Monthly Electricity Bill for Running 3 ACs in a House in India

To estimate the monthly electricity bill for running three air conditioners (ACs) in a house in India, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Power Consumption of Each AC (in Watts or kW)
  2. Hours of Usage per Day
  3. Number of Days in a Month
  4. Electricity Tariff (cost per kWh)

Here’s a step-by-step guide to estimate the bill:

Step-by-Step Calculation

  1. Determine Power Consumption of Each AC:
    • Assume each AC has a power consumption of 1.5 kW (typical for a split AC).
  2. Total Power Consumption for All ACs:
    • Total power = 3 ACs * 1.5 kW = 4.5 kW
  3. Daily Power Consumption:
    • Assume each AC runs for 8 hours a day.
    • Daily power consumption for one AC = 1.5 kW * 8 hours = 12 kWh
    • Total daily power consumption for three ACs = 12 kWh * 3 = 36 kWh
  4. Monthly Power Consumption:
    • Assume 30 days in a month.
    • Monthly power consumption = 36 kWh/day * 30 days = 1080 kWh
  5. Electricity Tariff:
    • Assume the average electricity tariff is ₹7 per kWh (this can vary by region).
  6. Calculate Monthly Bill:
    • Monthly bill = 1080 kWh * ₹7/kWh = ₹7,560

Estimated Monthly Bill

  • Approximately ₹7,560


  • Efficiency of the AC: Newer, more efficient models will consume less power.
  • Usage Patterns: Actual usage hours may vary.
  • Electricity Tariffs: Rates can vary by state and provider. Check your local rates for accuracy.

Adjust these values based on your specific AC models, usage patterns, and local electricity rates to get a more precise estimate.


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