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10 Best 2.1 Channel Speakers in India

When it comes to multimedia speakers, 2.1 channel speaker system is the most prevalent one. This type of speaker is affordable, easy to use, and can reproduce great sound quality. So, people tend to look for a 2.1 channel for day to day use.

If you are one of them who is looking for a 2.1 channel speaker, then you have come to the right place. As you might have already guessed that this post will contain reviews of the best 2.1 channel speakers in India.

So, without dillydallying, let’s get to the good part…

Why Buy 2.1 Channel Speakers?

When it comes to speakers the most common one is the 2.1 Channel speaker system. Matter of fact, you might already be using one or at least have come across one in your lifetime. We can use 2.1 channel speakers for many reasons. First of all, most pieces of music are recorded in 2.1 channel.

As a result, when you use a 2.1 Ch. speaker for listening to music, you will get the best experience. This pattern actually reproduces a 2 dimensional audio for both of our ears. As a result, 2.1 ch speaker is the most popular type of speaker in the world.

Also, 2.1 ch speakers are compatible with most devices such as TV, computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so on. Also, they come in at a very affordable price compared to other types of speakers. So, all in all, if you are looking for a good load speaker system for you, you can start with a 2.1 channel speaker system.

2.1 Speaker vs. Studio Monitors?

It might seem that there are a lot of similarities between studio monitors and 2.1 speakers. On the other hand, there are a few differences as well. First off, studio monitor speakers are all together on a different level compared to the traditional 2.1 channel speaker system.

They are exclusively made to use in producing music. They can produce accurate and pristine quality sound from the source. Lots of engineering and research go on making a studio monitor setup. Due to that, they tend to be expensive as well.

On the contrary, normal 2.1 channel speakers are designed in a way that they can reproduce good quality sound but not accurate to the source. That means you will enjoy the music but it will sound like the source.

Also, based upon the brand, quality, and design, the sound quality will differ to a greater extent. As a result, they are not as expensive as studio monitors. And, for listening to music and TV casually, a 2.1 channel speaker would suffice.

Best 2.1 Channel Speakers in India

1. Sony 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System (SA-D20 C E12)

Whether it is a headphone, speaker, or an earphone, Sony will be at the top when it comes to offering the best audio components in the world. This 2.1 channel speaker from Sony comes with a lot of advanced features. For instance, it is a wireless speaker that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to other devices.

Also, you can use USB flash devices to play music on this. The sound quality is up to the mark. It comes with a remote control system with which you can control the speaker from a distance.

However, one of the drawbacks of this one is that there is no option to control the bass. Also, there is no physical volume knob for controlling the volume without the remote control. So, you should take care of your remote control. Otherwise, this is a great 2.1 ch speaker system.

Main Features:

  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with 1 year of warranty
  • It weighs about 5 KG
  • The maximum output power is 60 watts

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2. Infinity (JBL) 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker (Hard rock 210)

This one comes at a reasonable price. At the same time, it is also a feature-rich 2.1 channel speaker. You will get two 3.5 inch tweeter and a 6.5-inch subwoofer for the best quality sound. It is also another Bluetooth enabled speaker. You can control the speaker using the supplied remote control.

This Infinity speaker also has 3 built-in equalizer modes such as gaming, music, and movie. You can select them directly from the remote. This one also has a USB port for playing songs from your pen-drive or your memory card. Additionally, it also comes with RCA to Aux connectivity.

Main Features:

  • The speaker weighs about 703 g
  • Its maximum output power is 100 watts
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity

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3. LG Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers (LK72B)

If you are looking for a 2.1 channel speaker from a good brand with a lot of features, then you would have to spend a lot of money. However, in the case of this LG speaker, you are getting it at a very cheap price compared to the feature it comes with.

For example, it is a Bluetooth enabled speaker that comes with remote control. At the same time, it also has physical control buttons on the speaker.

With the ‘Bass Blast+’ feature, it can deliver a punchy bass and clear voice reproduction. Other remarkable features are USB port, FM radio, wall-mountable, and auto shutdown after 15 minutes, Aux-in, and so on.

Main Features:

  • Comes with a year of warranty
  • This one weighs about 2.4 kg
  • Its maximum output power is 40 watts

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4. Philips 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker (MMS8085B/94)

Philips is another top brand in manufacturing electrical appliances. And, this 2.1 channel speaker comes from Philips. First of all, the design of this one is a bit different from the usual 2.1 ch speakers. The maximum audio output power is up to 80 watts.

Like most other speakers on our list today, it also has Bluetooth connectivity. Thus, you will be able to control it using the remote control system it comes with.

Unfortunately, the remote control doesn’t come with the battery inside. And, it also has a USB port for playing songs or audio from USB flash drives.

Main Features:

  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity\
  • This one has 1 year of warranty
  • The weight of this speaker set is 8.9 kg

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5. Samsung HW 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker (K20)

The next one on our list if from Samsung. And, this is a great 2.1 ch speaker with a plethora of features. For the record, it is a wired speaker. And, it also has the USB port and AUX-in connectivity. It has physical buttons for customizing the bass and the treble.

