Reach AB 110 Air Bike Exercise Cycle Review

The Reach AB 110 is a versatile exercise cycle that doesn't cost much but gives you an option for upper and lower body workouts all in one machine taking care ...

Qualimate Smart Fitness Foldable Foot Pedal Exercise Cycle Review

The Qualimate Fitness cycle is a small exercise machine for those who don't get enough time from their hectic lifestyle for self improvement. This little ...

PowerMax Fitness BU 201 Dual Action Exercise Bike Review

PowerMax Fitness BU 201 Dual Action Air bike is a budget friendly exercise bike that allows you to get upper body workout done as well as lower body workout ...

Powermax Fitness BU 200 Upright Exercise Bike Review

If you're just looking for a practical and affordable exercise bike that just works then PowerMax has a good solution for you. The PowerMax Fitness BU 200 is ...

Lifelong LLF54 Fit Pro Exercise Bike Review

Lifelong LLF54 is another affordable exercise cycle offering from lifelong but this one cuts out a lot on certain essentials and even quality but does provide ...

Lifelong LLF45 Fit Pro Spin Exercise Bike Review

Lifelong LLF45 Fit Pro is a great exercise bike if you're looking for a compact yet a good cardio workout solution at your home or even at gyms. The machine ...

Kidsmall Body Gym Exercise Cycle Review

Kidsmall Body Gym exercise cycle is a small and compact air bike for those who are looking to shed some sweat and lose weight at the comfort of their home but ...

LEEWAY Exercise Cycle Review

LEEWAY Exercise cycle is an affordable yet basic exercise bike for lower and leg workouts as it targets cardio and strength. The cycle comes with a steel ...

Healthex HX 100 Exercise Cycle Review

Healthex HX 100 is an exercise bike which aims at lower body improvement with it's belt drive cycling system that provides a range of resistance so you can ...

Fitkit FK717 Spinner Exercise Bike Review

The Fitkit FK 717 is a well designed, durable and practically built heavy duty workout cycle for all you fitness enthusiasts out there. The bike is ...

Dolphy Exercise Spinning Bike Review

The Dolphy Exercise Spinning bike is a well built,  heavy duty exercise bike with a number of features and comfort options for those who want to get ...

Durafit Glider Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Durafit Glider is an elegant looking exercise bike which focuses more on providing a comfortable and relaxed exercise experience while also having enough ...

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