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9 Best Laptop Brands In India

India has become one of the largest markets for consumer electronics. There has been a gradual shift from the smartphone companies to also becoming a brand that makes pretty good laptops.

The focus on the laptop segment from a lot of brands is due to the unprecedented demand for good laptops in 2020 as a lot of people had no other choice than to work from home and made us realize how important working from home is.

Release of new laptops even from generic smartphone manufacturers like xiaomi and honor is just a proof of how important laptops have become in India.

Be it how expensive of a phone you cannot do a lot of stuff that a laptop with a full blown operating system such as windows or mac OS can perform effectively.

The thing that makes one laptop brand better than another is nailing the fundamental factors that make a laptop enjoyable or at least good enough to use and sadly a lot of brands miss out on them.

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Let’s take a look at some best laptop brands in India.

Best All-Around Laptop Brands:

1. HP (Hewlett-Packard):

HP has become a household name in India.

HP laptops find their way into the best choices for laptops at all the price segments. Due to their extensive customer support and service centers HP has made a reputation for themselves as one of the most customer friendly brands. Their social media support is immense and the brand is also pretty quick to bring international models to India.

Another inherent advantage is unlike other brands who focus on certain segments of market HP is one of the few brands who have laptops in almost every price range possible. All the way from 25,000Rs to 2,50,000Rs. They also focus on every genre of laptops from entry level offerings to high end laptops with discrete GPU and excellent build quality.

HP also has an Omen subsidy which focuses on making gaming laptops and accessories.

Omen laptops have become critically acclaimed for bringing latest technologies such as new Ryzen processors with excellent thermals thereby providing gamers with the best possible performance. Omen series of laptops come at a price premium.

HP’s Pavilion brand focuses on providing budget gaming laptops and usually comes out with decent value for the money. For the business users and people looking for laptops with great build quality HP Envy series of laptops provide a great value.

Overall, HP is one of the most consistent and reputable brands that caters potential customers with a wider range of options.

1). HP 14S

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HP 14s has been the bestselling budget offering for a while and rightfully so. It offers decent specs for the money and combined with the widespread service centers for HP laptops in India makes this the most attractive offering in this budget.

14s comes with a decent 14-inch 768p screen. Apart from the screen all other features are good for the price. The battery life is also good as it has low power components. HP 14s is one of the better choices if you are looking to buy a laptop under a tight budget.

2) HP Pavilion Gaming

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HP pavilion gaming is one of the best budget gaming laptops you could buy. It offers attractive features at a decent price. It comes with a 15-inch screen.

It comes in a lot of variants and you could also buy it with the much-anticipated Ryzen 4000 series processors. Pavilion gaming becomes an even more attractive offering considering the fact that it goes on sale often and you could pick it up at a much lower price making the deal even better.

2. ASUS:

ASUS is a Taiwan electronics giant that makes all kinds of electronics from routers to phones to laptops. They are more famous for their laptops then their phones. ASUS is especially famous for their ROG branded gaming accessories and devices.

ASUS like HP is one of the companies that prioritizes Indian market as much as the global market. ASUS also covers a wide price range in the laptop market. Their cheapest laptops can be found for around 20K INR. ASUS also competes in the higher priced laptop market with their Zephyrus and ZenBook series.

ASUS is not as known to the Indian consumers as they know dell or HP laptops as it is a relatively new brand. But most of the people on the internet now would have at least an idea about the brand due to their extensive adverts online. ASUS also has a respectable amount of service centers all across India but the service record is not the best.

ASUS is mostly known for the specs that they offer for the price. There is a lot of hype around their newly launched laptops. Though they provide a lot of good laptops they come with their fair share of compromises.

VivoBook and ZenBook are thin and light laptops that focus first on portability. VivoBook are the lower priced offerings whereas the ZenBook’s compete with the likes of dell XPS 13 and other premium 13-inch laptops.

ASUS TUF series of laptops are arguably the most offering from the brand in the Indian market. TUF laptops provide insane specs for the money. They sell like hot cakes even if they have some issues. 

Zephyrus is the premium gaming laptop offering from ASUS. Even though they don’t provide good value for money these are well rounded laptops than the TUF series

All in all, ASUS is a strong contender in the Indian market but they are pretty slow in bringing new laptop models to India. It would be a welcome change to see quick launches of new US launches in India.

1. ASUS TUF A15:

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TUF A15 brings some great specs for the price it comes at. It also comes with a 144hz screen and is a decently rounded package. TUF A15 comes with the Ryzen 4000 series processors that pack in a punch. 

You can from the lot of CPU and GPU combinations that ASUS offers and it is guaranteed that TUF A15 is the cheapest in the segment with the specs that it offers.


Buy Now : Amazon

ASUS VivoBook 14 is a great budget lightweight offering that goes toe on toe with any laptop at the price it comes at. It is lightweight and has decent build quality.

