In India 

This list is not made to depict any order of these 10 monitors instead all of the monitors are good and deserving to be here but I have arranged this list to be in a ascending order of their current prices on Amazon but you can catch any of these for approx 10k on deals in sales.One may choose any of these ten to fit their needs,so let’s dive in now.Also this list comprises of monitors which are approximately priced 10k inr.

Also keep in mind that all the monitors will be slim enough for you to like if you are worried about that as these days they are all pretty slim.So I would not be mentioning this in every monitor’s specification.

1. LG 22MP68VQ

This is a well known monitor in this price range. Also, the brand speaks for itself in this market and has maintained a reputation in the monitor world for its good quality check and supportive services. 

Coming to the specifications –

The monitor is 22 inch (55 cm) which is good for a FHD display as this will increase the pixel per inch or ppi enhancing your experience while using it.

It is having a full HD display which is what you get with this price bracket. The display is using a ips or in plane switching type panel so you will have the best viewing angles and color reproduction out of this display. The frame is claimed to be borderless which creates an immersive experience. The monitor has one HDMI port, one VGA port, one Audio out port, one DVI port and one headphone port which provides you options for connectivity.

It has a 16 : 9 aspect ratio which is optimum for the majority of media content. This panel has a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 5ms which is okay for a panel like this that has excellent picture quality at this price.

Brightness of this monitor is 250 nits which is okay. The monitor is also wall mountable. Apart from this, the monitor uses flicker free technology and a three years warranty which is great to be offered.

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If you use the AMD freesync technology then you can extend this 60hz refresh rate to 75Hz which is a very good plus to have at this price.

Overall a very good pick for the price.

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Another top seller within the referred price which comes from a well known and trusted brand in India.The brand in the monitor market too does not fail to maintain its reputation and is counted in one of the top monitor brands like the lg.

Here are the specifications –

The display is 23.5 inch (59.8 cm) which again is under the 24 inch mark that we discussed. Here is another unique feature which might be the most valued one for someone and might be the deal breaker for another which is, this monitor is curved with 1800R curvature.

The monitor is FHD display using a VA or vertical alignment panel that delivers good contrast ratio and image depth but isn’t as good as an IPS for sure. The monitor has 250 nits of brightness with a typical 16:9 aspect ratio which is what we see with monitors in this price range.

The refresh rate is 60Hz with a response time of 4ms which is quite decent. This monitor features one VGA port, one HDMI port and one headphone port. The monitor gives you a 3 years warranty which is quite reliable.

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Some people have complained about the monitor having noticeable backlight bleed issues with their units but that is usually dependent on what unit you get and you can always get a replacement from Amazon.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

3. Acer Nitro VG240Y

This monitor comes from acer which is in the monitor market for quite long but users are often found complaining about their quality check.So, you should keep this in mind but other than that the company charges competitive prices for what they offer and if you get your perfect unit even after replacement if you had a bad luck then you are gonna be happy with what you got for the money.

Let’s come down to the specifications – 

This display is 23.8 inch in size which will again be adequate for the resolution. It features a full HD display which uses IPS or in plane switching technology which makes you get the best for picture quality.

It has the AMD freesync technology to provide smoother gaming experience if you have an AMD graphics card but you can turn it on to get some of the benefits even if you have a nvidia graphics card. The monitor has a 75Hz refresh rate and a 1ms advertised response time.

This panel has a typical brightness of about 250nits. This monitor has one VGA port and two HDMI ports. The monitor is claimed to have black boost with 11 levels of dark level adjustments which will help a lot.

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So, this is worth being considered due to what it brings to the table except the bad quality check of the company which is complained by customers often.

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4. HP 22FW 3KS61AA

This brand is also very popular in India and people generally know this for laptops and printers but it also has a good reputation in the monitor market of India with their good support services and quality control.

The monitor mentioned above has the following specs – 

It is using a 21.5 inch (54.6 cm) display. This is advertised as ultra slim led which adds for it being slimmer than the already slim monitors existing.

The screen uses a 16:9 aspect ratio and a full HD resolution which makes pixels fit the screen size quite densely. It has a 75Hz refresh rate and a 5 ms response time. The monitor has advertised a micro edge technology which simply means a near to borderless frame which is quite ordinary in all monitors listed here so nothing much special.

It has AMD freesync technology which provides smoother gaming experience. This monitor has led backlighting.

It is advertised to have an anti glare panel with true to life colours with its IPS or in plane switching technology display. Also has a low blue light feature which may be very important for some people.

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This monitor features one VGA and one HDMI port. It is also one of the top sellers for this price range and it is a well built one which you can rely on and expect to see what it promises to give. 

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon


This monitor comes from samsung and again is one of the highly trusted brands in this monitor market of India.This one is different from the one we discussed earlier.

Let’s list the specifications of this one – 

A 24 inch (60.4 cm) display but here’s a thing, this time it is a FLAT LED rather the curved that we discussed earlier as a lot of people prefer there monitor to be flat and not curved due to limitations that come with it,one being the uniformity of brightness,colors and other parameters.But for some people curved monitors are very much visually appealing.

This one uses the IPS or in plane switching technology display rather than the VA that the other one from samsung had which ultimately increases the color reproduction and better viewing angles.

It has a refresh rate of 75Hz and a response time of 5 ms which is what we are observing frequently with the monitors in this price range .

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The monitor has just one con that it does not has any VGA port or DVI or Display port and instead just has a HDMI port.So, if that is what you are looking for then this might not be a con for you but if you were looking for the ones that this miss out on then you may have to think it again.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

6. BENQ GW2480

Benq is also counted one of the best monitor brands for all price ranges and this one is nothing special, this monitor is in the top selling list and I think this deserves to be there and after reading the specs you will also think the same about it.

