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10 Best Water Dispensers in India 2021

In this era of industrialization, it is quite difficult to eat and drink healthy. But purchasing a water dispenser makes it easier to have unlimited access to pure and healthy drinking water. If you get a water dispenser, you are ensuring that your family is getting filtered and purified water that tastes good too. A good, purified and filtered water is all you need to stay healthy as it adds magic to everything you cook from food to even coffee and tea. Water dispensers are necessary because they eliminate a huge deal of chlorine, bacteria, and other contaminants that are dangerous for your health along with keeping the naturally occurring minerals that are found in the water. 

Drink a lot of water daily. A fact that we all know but fail to follow because of the number of processes that fall to drink a glass of water. But, when cold, hot, and normal water is being dispensed from a single source, who doesn’t want to stay healthy? Well, the most important factor to be considered after health is how you look in front of your guests: the installation of a water dispenser makes you look ahead of time, and technology and makes you look intelligent in front of your guests. India is a country of different weathers and summer being the longest.

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To fight scorching heat, all you need is a glass full of chilled water and during winters there is nothing heavenly like a warm glass of water. Your preference of water keeps changing according to the weather and your own needs, and water dispensers have the capability of fulfilling all your requirements. 

Get yourself a cost-effective water dispenser and ensure the health and fulfill the preferences of your entire family.

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Best Water Dispensers in India

Ahead is a list of the best and the most cost-effective water dispensers to help you drink healthy and stay healthy- 

1. Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Possessing great sturdiness and durability this Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is equipped with a cabinet that has an ultimate capacity of holding about 20-litre water jars. The product is highly appreciated because of its three temperature taps facilities which ensure that you get hot water, cold water, and plain water as well according to your needs. These three temperatures are dispensed through a single steel cap and the manufacturing ingredient ensures the product’s durability. Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is elegantly designed to suit your standard so that you can keep this useful essential in your conference room, meeting rooms, reception room, etc.

All you need to do is insert the bottle at the bottom of the dispenser and you are good to go without facing any hassle and rush. This product is highly trustworthy and is loved by customers as it ensures a great deal of robustness and durability which makes this product a hallmark of success.

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This Blue Star Water Dispenser comes with a year worth of manufacturer’s warranty and you don’t have to worry about the installation of the product: this is a plug and play machine, insert the plugin a 3 pin socket, and enjoy the luxury that this dispenser has to offer!

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2. Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser with Refrigerator

One of the most popular and leading water dispenser models is Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star Hot, Cold, and Normal Water, a dispenser that is also equipped with a 14-litre refrigerator at its bottom. Now it is possible to get unlimited access to hot, plain, and cold water anytime you want and with an additional facility of storing your small beverage items like sugarcane juice, coke bottle, or protein shake in the bottom refrigerator provided. The refrigerator is installed with three temperature taps that can be controlled by three respective switches to provide hot, cold, or normal water whenever you want as per your preference.

The refrigerator fitted at the bottom is parted using plates, so that you can easily store your bottles and tiffin boxes inside. Available at a genuine amount this product is manufactured with ABS plastic adds even more robustness and durability to the product.

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This product tends to provide amazing performance and it comes with a year warranty from the manufacturer’s side.

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3. Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser

It’s been quite a while that Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser is serving its intended purpose and renowned as one of the most suitable options to purchase if you are looking for a water dispenser that qualifies all your requirements. Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser is designed by keeping in mind your style and needs, this water dispenser has a compressor cooling and endurance of cold water capacity of about 3.2 litre and hot water capacity of about one litre.

If you want to get hot, cold, or normal water on a go, then install this amazing water dispenser with a sleek design in your office and living area as well.

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Voltas provides an extra effort for their esteemed customers through beguiling customer service- call the provided number anytime if you don’t understand the installation procedure or happen to find any fault in the product delivered. 

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4. Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser

Serving for decades now, Usha has established itself as one of the most trustable brands and when it comes to the water dispensers, Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser has no competition whatsoever. From being easy to be installed to providing the most wanted out-product, this product is designed to overlap your daily requirements. The conveniently small size of the dispenser makes it tedious in use as you can simply fit this product in a corner. The product is installed with a small refrigerator which performs as a small cold storage for your small food items and beverages. This Usha product provides the user full access and the user is free to dispense water as per their requirement of temperature- hot, cold, or normal.

The most attractive feature that this product offers is it’s hot water tap, i.e. thoughtfully childproofed which makes it secure even if used by a child.

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Buy this product now and get access to a product that is installed with a double safety device and sufficiently insulated that helps you stop worrying about overheating your water and causing any harm to you and your children.

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5. Blue Star Plastic Water Dispenser

Manufactured using ABS plastic as a prime material, this Blue Star Plastic Water Dispenser is safe to use and suffice your daily needs. The product is installed with a thoughtful feature of a wastage water tray: the wastewaters are stored in a removable tray, so that you can remove the wastewaters any time you feel like it. Now, there is no need of setting the temperature manually, the product is equipped with automatic control features that serve the intended purpose itself.