The battery life is mediocre but if you can hold on with it this is one of the only budget laptops that comes with a dedicated GPU. For those who care about performance the VivoBook 14 is a great choice.

3. Lenovo:

Lenovo is another household brand name. Almost everyone knows about Lenovo. Lenovo is one of the long running brands in India. Their popularity is mostly due to their business laptops with their ThinkPad branded laptops. It’s almost certain that you would have come across a ThinkPad laptop during some phase of your life.

Lenovo also like other companies in the segment competes in almost every price range and has most unique laptops to cater to niche customers. But lately there have been a few gripes with the brand.

Lenovo has been extremely slow in bringing their international releases to the Indian market. This leads to fans of the brand leaving it for other brands. On a positive note, Lenovo has widespread customer support and service centers across India.

Lenovo laptops come in a lot of discrete variants mainly under 3 models ThinkPad, IdeaPad and Legion Gaming.

ThinkPad’s are productivity/business focused laptops that have great keyboards and durability. There are a lot of variants under ThinkPad’s that range from budget offerings to ultra-expensive ones.

IdeaPad lineup is the cheaper, more mainstream brand with a lot of options and some gaming laptops to choose from.

Legion is the gaming brand from Lenovo that focuses only on gaming and over the years they have been improving a lot. But the complaint persists that Lenovo doesn’t meet the needs of Indian consumers as the variants of laptops they release seem to be very mediocre for the price.

Lenovo is doing well for now but as it has been a long running franchise but if they want to continue their success the company needs to change and take on the Indian market more seriously.

1. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5i:

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IdeaPad slim 5i is a midrange competitor that has excellent design and decent build quality and performance. The build quality is also very good. It comes with 11th intel processors with fast RAM and expansive storage options.

With the trademark Lenovo keyboard and a bright screen combined with good battery life and speakers, you cannot go wrong with this laptop.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad S145:

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IdeaPad S145 has been the number 2 bestseller in Amazon for some time now and for good reasons. S145 gets all the basics right.

Decent performance, decent screen quality and decent everything. It has nothing bad to complain of. Especially for the price of around 30K Ideapad S145 is one of the best budget laptops you could buy.

4. Acer:

Acer is also a well-known laptop brand with a lot of showrooms and service centers all over India. Acer has kind of slowed down in the laptop market with heavy competition from other brands.

For the last few years there has not been any major laptop launches except for the refresh to their old existing models. Though Acer competes in a with a lot of laptops covering a wide price spectrum their laptops don’t stick out as anything special.

Acer has been known mainly for their gaming laptops namely nitro series and the predator laptops. The acer swift and aspire series focus on the thin and light laptops.

Predator has been the cash cow for acer India as predator gaming laptops offer complete gaming experience without missing out on any features. The nitro series has also been one of the bestsellers as they compromise on some little features but provide some great specs for the money. 

Swift series provides laptops that weigh extremely low with decent build quality and specifications at a small price premium whereas the aspire series of laptops provide pretty good specs for a cheaper price.

Acer needs to step up their laptop game with new and interesting options and the after sales service is also a mixed bag.

1. Acer Predator Helios 300:

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Helios 300 has been the king of gaming laptops in India for a few years now and still there has been no contender for the spot. No company has been able to provide the complete package such as an excellent screen with excellent performance for the price as Acer did.

You really do get a complete package and during sales you could buy the laptop for a great deal. If you are looking for a complete gaming laptop for a reasonable price look no further.

2. Acer Swift 5:

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Acer swift 5 was the lightest laptop in the world for a while and it still is one of the lightest. It is no easy feat to get a laptop below 1KG while packing in reasonable performance with good build quality.

For those in the quest for the most portable or the lightest laptop for any reason swift 5 is a great choice.

Best Premium Laptop Brands:

5. Dell:

Dell is one of the long-standing brands in India with widespread stores. Dell is the default brand for a lot of people because of their widespread service centers and excellent after sales service.

This might come as a surprise to you as Dell releases laptops in all segments. Frankly speaking the budget offerings from dell are not good and are easily beaten by other brands. But when it comes to their XPS series of laptops almost no other windows laptop in India comes even close to what they bring to the table.

XPS laptops come at a definite price premium and compete with the apple MacBook’s. The Inspiron series from dell is quite underwhelming and is not recommended.

Alienware gaming is a subsidiary of Dell which provides premium gaming laptops with a unique design and feature set that not many competitors offer.

Dell is doing well in the Indian market and is one of the best premium laptop brands with extensive support to back the purchase. It would be nice if dell brings down their premium features and design to lower priced laptops.

1. Dell XPS 15:

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Dell XPS 15 is arguably the best windows notebook ever. It is kind of the MacBook of the Windows world. It has excellent design with great display and battery life. XPS 15 suffers a bit on the thermals.

