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Has OnePlus Lost Focus Now?

A recent tweet from Geekyranjit has sparked a discussion about the Smartphone brand OnePlus. Where after asking about OnePlus’s latest Fitness Band to review it or not, Ranjit expresses his despair about the direction Oneplus is heading.

Do you think OnePlus has lost focus now….. instead of just great Smartphones they are dividing their attention too much now…. Hence even there Smartphones are losing that special touch. Last overall good OnePlus Smartphone for me was OnePlus 7T

Where Twitter users jump on the thread and express their concerns as well.

Some Twitter users find it strange for OnePlus to shift from their flagship Smartphones to making wearables, not taking care of their original fan base which was dedicated to their earliest smartphones. While others advocate that it makes sense for the brand to get more revenue by expanding their product line. Others complained about the Oxygen OS, which was meant to be the best OS but only led to major disappointment after massive bugs and issues.

Well, this is not the end of the story. There’s more. A recent video by Youtuber Marques Brownlee, where he tells the whole story of the development of the OnePlus brand from when they started to the present scene.

In the video we get the see the stark similarities with OPPO smartphones, which is not a bad thing though. Some of the quirkiest comments followed after the video.

How it started: “Never Settle”

How it’s going: “That’ll do”

Being an enthusiast brand, OnePlus has to face the dilemma of making the best products or the products for the masses. This tells us that enthusiasts should focus on products, rather than brands. While we still hope that new innovations will come to the smartphone world at pocket-friendly prices.



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