5 Best Gaming Consoles To Buy in India (2020)

Technology spread throughout the world has made gaming available to everyone with internet connection and has increased the number of gamers exponentially when compared to early gaming populations and this has resulted in rapid explosion of the gaming market with gaming console having a market share of about $36 billion.

It is no doubt that video games console represent one of the most ubiquitous forms of entertainment yet the console market is far less prone to exhaustion.

With so many consoles available in the market, making a choice about the one that is right for you becomes a difficult.

Making a console comparison is extremely difficult, yet there is always a gaming console on the market that is just available for everyone and meets yours needs and taste.

A game console comparison helps you manage sets of questions (what video games console should I buy? How much can I afford? What are the games that I really want?) while focusing your comparison with sets of decision criteria such as graphics, equipment compatibility, likely users and also if you want more than just playing games.

Especially now that some consoles offer online movie download or availability of a digital distribution services for movies and TV shows and availability of social networking applications such as Twitter, Facebook.

Top 5 Best Gaming Consoles in India

We have researched the top five gaming consoles that fits your entertainment needs with adequate consideration and comparison of their features, hardware and interface and their digital library.

 1.  PlayStation 4

Sony PS4 500 GB Slim Console

1) PlayStation is the most popular gaming console in the market right now with a large library of games.

2) The PlayStation 4 pro has fantastic Dual Shock 4 controller allowing for a thicker handgrip.

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3) PlayStation 4 is enriched with dazzling graphics and a brilliant remote play. PS4 is cheaper than rival Xbox One.

4) PlayStation 4 has extra dedicated RAM allowing for ease of switching between applications.

5) The Pro version is especially Sony’s upgrade and the technology of PlayStation 4 is similar to the hardware found in personal computers making it easier and less expensive for game studios to develop games for PS4.

6) One unique thing about PS4 is its ability to offer superior performance over Xbox One when it comes to third-party games.

Despite all these unique features PS4 however has the following drawbacks:

1) Lack of support for external hard drives.

2) PlayStation 4 lacks backward compatibility, meaning that PS3 games can’t be played on PS4 and neither does PS4 supports PS3 accessories.

3) Controllers, Blu-ray remotes and mouse, Blu-ray headsets, etc. used with PS3 just won’t work with PS4.

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4) The PS4 can’t play audio discs, CDs or MP3s. This may be because Sony is trying to promote its cloud-based music subscription service. And it is slightly expensive.

 2.  Xbox One X

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console

1) The Xbox one offers a very great gaming experience and does what no gaming console has done before : 4K HDR Gaming with 4K Blu-ray player built-in and improved 1080p experience.

2) The Xbox one also offers other benefits beyond gaming especially for social media and entertainment enthusiasts.

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3) For example, if you have a Netflix account you can watch your favorite movies and shows through Xbox One.

4) Furthermore, Xbox one is also a social media machine which improves gamer’s gaming experience in a way that keeps players engaged and encourages players to spend more time with their consoles.

5) The Xbox one S allows you to link up to your twitter and Facebook account. With Facebook, you can find more friends to play with. And with Twitter, you can share game clips and screenshots.

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Gaming Console

6) The X Box One console is however growing more controversial over time. The Xbox One while powerful and wonderful has 1TB hard drive.

7) Gears of War 4 and Quantum Break about 100GB. Rise of the Tomb Raider 51.3GB. This makes Xbox one downloads extremely gigantic and this poses problems in terms of space.

8) Although one should keep in mind that HD features don’t come cheap.

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 3.  Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

1) The Nintendo Switch is well known for its portability, accessibility and it’s best for mobility which allows for on-the-go gaming.

2) Though not as powerful as PS4 but Nintendo got out of the game a decade ago. However, the Nintendo Switch has revolutionized the way we play game.

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con Gaming Console

3) The Nintendo switch also enables social gaming which is a trend that continues to grow exponentially in the gaming industry.

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Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con

4) It has features for adding friends to connect to other gamers. The combination of social gaming, versatile consoles, sensors, and HD rumble makes the Nintendo Switch enhance gaming experience.

5) The Nintendo Switch’s interface allows for easy switch between TV and hand-held devices.

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Older Ones

 4.  PlayStation 3

1) PlayStation 3 is unique for its backward compatibility, meaning that you can play your old PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games.

Ps3 Gaming Console

2) Although the newer slimmer version does not have this feature. The PS3 comes with a single wireless Dual Shock 3 controller which connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and is charged with a mini USB cable.

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3) Gamers enjoy a wide range of media streaming services with applications for YouTube, Amazon Video, and Netflix making PS3 a far more media machine than PS4.

Ps3 Best Gaming Console

4) Sadly, there’s not yet DLNA support for PS4 except through Universal Media Server (UMS). The PS3 can also wireless stream files form other devices. The PS4 does not have this feature except with the use of Plex app.

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5) PlayStation 3 however has some drawbacks, PS4 has better gaming resolution than PS3. It is undeniable that the PS4’s 900p/1080p HD resolution makes even the cross platform game so much better.

 5.  New Nintendo 2DS XL

1) It gives you access to a huge library of great games, including past DS, NES and SNES classics.

Nintendo 2DS XL Game Console

2) It is also portable and built to go anywhere and allows for gamers of all ages to play and it is more user-friendly than the new 3DS XL.

3) Gamers enjoy easy access to external storage and it is affordable. It also comes with a charger.

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4) The Nintendo 2DS XL however has shorter battery life than the new 3DS XL, short and this makes gaming experience slightly uncomfortable.

5) Also, the hinge design exposes a small proportion of the camera lens and renders it susceptible to damage if you are not careful.

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