10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs 1000

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Without having to spend a huge sum, you can get a decent sounding Bluetooth speaker for well under Rs. 1000 even from mode popular brands like JBL.

There are a host of such speakers available in the market and this guide will help you come to a decision. Below you will find a guide to help you get started with your new speaker and in case it needs some troubleshooting.

Further down, you’ll find some of our recommendations for the 10 best Bluetooth speakers below Rs. 1000.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone?

To begin the pairing process, you first need to enable pairing mode on your speaker. After turning your speaker on using the power button, hold down the power button for a couple of seconds to switch the speaker into pairing mode.

Some speakers have a dedicated pairing button, you will need to hold that button similarly for a few seconds. Generally, this changes the onboard light colour or emits a notifying sound.

Now it’s time to get things set up on your Android or iOS phone. For connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your phone, drop the top menu down and tap on the Bluetooth icon.

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This step remains identical for both iOS and Android. Next, go to the device Settings app and look for the Bluetooth menu option. When inside, you will find a list of connected, previously paired, and new devices list. In that list, find your speaker’s make and name and select it to pair.

Difference between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers?

This might seem complicated but is actually very simple. Bluetooth speakers are generally non-smart speakers that need a host device, like your phone, to source audio from. You connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker and play music from your phone which is then relayed to the speaker. The music is actually being played on your phone using the resources of your device.

On the flip side, Wi-Fi speakers are generally smart and can much more independently than a Bluetooth speaker. Wi-Fi connectivity allows such speakers to stay connected with the internet for sourcing the music independently and for app connectivity.

Once you have sent the song from your phone to the speaker, it will pull the music directly from the internet. Closing the music app on your phone or turning off the phone entirely won’t even affect the music playback on a Wi-Fi speaker.

Bluetooth Speaker Roundup

In today’s plethora of electronics and gadgets, a Bluetooth speaker is one of the most useful and handy products that you can have. When you crave loud music away from your desk, workplace or home, a portable speaker really satisfies that urge. 

A Bluetooth speaker has the added benefit of wirelessly connecting to your phone and reduces the need to worry about wires and aux cables. Although most bluetooth speakers do have the option of using an aux input should you need.

The latest version of Bluetooth enables users to enjoy their music from a greater range. This is one of the greatest features of speakers that have the newest version and we have made sure to include them here too.

Most speakers nowadays are very sturdy, are waterproof and some even have rubber corners to lessen fall damage. This makes sure that no matter what speaker you buy, you won’t have to worry about its longevity and quality with time. 

In this article,we have chosen some of the best portable bluetooth speakers you can buy on a budget. These are some of the highest selling products on the online market and have numerous rave reviews. 

1. Boat Stone 200 3W Bluetooth Speaker

Built to Last

Rs 999

boAt Stone 200 3W Bluetooth Speaker

Main features:

  • 3W Output
  • Bluetooth 4.1 support
  • Aux input Support
  • 1500mAh Battery
  • IPX6 Water resistant
  • Dust and Shock Resistant
  • In-built mic
  • Carrying Strap

The Boat Stone 200 is an excellent product that is one of the sturdiest speakers in this list. The speaker has an output of 3 watts, which is loud enough for most outdoor applications, provided it’s not too noisy. The speaker supports Bluetooth 4.1, which admittedly is a bit outdated, as newer speakers have Bluetooth 5.0 support. The speaker does make up for it by its excellent build quality. The speaker has an IPX6 water resistant rating, which means it is spill proof and can withstand jets of water. The speaker is also dust and shock resistant, so going outdoors with this will be a care free experience. The battery backup is 1500 mAh, which is enough for about 8 to 10 hours of use at half volume. 


  1. Great battery life
  2. Water resistant
  3. Dust and Shock resistant


  1. Lacks Bluetooth 5.0 support

2. Boat Stone 190F 5W Bluetooth Speaker

High Power at budget price


BoAt Stone 190F 5 W Bluetooth Speaker

Main Features:

  • 5W Output
  • 4 hour Battery Life
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  • IPX7 Water Resistance
  • AUX support
  • Integrated controls on the speaker
  • Built in Mic

The Boat Stone 190F is another fantastic product from Boat, which has some unique features that separate it from the rest of the products. The speaker supports Bluetooth 5.0, which means you will get the best connectivity and range when pairing it with your device. The output is also a lot, since it delivers 5 watts of power. This means that it will have a lot more volume than normal speakers and will not have distortion at higher volumes. But having this much power does have its drawback, which appears in the battery life of the speaker. With only 4 hours of playback time,  the battery life leaves a lot to be desired. But if you can tolerate that then this is an excellent speaker for the money. 