The specs are as follows – 

It has a 24 inch (60.5 cm) display. The monitor has an ips or in plane switching technology using panels which contributes to the best viewing angles and color reproduction.

It uses eye care technology from benq which is appreciated by the consumers and will help your eyesight for longer sessions of usage. It has plenty of ports which covers a VGA port,a HDMI port,an Audio port and a headphone port which provides you customizability options.

This has in built monitor speakers which are not going to be as good as pc speakers but will do the job when needed and it is always a plus to have them anyways.The speakers are two with one watt each being their specification which will let you estimate how it will perform.

The monitor has adaptive brightness technology which will adjust the brightness levels of the monitor according to your surroundings and the brightness level is 250 nits with this one too. It uses flicker free technology and has a refresh rate of 60Hz with 5 ms of response time. The monitor supports a VESA mount of 100 mm × 100 mm  which lets you have the monitor stand customizability options.

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This one has better contrast ratio compared to hp at least that’s what they claim and will be an advantage to have. The monitor has a three year warranty which got you covered.

So overall it is a great pick and is one of the top sellers for a reason.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

7. Dell P2219H

This monitor is from dell which like the hp people know for laptops and other peripherals but the brand speaks for itself in the monitor market also.

This monitor is a professional looking monitor so if you don’t like the gamer like designs and more of the office work like looking monitor this might be just for you.

The specifications include – 

It has a 22 inch display. The monitor is a full HD resolution IPS or in plane switching technology based display which we already know the benefits of so I won’t mention again.

The monitor has a 1 terabyte of ram which is ddr3l – 1600 sdram type of memory. It has two usb 2.0 ports, one HDMI port and one VGA port and one display port two for which the display cable is included in the box.

This has the VESA compatibility of 100 mm × 100 mm which adds to it’s stand customizability. It has a three year warranty to take care of your worries.

The monitor has a 3H coating which prevents reflections from the screen and trust me this is quite an issue if you are dealing with a well lit room.

It is really well built and uses quality components but the bottom bezel is thick but that would not be a deal breaker as it is not that thick but it should be mentioned. Also the monitor does not have any in built speakers if that is what you are looking for.

Also the P series of dell is suggested to be better than the S series of dell monitors for color accuracy.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

8. Acer B227Q

Another monitor for the company which is complained for having low quality control but this monitor has tons of features to see.Also you have to try your luck for the good unit instead of the bad one because even they offer replacement but still it is a chaos.

The specs include – 

A 21.5 inch display with IPS or in plane switching technology. Special features like in built webcam which is a must have for the ones who frequently get involved in web meetings and it is a plus to have anyways even if you think you do not use much of it .

This monitor has two 2 watt each speakers in built which adds on to its value and people generally prefer to have in built speakers even if they know their quality will be trash compared to the proper dedicated pc speakers.

It has a 4 ms of response time and a 75Hz refresh rate. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and the brightness level is again 250 nits. The monitor features a height adjustment ERGO stand which lets you tilt, swivel and height adjust easily. It has one HDMI port, one VGA port, one display port and usb 3.0 port.

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The monitor is wall mount ready too. Apart from this the monitor uses flicker free technology and blue light shielding which helps you protect your vision.

Here is a thing the monitor requires a usb cable for using the in built webcam functionality.Other than this, the monitor is unique in itself and is a great value pick for the price.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

9. AOC G2590VXQ

This monitor from AOC which is also a good brand for monitors.

Let’s cut short to the specs – 

  • A 24.5 inch LED VA panel.
  • The monitor has that typical 75Hz refresh rate and a 1ms advertised response time.
  • The monitor is wall mountable and has in-built speakers.
  • The monitor includes two HDMI ports and that’s all what is specified.

Other than this the monitor is complained about by some users to have okayish color reproduction but that can be subjective. Overall it’s worth the price and quite popular for this price bracket.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

10. Acer KG241QP

Now this monitor is different from the bunch not because of some built in webcam or speakers but something else.

So let’s look at the specs which makes it different – 

The main highlight of this monitor is it’s 144Hz refresh rate which is not usual to be seen in this price category.And this will largely impact your experience and you won’t prefer a 60Hz monitor over 144Hz once you experience the high refresh rate monitor.

Other than this, the monitor has 1 ms advertised response time which is a plus to have. The brightness here is specified at 300 nits which is brighter than the 250 nits we discussed earlier. The monitor features two HDMI ports and one display port but to get 144Hz you should use the display port and not HDMI as it is not capable of that.

The monitor uses AMD Freesync to smoothen your gaming experience. It is full HD and uses the black boost technology which acer offers with 11 levels of dark level adjustments. The monitor is wall mountable.

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Now here is the thing that we discussed earlier this monitor brings a lot to the table for what you pay but due to the low price point you are losing the VA or vertical alignment technology and the IPS or in plane switching technology that simply means this is a TN or twisted nematic field effect technology based panel that brings us to the fact that this will have poor viewing angles and low quality color reproduction.

You should also note that this monitor can only be found near 10k on specific deals in sales and quite not in the regular time.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

If you have reached this point of the article then you must have got it all and now you would be hopefully confidently picking up your choice that you think is the perfect for you from the bunch for approximately ten thousand. And we are happy to help you.


Written By : Hitesh Verma

I am a pc gaming and sound enthusiast for years and it excites me to be up to date with these markets.


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