Top 10 Best Air Coolers Under Rs. 10,000 in India 2018

With the advent of summer, everyone seems to be in a rush to get themselves a new appliance to save them from the scorching sun.

Air conditioner is not an option for many and they would still prefer to have an air cooler for its cost saving benefits both in terms of initial cost and power consumption.

To help you make the right choice, here are the top 10 air coolers under ₹10,000 that you can invest in this summer.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers Under Rs. 10,000

 1  Kenstar Cyclone-12 

Kenstar Cyclone-12 Air Cooler1) Kenstar has a long history of making air coolers and their modern looking products have always been the first choice of many Indians.

2) Be it the days when the sun is shining bright with mercury at its highest or those humid sticky days, this air cooler from Kenstar will make sure that you stay comfortable.

3) As per the specifications, the cooler is capable of cooling an area of 75 square metres, which is significantly large to cover your room.

4) Moreover, the cooler can throw air up to a distance of feet and can swing in 4 directions.

5) The built-in ice tray and a large water tank keep your room cool.

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 2  Symphony Diet 12T 

Symphony Diet 12T Air Cooler1) Pioneer in its space, Symphony has created a big name when it comes to diet air coolers that provide a comfortable room temperature without taking much floor space.

2) This little 12-litre air cooler can sit in any corner of the room and it would complement the look of your room without being a speckle.

3) Besides its adequate water tank, the cooler can also hold ice cubes for chilling the room even faster.

4) It consumes just 170 watts of power while being capable of cooling a 100 sq. feet room effectively.

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 3  Symphony Hicool Air Cooler

1) If your room is a bit bigger and you need an air cooler adequate for that size, Symphony has a solution for that too.

2) The company has designed the cooler to keep your room’s temperature down even when the heat outside is touching 42 degrees.

3) This air cooler is ideal for a room size of 175 sq. feet.

4) With all the basic features that any air cooler has, this product from Symphony is smarter than all.

5) The company has included a remote controller that lets you use all the functionalities without having to reach the cooler.

6) Also, there is an alarm that tells you when the water tank gets empty.

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 4  Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler1) The Baja Platini PX97 is a more conventional approach to the air cooler segment which is getting an increased number of new designs.

2) This cooler is perfect for those looking for a cost-effective solution to cool their larger rooms.

3) Unlike the Symphony one above, this cooler from Bajaj is available for Amazon and takes care of an area of 150 sq. feet.

4) Bajaj has ensured that you have a good night’s sleep as the fan of the air cooler is of low-noise variety.

5) The front cooler grills can deflect cool air in four directions and its 36-litre tank provides the water supply for several hours.

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 5  Kenstar Double Cool Dx Air Cooler

Kenstar Double Cool Dx Air Cooler1) As we mentioned earlier, Kenstar is a brand trusted across the country for its great products and this second air cooler in our list proves why it is so.

2) You can set the fan speed at three setting options and the air deflection will be in four directions.

3) It has a tank size of 50 litres!

4) The best part about this air cooler is that it can throw air up to 35 feet and is capable of cooling a room of size about 215 sq. feet.

5) Moreover, the air cooler is very easy to install and also consumes very less power.

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 6  Kenstar Tower Air Cooler with remote Controller

Kenstar Tower Air Cooler with remote Controller

1) The company has solutions for the diverse needs of all the users and this tower air cooler is a great example for that.

2) Tower coolers have the advantage of using lesser floor space without compromising the cooling aspect.

3) With a power consumption of just 100W, the air cooler can throw air up to 24 feet.

4) Kenstar has given three fan speed that can be changed according to the temperature outside.

5) Like any other air cooler, this one too requires cross ventilation for providing effective cooling.

6) The remote controller adds to the ease by letting you change the cooler settings right from where you’re sitting comfortably.

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 7  Bajaj Coolest Frio Air Cooler

Bajaj Coolest Frio Air Cooler1) Bajaj is back with its large air cooler and this one would be a great addition to your house this summer.

2) First off, the design of the cooler is nothing like any other cooler and this one will be the star of the room with its oval design.

3) A large water tank of 23 litres is quite enough for a night.

4) Even the fan of the cooler is powerful enough to cool the room down in no time.

5) One feature that everyone will love is its ability to work even on an inverter.

6) That means you will now be able to have a comfortable sleep even when there is a power cut.

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 8  Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto+ CO-110 Air Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto+ CO-110 Air Cooler1) This Maharaja Whiteline comes loaded with features that keep you cool even in the harshest of summers.

2) The cooler has a water level indicator along with a low noise fan and 3 fan speeds for the most comfortable night.

3) Its 45-litre water tank is large enough to run all day without having to refill multiple times.

4) Its air deflectors work flawlessly to provide an even air circulation throughout the room with its motorised vertical deflector and manual horizontal ones.

5) The cooler consumes 165W of power and doesn’t require an extra stand for being installed.

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 9  Bajaj Icon DC2015 Air Cooler

Bajaj Icon DC2015 Air Cooler1) When a desert cooler meets the modern ones, you get a Bajaj Icon DC2015.

2) Literally, this air cooler retains the basic shape of a desert cooler and at the same time looks very similar to any other modern air coolers available.

3) And when it comes to performance, no one can beat this.

4) The company claims that the cooler is capable of cooling an area as large as 600 sq. feet with its powerful air throw of 50 feet.

5) While its water tank of 43 litres is quite large, the cooler overall is compact enough to fit in any corner of your room.

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 10  Crompton Personal Air Cooler

Crompton Personal Air Cooler1) And if you like to keep things to your personal level, Crompton has a perfect air cooler for you.

2) This is a small air cooler that you might need just for yourself, like for your workplace.

3) Its compact and clean design makes it easy to place anywhere without taking much space and creating a mess with water.

4) It has an air throw of 10 feet and consumes just 90W of power.

5) It also has a small water tank of 7-litre capacity inside its already compact body.

6) It also has a water gauge to let you know when the water level is down.

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Symphony does not provide service after sales. After paying Rs.15000 I purchased model “storm 70 i” in the month of May this year. Water pump stopped working on 3rd Aug. Within 3 months.
Their call centre is out of date. After 15 minutes of waiting it disconnects automatically. They are not listening online complain even after obtaining complain no.
I made an online complain, still after 7 days no one is to hear.