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10 Best Mosquito Rackets in India

In India, mosquitoes are a great problem. They are not only annoying but also carry many harmful diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Zika Virus, and more. There are a plethora of ways to protect yourself from mosquitos.

However, among them, the mosquito racket is one of the best choices as it doesn’t contain any harmful gas or chemicals.

So, it is very safe to use and can be bought without spending a lot of money. For that reason, we have put this post together with reviews of the top 10 best mosquito rackets available in India.

So, let’s dive right in…

What Other Things Can We Buy To Stay Safe From Mosquitoes?

There are a lot of things you can buy to stop mosquitoes. First and foremost, you can go for the mosquito nets. However, to keep things simpler, you can use aerosol or insect repellent sprays.

Mosquito coils can also be a great option to stay safe from mosquitoes. There are also mosquito repellent lotions that can save you from both mosquitoes and other dangerous bugs as well.

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Plus, you can also use electric mosquito killer devices for this purpose.

1 HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet:

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1) ‘HiT’ is a very popular company in India that offers various anti-mosquito products.

2) And, their mosquito-killing rackets are also well-known for their effectiveness. This racket comes in black color. And it is made with high-grade ABS plastic.

3) That means it will be durable and long-lasting.

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4) This mosquito swatter can produce 3500 Volt DC to kill mosquitoes and other bugs with just a touch. It comes with a 400 mAh battery.

5) For the best result, you should charge the battery for up to 3 to 4 hours before starting to use this for the first time.

Main Features:

  • Comes with 6 months of warranty
  • This has an inbuilt Led light
  • It has 400 mAh  rechargeable battery

2 Hunter Brand Mosquito Killer Swatter Zapper Bat:

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

1) This is a mosquito racket made in India. So, if you want to help your countries economy, you can check this one out.

2) This one is also built with rugged ABS plastic. That means it will last longer and there is no chance of electrocution. The handle of the bat is designed ergonomically.

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3) And, the power button is placed in a convenient place on the handle for easy access.

4) Overall this is a great option if you want to pay the higher price tag. However, if you are looking for cheaper options, you can skip this one.

Main Features:

  • Comes with a protective layer of the net to keep the user safe
  • Has 6 months of warranty
  • Made in India

3 Pick Ur Needs® Rocklight Mosquito Racket:

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

1) This mosquito racket from ‘Pick Ur Needs’ comes with an attractive design. It is not that heavy and has a user-friendly handle.

2) As a result, the users said that it is very easy to use. Additionally, it comes with an LED light on the handle.

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3) That makes it efficient in killing mosquitoes in dark at night. You will have to charge the battery for up to 6 to 7 hours for the best result.

4) Another great feature of this racket is that it comes with a wired charger. That means you will not have to charge it directly to the wall outlet like other rackets.

Main Features:

  • Comes with a lithium-ion battery
  • Battery backup is up to 4.5 hours
  • Can produce up to 2500 Volt

4 AKSHARA-Victory Powerful Mosquito Trap-Racquet:

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

1) If you are looking for a powerful mosquito racket that can kill mosquitoes instantly, then this should be on your list.

2) This bat has a large surface area. That means it can cover more area and kill more mosquitoes at a time. These rackets are also available in multiple colors.

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3) The ‘Akshara mosquito racquet’ is also made with ABS plastic of high quality.

4) That makes it lighter and durable at the same time. You should charge it up to about 6 hours for a full charge.

5) And, with a full charge, it can last up to several weeks. All in all, this can be a great choice.

Main Features:

  • Comes with 1 year of warranty
  • Has 3 layers of safety net
  • Very good battery backup
  • Comes with LED light
  • Has a wire charging system

5 Viola Rocklight Mosquito Racket:

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

1) The next mosquito swatter comes from ‘Viola’. This one is packed with high-end features. For instance, it has a bright LED light for locating mosquitoes in dark.

2) You can charge it via a micro USB connector. They even offer the charging cable for free.

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3) Thus, if you have a mobile charging adapter at home, you can charge the racket with that easily.

4) The battery backup is very good as it comes with a 1300 mAh lithium battery. And, you can remove the battery and replace it as well.

5) The battery is also under the 1 year warranty. Altogether, this can be a great option for killing mosquitoes.

Main Features:

  • Comes with LED light
  • Has 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes with removable Lithium battery
  • Has safety mesh layers in place

6 HOME CUBE Electronic Mosquito Killer Bat (LT-3362):

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

1) If you have a high budget, then you can give this mosquito killer racquet a try.

2) It has a lot of high-end features that make it one of the best out there. This one comes with a LED torch built-in. So, killing mosquitoes in dark won’t be a problem.