The subwoofer has a power output of 20 watts. And the 2 tweeters are of 10 watts each. In that sense, the total power output range of this speaker system is 40 watts.

According to most buyers, this is one of the best 2.1 channel speakers in India for a good price.

Main Features:

  • This speaker set weighs 5.3 kg
  • Its maximum output power is 40 watts
  • Has 1 year of warranty

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6. Swans 2.1 Computer Multimedia Speakers (M10)

Are you looking for a unique 2.1 ch speaker in India? Then this one from Swans can be your top pick. Why? Because it comes with an attractive design. From the look of it, you will fall in love with it. And, the sound quality is also at the top with other high-end speakers.

The frequency response of this speaker is from 120 Hz to 20 KHz. And, it features a 5 inch subwoofer with a couple of 3 inch tweeter.

With the 31 watts of total RMS output, you will be able to enjoy listening to music all the time. The volume control knob is located at the front with a nice touch of blue light around it.

Main Features:

  • Comes with a 1 year of warranty
  • It weighs about 6 kg
  • The dimension of the speakers are 25.8 x 15.4 x 24.5 cm

7. Logitech Z333 2.1 Sprk Set

If you are a gamer, then you will be familiar with Logitech. And, if you want a Bluetooth 2.1 channel speaker from Logitech, this one should be on your list. Even though this is a wireless speaker, it comes with a wired volume control knob.

Also, the wired volume knob is integrated with the headphone jack. The nominal power output of this speaker from Logitech is up to 40 watts. And the maximum power output is up to 80 watts. So, you can expect a loud and rich sound reproduction from the speaker set.

Main Features:

  • The speakers’ maximum output power is 80 watts
  • The dimension of this product is 35 x 23.5 x 21.7 cm
  • This weighs about 4.45 kg

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8. Edifier Multimedia 2.1 Active Speaker (M3600D)

If you are in a budget constraint, you can go with this 2.1 ch speaker from Edifier. This brand is known for offering featureful products at a decent price. It is made with a high-quality MDF cabinet with a laminated finish.

It comes with coaxial, AUX, optical, and line-in inputs. The total RMS power output of this speaker set is 200 watts.

Whereas the subwoofer has 130 watts of power output and both the satellites have 35 watts each. All in all, this can be a fairly good 2.1 ch speaker.

Main Features:

  • This speaker set has 1 year of warranty
  • The weighty of this speaker set is 9.53kg
  • The dimension of this is 30.5 x 42.5 x 27.9 cm

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9. Philips 2.1 CH Multimedia Speakers (MMS2260B)

This one comes from Philips. It also a Bluetooth enabled 2.1 channel speaker system. For your convenience, they have kept the power and volume switches at the front. The total RMS output power of this speaker set is 60 watts.

Additionally, it has a USB port for playing audio from a pen-drive or flash drive. On top of that, it also has FM radio functionality. The design of this speaker set is also aesthetically pleasing. Overall, for an affordable price, this one can be a good pick.

Main Features:

  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with a year of warranty
  • The weight of this product is 5.83 kg

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10. Panasonic HiFi Speaker System (SC-HT22GW-K)

If you are looking for a cheap yet feature-packed 2.1 channel speaker, then you can go with this. This is a Bluetooth 2.1 ch speaker with a stylish design. You can control the speaker using the remote control system. And, after you have paired your device with this one, you won’t have to pair it again and again.

It will automatically be connected with the device once you turn on the Bluetooth function on both the speaker and the source device. The maximum RMS power output of this speaker is 50 watts. Another great feature of this speaker is that it has both AUX and USB connectivity. Along with that, it also features FM radio function.

Main Features:

  • The frequency response range if from 40 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity system
  • It has 1 year of warranty

Other Competition

F&D 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers(A140X)

Even though this is the last speaker on our list, it actually packs a lot of features. Yes, the sound quality might not be of the best quality compared to the expensive ones. But, you can definitely check this out if you are in a tight budget. It is equipped with two 2.5 inch drivers for the satellites and a 4 inch bass driver for the subwoofer. One great feature of this speaker set is that it has a multicolor LED system at the front of the subwoofer.

It also sports the USB port and FM radio functionality. With the addition of Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect it with any Bluetooth enabled device wirelessly. And, the supplied remote control can be used to control this speaker from a long distance. The frequency response of the subwoofer is from 45 Hz to 105 Hz. Whereas, the satellites come with a frequency response range from 160 Hz to 20 KHz.

Main Features:

  • Has 1 year of warranty
  • It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • The weight of this speaker set is 3.5 kg

Sum Up:

So, we have provided you with the list and reviews of the best 2.1 channel speakers in India. We hope this post will help you to choose the best one for you.

If you have selected your next 2.1 ch speaker from this list, you can let us know about the performance of that in the comments section below. Also, if you think we have missed any of your favorite ones, you can share them with us by leaving your comment below.

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