The product comes with a package of a heavy-duty bottle piercer along with a bottle holder to ease any kind of hassle.

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It is convenient to buy and even more appealing when it comes to installation.

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6. Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T 500-Watt Water Dispenser

The anti-corrosive durable body is designed to provide a sense of satisfaction and retention through this Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T 500-Watt Water Dispenser. This product stays true to its name and helps you witness mini magic every time you press a button of your preference. For your ease of use, this product is designed as a tabletop water dispenser along with a LED indicator to keep you warned about the hotness of the water you poured.

The cold water storage, cooling, water storage and heating capacities of this water dispenser are 3.2 litres, 3 litres/hr, 0.9 litres, 5 litres/hr, respectively.

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Get hot, cold, or normal water within a minute as per your preference with this Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T 500-Watt Water Dispenser.

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7. AmazonBasics Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser with Refrigerator

The material used to manufacture AmazonBasics Hot, Cold, and Normal Water Dispenser is high-quality plastic that ensures your safety, and the water tank is manufactured by using stainless steel which altogether makes this product comparatively robust enough to last long. This water dispenser is conveniently installed with three temperature taps which makes it possible for users to get hot, cold, or normal water simultaneously at any point of time they want.

AmazonBasics Hot, Cold, and Normal Water Dispenser has the capability of heating water in just 15 minutes and cooling it as fast as in about 60 minutes.

Make an educated choice and purchase this ideal dispenser that has an amazing temperature capacity of as low as 5-10 degrees centigrade and as high as 80-85 degrees centigrade. Not only these features, but the product has a small refrigerator compartment at the bottom so you can fill water and store water at the same time in the same product.

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This product is highly recommended because it is safe and sound to use as the heating section comes with a child safety lock to ensure the safety of your children.

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8. AmazonBasics Hot, Cold, and Normal Water Dispenser

Want to dispense water to your staff or guests at an organization or your home stylishly and effectively? Then, buy this amazingly strong and durable AmazonBasics Hot, Cold, and Normal Water Dispenser which is built just to dispense water of your temperature preferences. This water dispenser is highly recommended because it has an astounding tendency to heat and cool water quickly in 15 minutes and 60 minutes, respectively. This product is perfect for your guests who possess different needs as it is installed with three temperature taps for hot, cold, and normal water.

It is compatible with a water can of about 20 litres and the superior compressor ensures the instant cooling of water.

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The plus point that makes this product even more desirable is the presence of a child safety lock for hot water.

Note: Require a secured 16A plug to avoid any unsolicited events like burning of plug or cables.

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9. Blue Star 20 litre Stainless Steel Plain and Cold Water Cooler

Blue Star presents the PC series of water coolers that is popular as an expert in refrigeration. The complete body of this premium range of water coolers is manufactured using food-grade stainless steel that not only promises your safety but also gives 100% insurance of durability. The product is equipped with two water taps: one dispenses normal water and the other dispenses cold water. The cooling and storage capacity of this product is 20 litres/hr and 40 litres, respectively.

This cooler is designed to dispense water for about 40 people at a time and the eco-friendly refrigerant r-134a gives an extra appeal to this water dispenser.

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Provide your office, organization, conference room, or even living area a touch of essential equipment that compliments your daily life.

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10. CROMA CRAK10021 Stainless Steel Table Top Water Dispenser

CROMA CRAK10021 Stainless Steel Table Top Water Dispenser has a wide variety of benefits to offer. The product is manufactured with stainless steel and to ensure your protection, the steel is made heat resistant. Stainless steel is one of the biggest factors that makes this product even more durable along with having the material heat and corrosion-resistant ensures the robustness of the product.

The three effective temperature faucets are installed to fulfill your different water requirements in different seasons. Depending on your different preferences, now, you can dispense hot, cold, and normal water at a time with this amazing and sturdy product.

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This product is a true example of artificial intelligence, as it automatically cuts off the power supply and shuts itself down in case of overheating, isn’t this feature amazing? Bring home this highly customizable and safe product that allows you to switch on and off any of the supplies- hot, cold or normal, permanently or temporarily according to your requirements.

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Things To Consider While Buying Water Dispensers?

Planning to buy a water dispenser? Here is a list of factors to keep in mind while buying one-

1. Types: 

Before you go on a spree to buy a water dispenser, keep in mind that there are mainly two types of water dispensers whatsoever- bottle-less and bottled water dispensers. Bottleless dispensers are known to provide an unlimited supply of water whereas bottled water dispensers are a little inconvenient as you are required to replace the bottle cans now and then. 

2. Capacity: 

The second foremost thing to consider is the capacity of the water dispenser that you are buying. The amount of water that you need throughout a day depends totally upon the number of team/family members working/residing in an organization or a family. Decide the size of the water dispenser beforehand by approximately calculating the water needs of every individual. Get yourself a Dispenser with high purification and storage capacity to fulfill the requirements of the users.

3. Water Temperature: 

Look for a Dispenser that suffices your requirements for water temperature. Whether you need hot water to prepare tea, coffee, or even chilled water for your different needs, so choose a Dispenser that completes your specific requirements. Also, don’t forget to check a Dispenser if it offers customization of temperature as per your needs or not because your preferences may differ with changing weathers.

