7 Best Gaming Chairs Under ₹20000

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Hey there, gamers! Are you tired of sitting on a rock-hard chair while conquering virtual worlds? Well, fret not because we’ve got your back (literally!). Get ready to level up your gaming experience with our list of the 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under ₹20000!

From comfy cushions to cool designs, these chairs are perfect for all you gaming enthusiasts out there. So, grab your controller and let’s dive into a world of comfort and style without breaking the bank.

But, read this before moving forward.

CriteriaOffice ChairGaming Chair
ErgonomicsGenerally provides better ergonomic support.May offer ergonomic features, but not always as extensive as office chairs.
ComfortOften designed for long hours of sitting.May prioritize style over comfort.
DurabilityTypically made for long-term use.Varies; some may not be as durable in the long run.
Aesthetic AppealMore traditional and professional appearance.Often more stylish with a “gamer” aesthetic.
MaterialOften made of mesh or fabric for breathability.May include leather or faux leather for style.
AdjustabilityUsually offers various adjustments for customization.May have adjustable features, but not always as extensive.
PricePrices can vary, but quality chairs may be more expensive.Prices may include a “gamer” markup.
Perceived ValueOften seen as a practical investment for long-term comfort.May be perceived as a luxury or gaming accessory.

Gaming chairs, despite their marketed appeal, often lack ergonomic support, making them less suitable for extended use compared to office chairs designed for prolonged sitting. While gaming chairs may offer style, the emphasis on ergonomics in office chairs ensures better comfort and support, crucial for long hours.

Recommendations favor investing in ergonomic office chairs over gaming chairs, citing better build quality and comfort. Physical testing of chairs is advised to find the best fit, considering individual preferences and body types. Additionally, caution is advised regarding online reviews, as they may not always reflect the true comfort and quality of a chair.

Gaming chairs provide good lumbar support with comfortable padding and a variety of adjustments including armrest adjustments and some chairs can even lie flat.

These features present in gaming grade chairs make sure to prevent stress and strain on the body over long periods of gaming and some useful features that might be helpful even for the non-gamers out there which makes this genre of chair recommendable for even working professionals.

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Article Contents

Best Gaming Chairs in India

1. Green Soul Vision

The Green Soul Vision Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair offers a blend of comfort, quality, and functionality, garnering positive feedback from users.

Priced attractively at ₹18,999, it’s hailed for its comfort, appearance, and assembly ease.

The cushioned seat, breathable mesh backrest, and adjustable features contribute to extended seating comfort, as noted by long-term users.

While some praise its adjustability and sturdiness, others express dissatisfaction with noise issues after prolonged use.

A common sentiment is the chair’s suitability for gamers and office users alike, with its sturdy build and ergonomic design. However, concerns regarding size suitability for taller individuals are raised.

Overall, the Green Soul Vision chair presents a compelling option for those seeking a comfortable, functional, and reasonably priced seating solution, with minor caveats regarding noise and sizing.

2. Green Soul® Vienna

Firstly, its ergonomic design, featuring contoured padding and integrated lumbar support, ensures optimal comfort during prolonged periods of use.

The padded arms add an extra layer of comfort and support, enhancing the overall sitting experience. Additionally, the chair’s sturdy construction, including a reinforced resin base, provides stability and durability, instilling confidence in its long-term performance.

The integrated lumbar cushion and padded arms enhance comfort, while the sturdy base allows for a 360-degree swivel and adjustable tilt mechanism.

The DIY assembly is straightforward, aided by clear instructions and included toolkit.

However, the absence of a tilt lock mechanism and potential noise from moving parts after extended use.

While the chair generally delivers on its promise of comfort and ease of assembly, prospective buyers should consider these factors before making a purchase decision.


Green soul is an active player in the gaming desk and chair industry. Green soul has a lot of options and Monster ultimate is the top end variant. 

The monster ultimate has all the features you could ask for in a gaming chair. It comes with a metal frame for improved rigidity. 

Material used in the chair is molded foam maximizing the airflow therefore reducing any kind of heat produced during the long hours of gaming. 

Armrests are adjustable and the seat back can be adjusted up to 180 degrees flat. Headrest comes with a pillow for additional comfort. 

The chair is wide enough to even sit cross legged and the lumbar support is made of memory foam.

