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10 Best Racing Game Wheels in India

If you are a person who enjoys the thrill and challenge of driving games, then a dedicated racing wheel set is a very nice prospect. With the growing popularity of realistic and cutting edge driving games on the market, racing wheels are now available for very good prices and have decent quality too. 

Most racing wheels come with the steering wheel and also the pedals for acceleration and braking. The quality of the materials used will of course differ as you go up the price range, but the functionality is more or less the same, with some wheels having a bit of extra features.

The main advantages of having a dedicated driving setup for your games are:


Playing a racing game with just a normal controller, or even worse, a keyboard feels very unnatural and takes away from the immersion. Having a dedicated wheel to drive your car and maneuver will always feel more real and let you enjoy the experience more.


Dedicated wheels have more fine tuned controls over the driving experience. Small increments in acceleration, minor turns to adjust your direction, all this is easier to control with a dedicated wheel setup.

In this article, we have listed some of the best racing wheels you can buy that will enhance your driving experience and give you an edge over others in driving simulators.

Best Racing Game Wheels in India

Logitech G29 Driving Force Wheel and Force Shifter

This Logitech combo includes everything you would need to complete your setup. The wheel and pedal base is the same as the one we mentioned above, having the same build quality and performance that you would expect from a Logitech product. The addition here is the G Driving Force Shifter, which is Logitech’s version of the manual gear shift.

It is a great accessory and if you are a driver who wants the real and raw feeling of changing gears on your own instead of automatic gear shift and paddle shifts, then this is the product for you. The Shift has stitched leather covering and feels very premium.

It supports 6-speeds and reverse. Moreover, it easily connects to the Logitech G29 system and works flawlessly with your system, be it PS4 or Xbox One or any version of windows after Windows 7.

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Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel and Pedal

The Logitech G29 is a very premium setup that enthusiasts and driving buffs will really appreciate. The entire wheel and pedals are made from high quality stainless steel and have great build quality. The brushed metal design also gives it a unique look.

The wheel has a great amount of padding and is very comfortable to hold on to. The wheel has two motors for force feedback, which means you will really wheel the traction when you use the wheel. The pedal base is also very high quality and includes three pedals for more realism rather than the standard two that you find on most pedals.

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On the wheel, you have the standard playstation buttons ,the D-pad, and additional 10 buttons for on the fly adjustments. The buttons look and feel really good too and easily integrate with your PS4,Xbox One or PC.

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Thrustmaster T150

The Thrustmaster T150 is a great wheel for users who are into the Playstation system,as it is officially licensed by Sony. The wheel has the Playstation logo on it and has blue accented grips on the wheel.The wheel is 28cm in diameter and has very good haptic feedback, provided by the wheels Force Feedback system. The pedals are also very high quality and are fully adjustable to your liking. The foot rest is also very large. The brake pedals has adjustable resistance so you can set it up to your preference. 

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Thrustmaster T150 Pro 

The T150 Pro is Thrustmaster’s premium offering for driving enthusiasts who want even more realism with their wheels. The size of the wheel is pretty large at 28cm in diameter, making it feel very similar to a real steering wheel. The wheel can be rotated a lot and has room for 270° to 1080° of rotation, which means you will have a great deal of control over your driving. Behind the wheel, you have paddle shifters that are made entirely of metal and feel very premium. 

The wheel also has very good haptic feedback thanks to its Force Feedback drivers inside the wheel. They are highly responsive and let you drive with great precision.

The setup is fully compatible with PS4 and PC, and it also supports the manual shift available from Thrustmaster,if you prefer a manual drive.

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Thrustmaster Ferrari Red Legend

The Thrustmaster Ferrari Red Legend is the cheapest wheel setup you can buy, which also does not skip on essential features and quality. This wheel is officially licensed under the actual Ferrari brand too, which is nice for bragging rights. Included with the wheels, you get 2 pedals, each with adjustable angle of inclination. The pedals are of really high quality and have good resistance. You also have fully programmable functions with 11 buttons, and a D-Pad. The wheel sensitivity is also adjustable, for more precise control over your driving.

This setup is fully compatible with PC and PS3. We would have preferred PS4 support too, but it’s a shame it’s not present. But for PC users who are on a budget, this is one of the best options. 