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3) You will also like the slim handle and large net mesh area. It has 3 layers of net mesh as a protection against accidental shock.

4) Also, this one has a big LED torch attached to the bottom of the handle. You can detach it anytime to use it as a normal torch.

5) It uses a lithium-ion battery which charges very fast and offers a great backup.

Main Features:

  • Comes with built LED light and detachable torchlight
  • Easy to carry and durable build quality
  • Great battery backup
  • High voltage kills mosquitos instantly

7 Hygiene ONE Shot Mosquito Killer Racket:

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

1) The ‘Hygiene One Shot’ mosquito killer racket comes in 4 beautiful colors such as icy blue, coral pink, apple green, and bumblebee yellow.

2) You will love to know that it is made in India. The manufacturers have used high-quality ABS plastic for the construction of this racket. It uses a 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery.

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3) You will need 4-6 hours to fully charge it. And it will give you backup up to 240 hours with only a single charge.

4) It has a simple and ergonomic handle. So, it is very easy to handle and swat at mosquitoes or any other bugs.

5) All in all, it has a sturdy build quality and can kill mosquitoes instantly with one shot. So, you can go with this racket if you want to.

Main Features:

  • Comes with 1200 mAh battery
  • It offers 240 hours of battery backup
  • Very fast recharging capacity
  • Comes with secure mesh layers

8 Emmelyn Rechargeable Mosquito Racket Bat:

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

1) Here’s another 2-in-1 mosquito racket bat. Yes, this one also comes with a detachable torchlight.

2) Additionally, it also has an LED light built-in. The racket is built with ABS plastic. Another great thing about this bat is that it comes with a lithium-ion battery.

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3) And, you can use USB cable and connector for recharging the racket. That means you can even use your mobile charger for this.

4) The design of this racket is great and it is available in several colors as well.

Main Features:

  • Comes with built-in LED light
  • Has a detachable torchlight
  • Very lightweight and effective
  • Sturdy build quality

9 Rapidora WP Mosquito Killer Racket:

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

1) The ‘Rapidora’ mosquito killer racket has ABS plastic construction. And it is available in multiple colors.

2) This racket is very effective in killing mosquitoes as it can produce 2200 to 2400 volts.

3) However, initially, you will have to charge it for up to 6 hours for better performance.

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4) The buttons of this racket are placed on the side of the handle to make it convenient to press when necessary.

5) Also, it has a multi-layer mesh net as a protection against accidental shock to the user.

Main Features:

  • Comes with lithium battery
  • Can produce up to 2200 to 2400 volt
  • Great build quality

10 frocel Mosquito Racket:

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

1) This is a great option if you are looking for a cheap option. It comes in a black/yellow color.

2) The handle has 2 buttons. One is the ‘On/Off’ button. And the other one is the ‘Kill Switch’.

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3) However, we should also tell you that it comes with some disadvantages. For instance, it is not that large compared to other mosquito rackets in India.

4) So, you will not be able to cover a large space with this at a time. Also, it doesn’t have wire charging.

5) You would have to hang it directly from the wall outlet for charging. If none of these are your concerns, you can go with this one.

Main Features:

  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Has safety net mesh layers
  • Good battery backup

Concluding Thoughts:

Electric mosquito swatters or mosquito rackets can be very useful to kill mosquitoes. These are great for getting rid of annoying mosquitoes and even other bugs.

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For your convenience, we have reviewed 10 of the best mosquito rackets in India. Along with that, we have also shared some safety tips and suggestions on using this type of mosquito racket and stopping the swarm of mosquitoes.

So, which one is the best mosquito racket from our list in your opinion? Let us know in the comment section!

What Precautions To Take To Stop Mosquitoes?

You can take several preventive steps to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Here are some of them…

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  • When going outside, you should apply mosquito repellant lotions on your skin.
  • Always keep the house clean.
  • Eliminate any sources that hold water around your house like tires, bird feeders, flower pot, and so on. In this type of environment, mosquitos lay their eggs. So, you should replace the water regularly. Or, you should clean out any residual water in any place around your house.
  • You should keep doors and windows close as much as possible if there are no protective screens. Most importantly, you should keep close all the openings to your house in the evening as mosquitoes come out in those times.

How To Use These Mosquito Rackets Safely?

Typically, it is very easy to use a mosquito racket. You will need to charge the device and swat towards any mosquitoes. However, you should follow these precautionary steps for your safety.

  • Always, try to keep away from the net. Use the handle to hold the racket and kill the mosquitoes
  • Do not turn on the racket while it is charging
  • Never touch the net while it is charging
  • Do not use the mosquito racket near any flammable gases or liquids
  • Always, cool the racket down after using to clean it



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