If you are in the quest for the best windows laptop or even a laptop for the best media consumption or creation on the windows side XPS 15 is your best bet.

2. Dell XPS 13:

Buy now : Amazon

Once again XPS 13 is the best Windows Ultrabook money can buy and it’s no exaggeration. It has the same excellent design with a great display and battery life. 

The Dell XPS is almost a perfect Windows Ultrabook unless you desire for a bit more performance.

6. Apple:

Apple is a bit of a wild card in the Indian market. Apple has been notorious for pricing exorbitantly even after taxes and duties. But lately they have been showing keen interest on Indian market with the launch of Apple’s own online store with apple care and other first party accessories.

Apple has never been a budget brand. They have only a handful of models which come at a very steep price. The after sales service is also yet to be proven in the Indian market but Apple’s products are made to last and should not break down on you anytime soon.

Still apple’s pricing in India doesn’t make any sense but if you are a student with a university mail ID you could get their laptops for educational pricing which helps in providing a decent amount of discount. Educational pricing makes the entry level MacBook air a great option for people looking to buy a good Ultrabook. For the more demanding users there MacBook pro 16 makes more sense. As you would have known by now apple laptops run macOS which is generally preferred by professionals.

Apple is a brand that consistently makes good premium laptops. If you are in a market for premium Ultrabook or portable productivity laptops then it is a great choice but the after sales service is still a thing to be proven and the replacement parts costs are very high as compared to other premium brands.

1. MacBook Air:

MacBook air has always been a second consideration for many because of the fact that it comes with extremely low powered processors that cannot handle more than browsing.

But with the introduction of M1 processors that perform very well with extremely low power consumption MacBook air becomes a great choice for those who want an ultraportable with good performance.

If you don’t have a preference for macOS or windows the MacBook air is a better option for many when compared to the XPS 13. Sure, it doesn’t have an amazing design like XPS 13 but the performance and battery life it brings to the table is worth the trade-off.

2. MacBook Pro 16:

For those looking to buy top of the line apple laptops this is it. It has great performance with a dedicated GPU and comes with excellent speakers and display.

MacBook pro 16 is a great device for content creators and those looking to have an excellent media consumption experience but it is suggested to wait until apple comes out with the MacBook Pro 16 powered by the apple silicon.

New Laptop Brands:

7. Xiaomi:

Xiaomi or it is known as mi launched a handful of laptops this year. So, Xiaomi disrupted the smartphone market when they entered India by providing excellent specs for the money when other brands charged almost double for the same specs.

But the same cannot be said for their laptops. Laptop market is far more complex than the smartphone market as even a decent laptop would cost more than double of a decent smartphone.

Their launch laptops were decent but missed a lot of features and did not provide any meaningful advantage over the other competitors at the same price. Not to mention about the after sales service of the newly launched laptop brands.

Mi notebooks were hyped to be the laptop disruptors but no it did not happen. For Mi to compete in the higher priced bracket they will need to prove their brand with good laptops and customer support and having their laptops priced in competition with legacy brands like Lenovo and Dell would not do them any good.

If you are a fan of Mi or these laptops have the specific features you desire for Mi laptops are not recommended until they prove their presence.

Mi Notebook Horizon

Mi notebook Horizon is the premium offering from the brand that comes with pretty good specs but has some weird exclusions. There is nothing that stands out as better than the competition.

But the feature set it offers might attract a lot of people as it comes at a reasonable price.

8. Honor:

Honor is also a newcomer to the Indian laptop market like Mi. Honor entered the laptop market with their MagicBook series. Right now, it only competes on the lower end of the price spectrum which makes it a really good option for anyone looking for a budget laptop.

They compete in the under 45k price segment and provide a lot of features that their competitors don’t. The problem of after sales service still persists as it is relatively a new company.

But if you don’t care about those things Honor has good budget laptops that should serve you well.

Honor MagicBook 15

Honor MagicBook has some good things going for it. It has a large 15.6-inch screen with decent specs. The design is also good with aluminium construction that no other laptop in the segment has.

If you don’t mind branding MagicBook 15 is a great laptop with a lot of segment firsts.

Best Gaming Laptop Brands:

There are a lot of brands that produce gaming laptops and alike but some companies mainly focus on providing gaming laptops but there are not any of them in India.

9. MSI:

MSI is also a Taiwanese tech giant that focuses mostly on gaming products. MSI is a well-known brand known for gaming. They also make some thin and light laptops but they are not anything special and it is not MSI’s expertise.

On the other hand, MSI makes some excellent gaming laptops. Not all of them are good but the laptops that they make under their GE and GS series are some of the well-reviewed laptops. Their budget GF series is slightly overpriced.