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Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel Xbox 360 Wheel

The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia is similar to the one we mentioned earlier, but this variant supports the XBOX 360 instead of the PS3. This wheel is also officially licensed under Ferrari and has designs similar to the actual 458 Italia on the steering wheel. You have the Ferrari logo on above the horn on the wheel. It has 10 buttons, with one on the base.

The buttons look really cool and successfully emulate the Ferrari designs, with the start/stop engine button on the left and the dial on the right. Behind the wheel, you have two paddle shifters to easily shift gears when you are driving. They are about 10cm high and are easily reachable. The pedals are also well designed and have great resistance that offer a realistic feel.

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Thrustmaster T80 PS3/PS4 Wheel

The Thrustmaster T80 is a dedicated racing wheel for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 users. It even has the Playstation logo on the steering wheel. The build quality is really good and it has an all black design. All the buttons are placed on the wheel such that it is very ergonomic and does not cause any strain when driving for a long time. The wheel also has the official Share, Options and PS button that you can find on a regular PS4 controller.

The wheel is 25cm in diameter and has rubber textured grip on it. There are a total of 11 buttons, a D-Pad and paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. The foot pedals are included of course, and they are very adjustable and have adjustable sensitivity.

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Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Xbox One Wheel

The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider is a dedicated racing wheel for the Xbox One. It is a replica of the Ferrari 458 Spider’s steering wheel and is a very good one at that too. The red accents on the steering wheel really enhance the design of the wheel.

The wheel is 28cm in diameter and has red rubber grips that are textured too. Behind the wheel, you get two fully metal paddle shifters to shift gears on the fly. The included pedals are also very adjustable and agave 4 levels of sensitivity.

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Thrustmaster Ferrari Race Kit Alcantara

One of the most unique combos on this list, the Thrustmaster Ferrari Race kit includes the Ferrari 599XX EVO 30 wheel and a Ferrari GT headset. The headset is a very premium built design and looks like it deserves a place on the race track. It has 50mm drivers which are very clear and provide saturation free sound,which means you will get a very neutral sound signature. The headset also has memory foam pads on it so that it adapts to your ear and head shape. This provides a lot of comfort and reduces fatigue. There is also a detachable microphone included.

The Ferrari 599XX Evo 30 wheel is a great looking and feeling wheel that has a very solid build quality. The faceplate is made entirely of metal and looks very premium. The wheel includes two fixed gear shift paddles behind the wheel, six buttons on the front, 1 rotary knob with three positions and push mechanism, and a multi directional D-pad.

Sadly, you do not get any foot pedals with this combo, which is a shame.

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Thrustmaster T150 Pro Wheel and VG TH8 Shifter Combo

This is Thrustmaster’s answer to the Logitech G29 combo. The combo is the priciest product we have on this list and rightly so, it has features to back it up. The Thrustmaster T150 Pro is, like we have discussed above, one of the best controllers you can get for driving simulation on the market. The wheel is built with utmost quality and comfort and feels very realistic to drive thanks to its feedback system inside it. The pedal base has three pedals for increased realism and has a big foot rest. The pedals themselves are made from metal and feel really sturdy.

Coming to the shifter, the TH8 is a full metal gear shifter that has great build quality and looks. The knob can also be changed if you want, and be replaced by actual car knobs you can find in custom shops, which means this is highly customizable. The shift has 7 speed modes and 1 reverse. You can also change it to sequential mode if you just want increment and decrement functionality for your gear shifts.

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Amigo Nedis Gaming Steering Wheel

The Amigo Nedis is another great lower priced driving wheel that has great features. One of the highlights of this wheel is that it has a manual shift behind the right side of the wheel. This is for purists who prefer manual shifting instead of the automatic gear shifts in games.

On the wheel itself, you have 15 programmable buttons, which means it provides extended customisation for driving and control. The keys are also placed in convenient locations on the wheel so that you don’t have to awkwardly change your hand position to press them. The pedals have great resistance too, so it feels very natural and provides a much real driving experience. The wheel also has haptic feedback, so that you can really feel the hard corners and collisions when you are driving. 

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