10 Best Rucksack in India For Travel 2024

A backpacker’s best friend is his rucksack because this is going to determine how smooth or strenuous his/her journey is going to be. A rucksack will be useful for storing all your trekking, camping, etc. equipment so one needs to be careful while choosing a rucksack. You don’t want a heavy ...

10 Best Trekking Shoes in India

Anyone who has trekked once in their life understands the importance of a good pair of trekking shoes. Trust me, sneakers and other normal footwear don’t work well for most treks and can actually result in accidents while trekking on a rough mountain trail. So, it is important that you purchase ...

9 Best Travel Mugs Under Rs 1000 in India

I am not really a morning person which is why I often start my day with a cup of coffee or iced tea. But since I travel a lot, sometimes it is not possible to spend time in the morning to prepare and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee while sitting at home. This is where a travel mug comes into the ...

10 Best Travel Neck Pillows in India

Have you ever slept while traveling on a bus or a flight and experienced a crick in your neck later on? Always feel uncomfortable while trying to sleep on a journey? Well, then it is time that you get a travel neck pillow for yourself. A travel pillow has become an important part of any journey ...

9 Best Travel Adapters in India 2024

What is the biggest challenge that you face while traveling to a foreign country? Language barrier? Currency exchange? For me, it is always the socket. Let’s face it, you might find some workaround for other travel issues but if you don’t have an appropriate plug to charge your phone, camera, ...