MSI laptops go on sale during some occasions and there are massive discounts to bring the price significantly lower. So, if you are waiting on picking up an MSI just make sure to grab it during sales on festive occasions and usually they are cheaper than the competition for the specs that are on offer.

The only major caveat of MSI laptops is the after sales service. MSI has a decent amount of service centres across India but MSI is notorious for the extreme amount of time they take to service and hand over the laptop and their customer support is also a mixed bag.

But if you don’t care about those things and want a great gaming laptop brand with some excellent laptops MSI is certainly the one to look forward to.


GL65 is a great value for money gaming laptop from MSI. It comes with a lot of features such as the RGB keyboard and excellent thermals that gamers lookout for.

It also comes with a 144hz display with good speakers. GL65 offers excellent performance and should satisfy anyone looking for decent gaming performance.

MSI Creator 15M:

Creator 15M is a GF65 in disguise.15M comes in silver colour but essentially has the same features as the GF65 except for the screen.

Creator 15M comes with a colour accurate display that covers 100%sRGB. This makes the 15M a great choice for content creators looking to do gaming on the side.

The Fundamentals:

You might ask what are the fundamentals so here they are.

1). Budget:

The price that you are going to buy the laptop for plays the most important factor on which one to choose. You can go all the way from choosing a laptop that costs 20K all the way up to 200K (INR).

As a potential buyer you should temper your expectations for a laptop of certain price. Generally, as laptops get more expensive the essentials of a laptop are better to use and with it also comes some creature comforts that you won’t really expect a laptop of lower price to have.

2). Media Consumption/Creation Experience:


Display is one of the most important things in a laptop as it is the way the laptop outputs all the content. Good quality screens are expensive. Good quality screens mean the screen that has high brightness and almost perfect sRGB coverage with great color accuracy.

This might mean different for gaming laptops as along with high brightness and decent if not great color accuracy the refresh rate with relatively low response time is also a thing to consider.

Budget laptops have lower resolution screens with relatively lower color accuracy and much lower brightness levels.

Display quality is one of the things that get better with the increase in the cost of a laptop.


Speakers are a thing that most you might neglect in a laptop as laptop speakers in general always have been bad. Lately laptop brands have also started to focus on providing good laptop speakers avoiding the need to buy standalone Bluetooth speakers.

MacBook and Dell XPS generally have had the best speakers in laptops but lately gaming laptops have also stepped up in the speaker quality which is a good trend.


For Gaming And Content Creation Laptops

GPU plays an important role in content creation and gaming laptops.

For content creation laptops you will need a GPU as applications tend to run smoother with a discrete GPU rather than the integrated one. A GPU with 4GB Video memory such as the GTX 1650 would be sufficient enough for most of the workloads.

GPU is even more important in gaming laptops and if your primary focus is gaming. Ideally you should be looking at a laptop with 6GB Video memory such as the GTX 1660ti and RTX 2060 for future proofing. If you are on a budget the GTX 1650 is also a great card.

Choosing a CPU is much simpler than choosing your preferred GPU.

For content creation AMD CPU’s are better whereas for gaming the intel processors provide better framerates when compared to the AMD counterparts.

If you want an all-around CPU package it is better to go for the AMD processors as they offer better performance while costing less.

Battery Life:

Battery life is the most important aspect for a lot of people. If you are looking at gaming laptops you should just forget about good battery life except for some.

Most of the productivity laptops have great battery life and will get you through the day.

Budget laptops also have decent battery life as they come with low power internals and it helps with the battery life. 

3). Inputs:

Inputs for a laptop are the keyboard and trackpad. I consider keyboard and trackpad to be one of the most important factors in a laptop as it is the primary way we interact with the laptop.

An ideal trackpad would have a large surface area covered by a glass surface with good accuracy such as the one’s on the MacBook’s for a spot of context.

Keyboards are much more complex. It depends on what you prefer. I would suggest you try out a laptop keyboard before buying one. 

An Ideal laptop keyboard would have good key travel with tactile keypresses. But you might prefer linear feeling keys. So, it is advisable try out the keyboard beforehand.

Lenovo ThinkPad keyboards have been acclaimed as the best keyboards by a lot of people.

4). Build Quality and Design:

Design is very subjective so it is a discussion for another day. Coming to the topic of build quality metal builds are basically better than the plastic ones. Metal feels more premium and has better durability. 

Lightweight laptops usually have an alloy of magnesium and aluminum to keep the weight down.

Premium laptops like MacBooks are built CNC machined aluminum without any seams and the cheaper more budget oriented laptops have builds completely made of plastic or a mix of plastic and aluminum.

So, perfectly nailing all the fundamentals is not possible. The best laptops are from those companies who strike the best balance between these factors at a given budget.

There are also other intangibles like warranty and stuff that varies with a lot of factors.

Written By – Nirunjan Kumar

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