Top 7 Best Split Air Conditioners with High Cooling in India 2019

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Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC


Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC

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Are you searching for the best air conditioner ?

  • That fits under budget
  • Saves electricity
  • Performs well

Then your search ends here !

Summers have just arrived and they are already getting really bad and unbearable. The air conditioner is the only solution that is capable of tackling Indian summers.

While the worse is yet to come in the next couple of months, you must stay ready beforehand and get yourself a new AC.

Now you don’t need to worry about electricity bill shocks while using your AC as the modern products are much more power efficient while offering even better cooling in your room.

Top 7 Best Split Air Conditioners 

Here are the 7 best split ACs that consume low energy and still offer great cooling.

This is the best and fits under budget !!

 1  Voltas 1.4 Ton Split AC


Voltas 1.4 Ton Split AC1) Voltas has a huge catalogue of products and all of them cater different needs of the users.

2) This AC from Voltas from nowhere looks like a conventional split AC and the company has tried to give it a modern look.

3) Its design and the position of the display makes it stand out from the crowd.

4) Its capacity of 1.4 ton is ideal for any normal customer and provides adequate cooling in every corner of the room.

5) The AC is rated 3 stars and offers a great level of power saving over other split ACs in this range.

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Second best AC and also under budget !!

 2  Carrier 1.5 Ton Split AC


Carrier 1.5 Ton Split AC1) The company is one of the highest rated ones when it comes to air conditioners.

2) This 1.5-ton AC takes the league forward and offers the best balance between performance and power efficiency.

3) Carrier has used copper for making the condenser, which is considered superior to aluminium.

4) It also has a floral design if you prefer to have one on your AC.

5) The AC packs in all the features that come standard in this range and its 1.5-ton capacity is just perfect to take care of the heat.

6) Offering a warranty of 5 years on the compressor 

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  3  Voltas 125 CYE Classic 1 Ton 


Voltas 125 CYE Classic 1 Ton Split AC1) Suitable for smaller rooms, this air conditioner of 1-ton capacity will be great to keep your room chilled even in the harshest heat.

2) This product comes with the trust of a brand like Voltas that ensures not only the quality of the product but also the superior after sales services.

3) While this AC is capable of saving you from the Indian summers, it wouldn’t be really hard on your pockets though.

4) This product comes with a 5-star energy rating and that makes it quite power efficient.

5) Talking about the price, the Voltas 125 CYE is also reasonable too.

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 4  Mitsubishi MS-GK13VA 1 Ton Split AC


Mitsubishi MS-GK13VA 1 Ton Split AC1) This is a classic example of how a split AC should be. The Mitsubishi MS-GK13VA is a super silent 1 ton AC that will help you with a good night’s sleep without making any noise.

2) Its efficient compressor keeps a check on your electricity bill without compromising the cooling in your room.

3) Mitsubishi has given a special feature where, if something goes wrong, the LED on the indoor unit will display the exact spot where the problem is.

4) The advanced auto mode of the AC adjusts the room temperature according to the weather ensuring maximum comfort.

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 5  Godrej GSC12FG6BNG 1 Ton Split AC


Godrej GSC12FG6BNG 1 Ton Split AC1) Godrej is a name know to every household and we all have had multiple home appliances from this brand.

2) They have always tried to stay ahead of the trend in terms of design, performance and power efficiency and this 1 ton split AC reaffirms the fact.

3) It looks nothing like any other split AC in the market and this is going to the star attraction in your room.

4) In terms of cooling too, this AC doesn’t stay behind anyone.

5) It is a really powerful AC and can quickly chill your room, given that the size of the room is according to the AC’s capacity of 1 ton.

6) Moreover, it is a 5-star rated AC, so you don’t need to fret about shocking electricity bills. 

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 6  Hitachi RAU514HWDS 1.2 Ton  (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟)

Hitachi RAU514HWDS 1.2 Ton Split AC1) If you don’t want to spend as much as the Godrej one above, this Hitachi offering will be perfect for you.

2) The AC comes loaded with features like 4-way swing, auto-humid control, and supercool function that will save you from the harsh sun and humidity too.

3) You will get a warranty of 5 years on the compressor besides 1 year of comprehensive solution.

4) Hitachi has a long history in India and their products are designed keeping in mind the Indian users and the extreme weather conditions here.

5) Coming with a 5-star rating, this 1.2-ton AC is not only power efficient but also offers great cooling. 

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 7  Blue Star 5HW18ZCWX 1.5 Ton  (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟)

Blue Star 5HW18ZCWX 1.5 Ton Split AC1) This split AC from Blue Star probably offers the best value for money proposition in this list.

2) This is a 1.5-ton AC with 5-star energy rating and is available for very low price otherwise you will get a 1 ton AC at this price otherwise.

3) Despite this, the company has not compromised on the features this AC comes with.

4) Blue Star as a brand is known for its industrial grade air conditioning systems and their home products are equally good.

5) This 1.5-ton AC is great even if you have a fairly large room and it will work just fine even when the mercury is touching 52 degrees.

6) Its energy efficiency will take care of your electricity bill without digging holes in your pocket.

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