4. Cleaning, maintenance, and drainage system: 

Now that you have decided on buying a water dispenser, process a thorough study to purchase the best. A proper drainage system is important because you don’t want to see the mess in and around the area where you have kept the Dispenser. Make sure that the area around Dispenser is dry, so that, you are safe and sound. For the dispensers to work smoothly, it is necessary to clean and maintain the dispersion more often so purchase a water dispenser that is easy to handle and clean as well. 

5. Noise: 

If you want to experience a quiet and peaceful operation of a water dispenser, then look for a Dispenser that makes a lower amount of noise. Because if you are thinking of installing the dispenser at your office or a school, then you are required to provide a peaceful environment for the workers to work and students to study. 

6. Power Consumption: 

Different models possess different power consumption ability. The colder the water supplies by the dispenser, the greater is the amount of power consumption. So, if you are already residing in a comparatively colder area, then buy a Dispenser having a smaller compressor and vice versa. Check the metrics that indicate the capacity of the dispenser for cooling and heating processes, and then buy the most effective and efficient one.

7. Child lock: 

One of the most basic requirements to ask for is child lock if you are going to locate your Dispenser in an area where children could have access to it. So, a Dispenser having a child lock will prevent children from spilling water all over and if your water dispenser supplies hot water too, then this feature is a must-have to prevent your little ones from getting hurt from burning. 

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Water Dispenser For Bottle Jars Direct Use

1. RAKITIC ABS, 304 Stainless Steel and Silicone Electric Water Dispenser

Dispense water in a single touch with this robust and sturdy RAKITIC ABS, 304 Stainless Steel, and Silicone Electric Water Dispenser. The product is installed with a robust yet super silent motor that allows swift dispensing of water. The most attractive feature of this product would be the inbuilt rechargeable battery which makes it operate even though power is cut.

RAKITIC brings to you an ease of water dispensing operation, all you have to do now is soft press a button and pump water from the water can. Attach the water dispenser with the water can, and you are good to go without hustling with the water cans here and there anymore. Bring home this reliable product and forget the tension of any leakage or spillage from now on.

2. Hoteon Automatic Water Dispenser Pump for Drinking Water Can

Tired of carrying water cans? Bring home Horton Automatic Water Dispenser Pump, specially designed to pump drinking water by eliminating all the hassles of lifting and flipping the can here and there. This product is easy to operate even for a child, just soft press on the LED light switch button to make it pump water and then put it off when done. After being off, the water pumping stops and you won’t have to worry about spillage or leakage from the can.

What’s more? This product is truly made by understanding your requirements as it gets turned off after dispensing 600ml worth of water. The dispensing pump is skillfully manufactured by using high-density ABS plastic and food-grade silicone tubes to pump out the most refreshing and clean water. This product is highly compatible to be used in the kitchen, office, school, camping, party and it can be even used while traveling.

3. Empathy Manual Water Pump

Want to have access to a pump that suits your requirements and even compliment your kitchen? Then Empathy Manual Water pump is going to be your best shot because it is suitable for even regular water bottles. The product is ergonomically and attractively designed to ensure that you drink pure and healthy water every possible time. Empathy Manual Water Pumps are easy to install and even uninstall any time you want as it is customer-friendly and designed with an easy system of handling.

The spring equipped in the dispenser doesn’t get rusted like any other metal spring rather they are highly durable and even hygienic. These easy to clean and maintain products are ready to provide their benefits in your office, kitchen, school, and shops. 

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Dispenser Bottle Covers

Now that you have finalized a water dispenser, you should get a cover for them to protect them from external heat or dust or any kind of damage. Dispenser Bottle Covers provides an extra effort of keeping your old, dirty, not-so-good-looking water bottles clean, modern, and attractive. Below is mentioned two best bottle cover products to choose from- 

1. Stylista Multicolor 20ltr Water Dispenser Bottle Cover

Bring home this waterproof Stylista Multicolor 20ltr Water Dispenser Bottle Cover for your water dispenser. These covers are made up of durable PVC material. No matter how your bottle looks externally, with your firm grip over these 0.4mms thick covers your bottle is going to add a complimentary beauty to your house. For your ease to stay updated with the water level, Stylista Multicolor 20ltr Water Dispenser Bottle Covers come with a transparent strip to mark the level even more conveniently. Suitable for 20ltrs water can and possesses waterproof and dustproof features too.

2. Lithara Water Dispenser Bottle Cover

Don’t worry about dust and oil pollutants from now on because Lithara Water Dispenser Bottle Cover is designed to provide a helping hand to keep your household clean and tidy. This environment friendly product is designed using high-quality synthetic fabrics with attractive patterns that not only cover your bottle body but also provide a beautiful look to your office and kitchen (wherever you have put the water dispenser at). The product has a long life and possesses waterproof and heat resistant facilities.  

Thank you for reading , please comment you suggestions below for water dispensers that you love and use at your workplace.

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