The speaker is also IPX7 water resistant,which means it can be submerged in water upto 1 meter and it will still be running fine. You also have an integrated volume and play/pause button built on the top side of the speaker, which provides a convenient way to control the speaker. The speaker looks a lot like a Google Home mini, and that is a compliment since the woven fabric design looks really great.


  1. Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  2. 5W RMS Output
  3. IPX7 Water Resistant
  4. Clean Design


  1. Poor Battery Life

3. MI Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 


Most Compact Speaker

Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2

Main Features:

  • 2W Output
  • 6 Hour Battery Life
  • Built in Mic
  • Very Compact Design
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Support

MI has become a household name in India since the last few years because of the great quality products they have introduced in the market at such low prices. This speaker is another amazing product from them. The speaker has a very small form factor and can literally be carried in your pocket. The output is 2 watts,which admittedly is less than the other products on this list, but none of the others have such a compact design. The battery life is also very good,delivering around 6 hours of use. The speaker only supports Bluetooth 4.2 however, so that is a bit disappointing. It also has a built in mic for taking calls from the speaker itself.


  1. Very compact design
  2. Good Battery Life
  3. Built in mic
  4. Low Price


  1. Low Output 
  2. Only Supports Bluetooth 4.2

4. Zebronics Buddy Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Rs. 999

Zebronics Buddy Wireless Portable BT Speaker

Main Features:

  • 5W Output
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Support
  • AUX Input
  • USB/SD Card Support
  • FM Radio
  • RGB light
  • LED Display
  • Integrated Controls

The Zebronics Buddy speaker is a different type of product compared to the ones we have mentioned above. Mainly due to the form factor,size and features. It is a much larger speaker and it uses the extra size for a reason. The output is rated at 5 watts, which means it is a louder speaker than most. The main highlight is that it supports USB pen drives upto 32 GB, so if you have one to play your downloaded collection of songs, this will conveniently play all of them. You also have an AUX input as well as a Micro SD card slot. Having such an assortment of inputs means that you have a lot of flexibility and options when choosing your way of listening to music. It even supports FM radios. There are integrated controls on top of the speaker, where you can pause, play, skip and control volume of the songs. You also have a dial to control the radio station. The only drawback of the speaker is that it supports Bluetooth 4.2 only.


  1. USB Support
  2. 5W Output
  3. SD Card support
  4. FM Radio Included


  1. No support for Bluetooth 5.0
  2. No Water resistance

5. Infinity Fuze Pint Bluetooth Speaker

Rs. 849

Good Compact Speaker

Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint Deep Bass Dual EQ Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Portable Speaker

Main Features:

  • 5 hours of Battery Life
  • Dual Equalizer Modes
  • Aux support
  • Voice Assistant Integration
  • 480 mAh Battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support

The Infinity brand actually belongs to JBL, a company renowned for its audio products. Infinity products are good cheap alternatives that deliver a similar quality and sound as the JBL speakers. This speaker is a small,compact and portable product that will be very easy to carry around. It supports Bluetooth 5.0,so you won’t have to worry about connectivity issues or audio drops when playing your music. The speaker has a 480 mAh battery,which Infinity claims that it provides around 5 hours of playback. Another unique feature is the Dual Equalizer modes that the speaker has, which shifts the EQ and makes the bass more pronounced and punchier while also maintaining the mids and highs. It is a quick and easy way to make your music tracks have a bit more life.

The speaker also supports AUX input and has a built in mic for taking calls


  1. Compact Size
  2. Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  3. Long Battery Life


  1. Volume is a bit on the lower side.
  2. No water resistance

6. Mivi Roam 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Best Overall Speaker

Mivi Roam 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Main Features:

  • 5W Output
  • IPX7 Water resistance
  • 24 hours of playtime
  • Dust and Drop Proof
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  • Built in Mic
  • Dual Pairing Support

Mivi is a brand that has very quickly grown into popularity and it deserves the recognition because it really makes some amazing products for the price. These products are made in India, so they can provide more features without them costing a lot. The Mivi Roam 2 has a lot of great features without compromising on anything. The speaker has an output of 5 watts, which is more than enough for outdoor listening. The battery life of the speaker is a big feature, since at 50% volume, the speaker can run for a total of 24 hours. That is very energy efficient and is the longest battery life in a speaker we have seen at this price range. 

