10 Best Refrigerators Under Rs 20,000 in India

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Are you looking to buy a new refrigerator? Fortunately, nowadays, you don’t have to pay a ton of money to get a good enough refrigerator. As you can see, we have compiled this post with the list of the best refrigerators under Rs. 20,000 in India. So, if you have a limited budget yet want a refrigerator with great features, you have come to the right place.

What Things Can I Keep in The Refrigerator?

You can keep any food items, dairy products, particular medicines, water, drinks, meat, fish, etc. in your refrigerator. Your refrigerator would usually have two sections the refrigerator and the freezer. Both sections have their own usage. More on that in a later section.

Should a Refrigerator Be On all The Time?

A refrigerator is built in a way that it can run all the time without any issue. Otherwise, your food won’t stay fresh. Typically, depending on the quantity and type of products you are keeping in the refrigerator, you can shut the refrigerator off from time to time.

But based on the nature of the availability of electricity in India, you should keep your refrigerator running all the time. Because there are instances where there will be load shedding. And, you know that during those times, the refrigerator would be turned off as usual.

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What Things to Keep in the Refrigerator and Refrigerator Freezer?

Typically, most refrigerators come with 2 parts that are the Freezer and the Refrigerator. Normally we tend to refer to the refrigerator section as ‘Normal’ and the freezer part as ‘Deep’. In the freezer section, the temperature would be usually -18 degrees Celsius. So, everything, you will store here will start to freeze. So, if you want to store any food for a longer time then you can use that section.

Usually, people tend to keep meat, fish, ice cream, ice, etc. in this section. On the contrary, the refrigerator section has a temperature from 1 to 6 degrees Celsius. Usually, it is set to 4 degrees Celsius, and you can adjust the temperature accordingly. Due to this temperature, you cannot freeze anything in this section. So, people usually keep vegetables, fruits, dairy products, water, drinks, meat (that would be cooked soon), etc. in this section.

Best Refrigerator Under Rs 20,000 in India

So, let’s dive right in…

1. Samsung 198 L Direct Cool 5 Star Inverter Refrigerator (RR21T2H2WCU/HL)

Samsung is a world leader in the electronic and home appliance industry. Matter of fact, you might have been using products of Samsung as well. Now if you want a refrigerator from Samsung for under 20,000 rupees in India, then you can check this one out. The net dimension of the refrigerator is 132.5 cm x 71.58 cm x 57.81 cm. It is a 198 liter 5 Star direct cool refrigerator.

Remember it is a single door fridge that comes with an integrated drawer in the base stand. It is equipped with a digital inverter compressor, so it will last a long time and will not consume a lot of electricity. The refrigerator comes in 2 charming Camellia Blue and Camellia Black colors with an eye-catching floral print.

Samsung provides a 1-year warranty on this and a 10 year warranty on the compressor.

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2. LG 215 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Inverter Refrigerator (GL-D221ABGY)

This is almost a similar kind of refrigerator from LG like the previous one. However, it has a bit bigger capacity of 215 liters. The net dimension of the refrigerator is 135.5 cm x 59.1 cm x 63.8 cm. It comes in a blue glow color with a flower pattern as well. This one also has a base stand with a drawer and it is a direct cool refrigerator.

This one comes with a 4-star inverter compressor. So, your electricity bill will be lower and the refrigerator will offer you a long time service.

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LG offer 1 year warranty on this refrigerator and 10 years on the compressor. It can be run without any external voltage stabilizer.

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3. Whirlpool 240 L Multi-Door Frost Free Refrigerator (FP 263D)

If you want a bigger capacity, then this 240-liter refrigerator from Whirlpool could be a good choice. Another benefit of this refrigerator is that it is a frost-free one. It comes with toughened glass shelves and multiple doors.

You will get a 10 year warranty on the compressor and 1 year in the fridge. It has a 5 star energy rating. That means it uses less energy than a 60 watt CFL light bulb.

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There are 3 parts in this refrigerator as it comes with a drawer at the bottom for vegetables and fruits.

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4. Godrej 190 L Single Door Direct-Cool 5 Star Inverter Refrigerator (RD 1905 PTDI 53 JW BL):

Godrej is a reputed Indian company. So, if you want to buy from an Indian brand, then you can check this refrigerator. It comes with a 4-star energy rating. As per Godrej wit will consume just about 104 units per year. This fridge comes with a gross volume of 190 liters, whereas the storage capacity is 182 liter.

The dimension of the appliance is 124.70 x 57.7 x 66.7 cm. It is a single door direct-cool refrigerator with advanced inverter technology. For a small family, it would be a good refrigerator under 20K rupees in India.

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It is available in two designs namely glass blue and jewel blue.

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5. Samsung 1 Star 253 L Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator (RT28M3022S8)

When it comes to frost-free refrigerators, they tend to be pricey. However, if you research enough, you might find a few gems hidden here and there. For example, we have come across this frost-free refrigerator from Samsung which has a gross volume of 253 liters.

It comes with 2 doors and an inverter compressor. It has a twisted ice maker. And you can move it or remove it from the freezer if you need more space there. It is a 1 star refrigerator with toughened glass shelves.

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It has a 1 year product warranty and 10 years compressor warranty.

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6. Whirlpool 4 Star Inverter 215 L Single Door Direct-Cool Refrigerator (230 IMPRO ROY 4S):

This is another refrigerator from Whirlpool under 20 thousand rupees in India. It has 4 star energy rating. As per Whirlpool, the annual energy consumption would be only 137 units. It can run at a voltage of 95 volts, so you don’t need an additional voltage stabilizer at all.