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You can buy the chair in different colors and two different sizes for people of different heights namely a model for people below 6 feet and another for people above 6 feet.

Warranty period for the chair is 3 years which is pretty good but certainly on the shorter side. Monster ultimate is a great chair for those looking for a chair with a lot of features and adjustments but it also comes at a pretty steep price.


The green soul beast is an excellent chair and might be the more attractive one for a lot of people with smaller body footprint.

This chair is strictly for people below 6 feet and the best series is also considerably smaller than the monster ultimate makes it less spacious to sit cross legged.

It comes with all the important features such as pillow headrests and memory foam lumbar support like its more expensive cousin and comes with 3 years of warranty.

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Green soul beast is a better option than the ultimate as it costs less but the main caveat is that it only fits smaller heights. But if you are one of the smaller heights then you are in for pretty good experience with this.

5. BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair garners attention for its striking Racer Blue color and additional features such as the leg rest and built-in massager.

Its comfortable design, sturdy build, and ease of assembly. While many find the chair adequately adjustable to suit their needs, some express minor concerns regarding arm discomfort. However, these critiques don’t overshadow the overall positive reception.

Its value for money, durability, and suitability for extended sitting periods, whether for gaming or office work. Its ergonomic design ensures support and comfort during prolonged use.

Additionally, the chair’s aesthetic appeal adds to its allure, making it a versatile choice for various settings. Overall, the BAYBEE Drogo chair earns praise for its functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, making it a competitive option in its price range for those seeking a balance of style and practicality in a chair.


Mystic series is a great alternative to the green soul chairs as it has the same feature sets with just a different color scheme.

The chair comes with all kinds of adjustments you could ask for in a gaming chair of this price. The backrest is adjustable up to 180 degrees flat and the headrest and the lumbar support come with memory foam for additional comfort.

Covered by leather like material the chair also has a decently premium feel to it.

The main drawback is that the chair officially supports only up to 100 kgs which is on the lower side of the weight echelon but the warranty period is pretty good at 3 years.

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Buying decision comes down to your brand preference and price. If you can find this cheaper during the sale go for it over the green soul offerings but if it’s the other way around then go for the green soul.

7. Green Soul Zodiac Pro 

The Green Soul Zodiac Pro Office Chair is not specifically marketed as a gaming chair, but its ergonomic design and adjustable features make it suitable for gaming sessions as well. The plush cushions and ergonomic support ensure comfort during long gaming sessions, reducing the risk of fatigue and strain.

The chair’s adjustable lumbar support and headrest provide customization options to cater to individual preferences, enhancing comfort during gameplay. Additionally, the sturdy construction and smooth movement of the wheels make it easy to maneuver and adjust position, which can be advantageous during intense gaming sessions.

While it may not have some of the flashy features commonly associated with dedicated gaming chairs, the Green Soul Zodiac Pro Office Chair offers a blend of comfort, style, and functionality that can certainly enhance the gaming experience for many users. Ultimately, its suitability for gaming depends on personal preferences and priorities.

Things To Look Out For When Buying a Gaming Chair?

There are not many things to worry about in a gaming chair as most of them come with similar feature set one being marginally better than the other and there might be some additional features such as head rests and stuff.

But here is some stuff to look forward to.


Lumbar is the lower back part of the spine. It requires good support from the chair. Lack of support leads to slouching over long periods of time. So, look out for a chair that has good support.

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Not all the chairs have this but some of the chairs come with headrest and pillow. If you are also looking for a chair with good head support then choose the chair accordingly.


Pretty much most of the laptops in this segment come with adjustable armrests and it proves to be useful in niche situations.


Almost all of the gaming chairs come with height adjustment and wheels to move it around. Some chairs also have adjustable backrests which you can even tilt almost flat to imitate lying on a bed.

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Chair with a lot of moving parts has a tendency to fail so make sure the chair has at least 2 years of warranty and anything more than that is good.


None of these come preassembled out of the box. There is at least some basic level of assembly required but if you find it tough or don’t have the tools you can call for assistance.

Make sure to choose the chair that best fits your posture and body as some chairs come in different sizes for different body heights. Some ergonomic chairs also fit well in the gaming category so there will also be some of them on the list for those looking for more minimal looking chairs.


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