Among other features, the speaker supports Bluetooth 5.0 along with Dual pairing, which means you can connect it to a second, though media will only play from one source at a time, but it will switch automatically when it detects a call or something similar. The speaker also has IPX7 water resistance, which means it can be fully immersed inside 1 meter of water and will still be working perfectly. 


  1. Very good battery life
  2. IPX7 Water resistance
  3. Loud and full sounding speaker
  4. Bluetooth 5.0 Support


  1. None

7. Ambrane BT-47 Bluetooth Speaker


Ambrane BT-47 5 W Bluetooth Speaker

Main Features:

  • 5W Output
  • 7 Hours Battery Life
  • IPX6 Water Resistance
  • Built in Mic
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • 2 Speaker Connection 

The Ambrane BT-47 is a good speaker that has features similar to the Mivi but at a slightly lower price. The speaker supports Bluetooth 5.0 and also has a maximum output of 5W. It gets sufficiently loud in outdoor environments. The battery life is not as good as the Mivi however, at just 7 hours, but it is decent. The speaker also has IPX6 water resistance, which means it can withstand rain and water spills without any problems. The speaker can also be paired in twin mode if you have two of the same type, this changes the audio from the usual mono to stereo output, so channel separation is more clear. This is a good feature and it is great to see. The speaker also has integrated controls on the top


  1. 5W output
  2. IPX6 Water resistance
  3. Bluetooth 5.0 support


  1. Battery life could have been more

8. Clavier Fusion Bluetooth Speaker


Unique Design

Clavier Fusion Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Main Features:

  • 5W output
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  • SD Card Support
  • 2000 mAh Battery
  • Built in Mic

The Clavier Fusion is a very uniquely designed speaker that has great features for the price. The speaker is spherical in shape with a flat base. It looks like an orb and has LED lights under the top layer too. The speaker supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has a 2000mAh battery. The battery life is around 8 to 10 hours of normal use. The speaker also has a slot to insert your SD card, if you have any downloaded songs in your library. The integrated controls are on the top and are very tactile. The only drawback of the speaker is that it has no form of water or dust resistance, which means it might not be the best option for outdoor listening. 


  1. Unique Spherical design
  2. 5W output
  3. SD Card Support


  1. No water or dust resistance

9.Artis BT90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Rs. 989

Large Form Factor

Artis BT90 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Main Features:

  • 3W Output
  • USB Input
  • SD Card Input
  • FM Radio
  • AUX Support
  • 5 hour Battery Life
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  • Dual Pairing Support

The Artis BT90 is the largest speaker on this list and it has good reasons for that. It has support for USB,SD card,FM Radio and AUX. It has a rectangular shape and has a strap included for carrying it.The speaker has a 3W output, which is odd, since smaller speakers than this have more power. The speaker also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and can be paired with another same speaker for stereo playback. There are integrated controls on the side of the speaker. The battery life which is 5 hours, is decent considering the speaker’s size.The one big drawback of this speaker is that it doesn’t have any sort of water resistance, so taking this outside might not be a great idea. 


  1. Lots of input support
  2. Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  3. Dual Pairing Support


  1. No water resistance
  2. Only 3W output

10. Artis BT08 Portable Speaker


Value for money Option

Artis BT08 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Main Features:

  • 3W Output
  • 4 hours Playback time
  • AUX support
  • TF Card Support
  • Integrated Controls
  • Built in Mic
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support

If you are looking for the cheapest portable bluetooth speaker and do not want to compromise, then the Artis BT08 is a great choice. The speaker is very compact and almost fits in your pocket. The output is 3W, which is decent considering its size.The battery life is rated at 4 hours. The speaker also has support for TF card and AUX input. And since the speaker has Bluetooth 5.0 support, you can make calls from a far greater distance than before. The speaker does not have any water resistance rating,so we advice not to use it in the rain. 


  1. Value for money
  2. Bluetooth 5.0 support
  3. TF and AUX support


  1. No water resistance

How to reset a Bluetooth speaker?

If you’re facing any connection problem with your Bluetooth speaker then resetting can solve any such issue. First, you should try for a soft reset, which simply means restarting the speaker. Most basic issues should be solved with this.

For a hard reset, many popular speaker models come with a pinhole. You need to insert a small pinhead inside it to push the hard-reset button. This should revert all the speaker settings to what they were when the speaker was new.

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