The total capacity of this fridge is 215 liter. Among them, it has 14 liters of freezer capacity and 181 liters of fresh food capacity. It is available with or without the base drawer unit.

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As usual, it has a 1 year product warranty and 10 years compressor warranty. For the price, this direct cool refrigerator could be a great pick.

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7. LG 235 L 3 Star Single Door Direct-Cool Refrigerator GL-D241APZD

If you don’t need a glass door fridge, but want to save a few thousand rupees then you should check this one out from LG. This is a single door direct-cool refrigerator. It comes with 3-star energy rating and 235 lite of capacity. The size of the product is 15 x 62.1 x 59.1 cm. LG offers 1 year warranty on the product and 5 years on the compressor.

It has some unique features like the ‘Moist ‘n’ Fresh’, fast ice making, vegetable basket of 21 liters, egg tray, humidity controller, base stand with drawer, and more.

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It can run without a voltage stabilizer in the range of 135 volts to 290 volts.

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8. Haier 256 L 3 Star Double Door Inverter Frost-Free Refrigerator (HRB-2764BKS-E)

Haier has been a good brand when it comes to home appliances. This 256 liter fridge is a frost-free one. It comes with two doors. Among them, the freezer is at the bottom. So, if you are looking for a bottom freezer refrigerator, you can get this one.

This one comes in black color. The refrigerator measures about 156 x 61.5 x 54.8 cm. Haier is offering a 1 year warranty on the refrigerator and 10 years on the compressor.

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It has a twisted ice maker, 8-in-1 convertible, toughened glass shelves, and more. You can use it without any stabilizers.

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9. Panasonic 268 L Double Door 6-Stage Inverter 2 Star Frost Free Refrigerator NR-TBG27VSS3

Panasonic has been a top-rated brand for years. They are offering this frost-free refrigerator for under Rs 20000 in India. It has 2 star energy rating and a total capacity of 268 liters. There is a big vegetable drawer of 35 liters at the bottom.

The total dimension of the refrigerator is 148.5 x 68.1 x 60 cm. As per Panasonic, it consumers 229 units of electricity annually. There is a movable twisted ice maker as well.

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The 6-stage inverter makes it run quieter and save you a lot on the electricity bill.

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10. Haier 195 L 4 Star Single-Door Direct-Cool Refrigerator HED- 20CFDS

The last refrigerator under 20,000 rupees on our list is from Haier. It is a 195 liter direct-cool single-door refrigerator.  As usual, it supports the stabilizer-free operation. And, it has an energy rating of 4 star. That means it consumes only about 130 units of electricity per annum.

For better cooling and saving electricity bills, it has been integrated with a reciprocatory compressor. Additionally, it comes with 1-hour icing technology. You are getting 1 year and 10 years warranty on the product and compressor respectively.

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Do I need a Voltage Stabilizer for a Refrigerator?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors. First of all, you have to know what type of refrigerator you are going to buy. Most modern refrigerators would come with a built-in voltage stabilizer system. Also, there are some refrigerators that come with digital inverter compressors.

These particular refrigerators are able to run at a very low to the very high voltage without any issues. Typically, we know that the standard voltage is 230 volt in India. So, most of those refrigerators that come with stabilizer-free operation features can be run at much lower voltage like 165 volts. On the higher side, they can withstand a voltage up to 290 or 300 volts as well. 

Obviously, it all depends on the refrigerator you are using. Some have a voltage cut-off range between 95 volts to 290 volts, whereas some have 165 volts to 270 volts. Thus, you should know what the voltage stabilizing range of your refrigerator is. And, you should also know whether the voltage in your area of residence fluctuates frequently or not. For example, in city areas, the voltage wouldn’t fluctuate that much compared to village areas.

So, if you see that the voltage fluctuates on your location, then you should opt for a voltage stabilizer. But if your area has a steady flow of electricity, then going with a refrigerator with a built-in stabilizer would do. Even a refrigerator with a voltage stabilizer would be suitable for you if the voltage of your area doesn’t exceed the voltage range of your refrigerator.

Almost all of the refrigerators reviewed above have built-in voltage stabilizers. Still, for your convenience, we are sharing brief reviews of two of the most reliable voltage stabilizers in the next section.

V-Guard Voltage Stabilizer VG 100 for Refrigerator

For a budget-friendly price, this voltage stabilizer could be a good choice. It has fail-safe circuit protection and a high voltage cut-off protection feature. It comes with 5 years of warranty. The stabilizer from V-Guard has about 2 to 4 minutes of constant time delay. You can use it with refrigerators up to 600 liters and deep freezers of up to 4 amp.

V-Guard VGSD 50 Supreme Voltage Stabilizer for Refrigerator

If you are looking for a voltage stabilizer for the refrigerators that have been reviewed above, then you can take this one. Because it is compatible with refrigerators up to 300 liters. It has an appealing minimalistic design as well.

In addition, it has ITDS or Intelligent Time Delay System and thermal overload protection built-in. Overall, it can be a good choice for refrigerators under 20000 rupees in India. Because most refrigerators in this price range tend not to have more than 300 liters of capacity.

Sum Up:

Undoubtedly, a refrigerator is a very necessary appliance for your home. Here, we have reviewed 10 of the best refrigerators in India under 20,000 Rs. Additionally, we have also reviewed a couple of voltage stabilizers to use with your refrigeration if necessary.

On top of that, we have also talked about various concerns people have about refrigerators in the latter part of the post. We hope this post will assist you to find the refrigerator that suits you the most.

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